Affirmation Sampler

Published January 1, 2021 by tindertender

I’ve been noting a lack of ‘power’ while out and about in the astral.

A book I’ve been reading, “Astral Dynamics” suggests that the further away the astral body is from the physical body, the less power it is able to carry through the connection. Sort of like an electronic connection through a long vs a short cable.

I am learning about the importance in the use of Affirmations and Commands, and am excited for these written words to play out on the patterns of my mind.

I travel the astral planes and return safely with full memory.

I remember my dreams.

I love to astral project.

Take me to my friend.

Take me to the beach.

Give me Light!

Give me Clarity!

I’m feeling BIG change coming in 2021. It might feel like an avalanche … it may actually BE one.

We’ll see.

Patterns of integration most always appear as chaos first … at least, this is the current perception.

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