Accidental Transparency From The Occult

Published July 2, 2020 by tindertender

The Masculine: “All we have to do is get her to commit.”

The Feminine: “She can hear you.”

Yes … they seem surprised at my reach. They forget I have control and influence as to the depths I travel.

I should have known the sweet talk were all lies, attempts to ensnare.

They speak sweetly. They play to ego, saying how beautiful you are, how smart, how strong. They’ll say how they love you, how they can’t help themselves. They will call you “tantalizing”. They want you to be open and vulnerable to suggestion, they want you to believe their schpeel.

But it is false … after all, they dwell behind scenes, influencing thought and action. This is their reality and thus far they have been very successful, influencing individuals, and groups.

Their favorite words thus far for 2020 are “Sacrifice” your soul, and “Sacrilege” … yes, they would like all people to believe they are ‘sinners’ while the hidden causes so much influential destruction. They’ll blame you for this destruction. They’ll attempt to make you guilty for it.

They use fear should the false ‘love’ talk be not enough. They will tell you how they will make you suffer, how they will break you. They will ‘warn’ you as to the wording you choose, they will tell you it’s for your ‘safety’.

Good cop, bad cop, scrambling your mind …. do they like me? or do they hate me?

Probably both, but mostly, they probably fear you.

They fear that you will get wise to the tactics. They fear you will stand your ground and not succumb to their manipulations. They fear you will ‘commit’ to a higher order or purpose.

They fear losing control of your inner power.

They fear someone else might influence you, to their detriment.

They will try to get you to harm self, or others.

They will attempt to ‘reboot’ your existence through death. They do not want you here interrupting or influencing their control efforts.

Claim your Sovereignty.

Stand in your Power.

Control Your Mind.


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