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Goddess Speak

Published November 17, 2020 by tindertender

Don’t block your blessings by your own disobedience to evolve.

You get finer every time you heal.

Often times we pass the hardest moments alone – while everyone believes we are fine.

No longer responding or reacting to people who trigger you is one of the ways to strengthen your spiritual muscles.

No matter what’s going on in your life – always prioritize self-care.

Some people may not like you because your light illuminates the shadow work they refuse to do.

Being happy is a very personal thing & it really has nothing to do with anyone else.

The key to breaking a pattern is to respond differently.

If your absence doesn’t affect them – your presence never mattered.

If you do not address your childhood traumas – your romantic relationships will.

Your timing is your timing. Trust that.

What’s for you won’t lower your vibration – that’s how you’ll know.

If you try to force or rush it – you’ll ruin it. Pause, pray & be patient.

You’d be surprised how many things fall into place when you learn to follow your spirit & speak with your soul.

We can only share worlds if our vibrations meet at a common state of honesty & love.

Source: @VirgOGoddess915

Water Habit

Published August 14, 2020 by tindertender

These are times to generate NEW habits … ones that are actually chosen in our adult lives. One of my new ones is drinking water every time a thought form I do not desire enters mind, and I sing a little diddy …

Fluuuuush the brain! Fluuuuush the braaaaiiin !

Hahaha …

Regular potty breaks never felt so good!

The Nurturing

Published August 3, 2020 by tindertender

Coming into love for self is a challenge, for most of we have been taught that to consider self as deserving or sacred is selfish …. that we ought to think of others before self.

As the training goes, and as experience tells us, when we deplete our inner resources by constantly filling anothers cup (or others), our own cup becomes depleted.

From a state of depletion, depression occurs, anger happens, even hopelessness …..

The selfless, nurturing the selfish …. it is a form of vampirism that we all participate in, or have at one time.

The human must do what is necessary to ensure the personal, inner cup always be in a state of overflow in order to share, and fill, others cups.

This means self-care is crucial to our existence. Self-love, self-respect, self-care …. taking time with GAIA … she always replenishes us.

Spending time in prayer … not as the church teaches it … but as our Soul and Spirit call us to do.

Yesterday I spent my day drumming, singing and dancing … men played out the heartbeat, drumming in unison, women stood behind them as all sang prayers to Creator for the health, happiness and well-being of our brothers and sisters, our family.

The energy was high, my body electrified as I danced around the drummers and singers, lifting the prayers to Creator, to the very heavens and all who hear.

We shared a community meal, we spoke to each other in a soft way, we listened to each other, leaving behind the chaos of the city … of the square world … and we spent the day in sacred union, one with another, in love, care, compassion.

Release was shared, and blessings given. Two exchanged feathers and their relationship will be observed by the family (all members) for one year and at the end of this time, if everyone approves of their care for one another, they will be wed in the sacred ceremony of the Cherokee.

Observe to what you apply your attention and energy to.

Ask yourself:

Will this situation benefit from my sacred care and contribution for wellness, for happiness?

Or will the receiver use it up and demand more without care or reciprocation?

Our time and attention are the currency of our Spirit, our Soul. It is the most precious gift you can impart to this world and life within it.

Be certain you pay yourself first.

Your cup must remain full, your mind, body, spirit and soul requires that you care for self prior to assisting others … if not, your capacity to do good dwindles, and you become vulnerable to all the negative side effects of an empty cup.

Do not think that someone will come along and fill it for you.

This is our personal responsibility.

So I implore you …. practice self-love and self-care.

Helping others will be so much easier and more powerful when you have plenty to share … and remember … self-care, self-love, is a continuous, evolving process.

It is time to develop new, healthier habits.

Release the old ways … recognize the Sacred in you.

Practice forgiveness for self and others.

Begin again.

Lesson Noted ~ The Ra Material

Published May 29, 2020 by tindertender

I received my book today, The Ra Material, by Ra, Law of One, book one.

I learned something new.

In an Infinite Creator, there is only Unity. The only way to view infinity is by calling it Unity. All is one.

Infinite Creator energy is a whole. When humanity is viewed by this group called Ra, our energy Imprint on this earth is viewed as a whole.

The looters? The chaos makers, the murderers and rapists, all of those who do crime and harm in all its forms and indeed, those who would like to, but do not … that energy, if it out-ways its polar opposite will be seen as the energy of the whole of humanity by those without, looking in.

This is why it is crucial to maintain a calm demeanor.

Speak to each other civilly, respectfully.

Stop destroying our neighbors and their stuff.

Stop taking what isn’t ours, (in its many forms).

We can’t just write each other off and think that makes it better. No, we must heal the energetic rift, we must make effort to make amends, and keep the line of communication open … to family, friends, neighbors, the guy holding a sign on the street.

Our responsibility to this world and to each other, and to our race, is to care, and show it brightly.

Even if it can only be our heart that sings to each other, let it sing, let it shine from your eyes with a smile upon your lips.

Acknowledge each other. Do it as a friend would.

If we want our GROUP ENERGY FORM to be bright, we must stop acting like thugs and all around a-holes.

Every single one of us.

It’s going to take practice.

And we haven’t got long.

Time to reform our habits.

Noticing Self-Talk

Published May 20, 2020 by tindertender

Lately, I’ve made it a specific intention that I notice my self-talk, and when negative, instantly (or as soon as I recognize it) “re-do” the comment with something of a positive nature.

I am honestly surprised at how many of these nearly invisible phrases show up. I consider myself someone who has done a lot of inner work, yet recently have discovered I’m on the next level … the next ‘cycle’ where it seems that I’ve regressed in some ways, but no … it is the beginning of next cycle.

Choice has it … and I have choice. Will I continue the journey on the same path as previous, or will I move forward. And perhaps, moving forward sometimes feels like regression, only because it has occasional similar traits as the previous cycle, or experience.

Progress ~ It can be difficult to spot if one is too involved in beating ones self up because of the perception of no forward (or ‘upward’) momentum.

Recognize your cycles. Don’t get hung up on the details, note the larger picture of progression and you will see it more clearly.

Just today I caught myself, and thankfully, it is getting easier, quicker, to see.

I stated,

“You already finished it … you dork!”

Immediately I caught that I had called myself a dork. (NEVER speak harshly or negatively to yourself about self, not even if you are ‘joking’).


“You are SO efficient you’ve already completed that project, you’re amazing!”

**Multi-tasking … it can getcha every once and again**

Yet through it all, remember to pay attention to your talk, external as well as internal. That’s where it all begins, after all.

And as you know, internal dialogue is one of the loudest!

Photo: https://unsplash.com/@jasonrosewell

Growth and Renewal

Published May 7, 2020 by tindertender

I read recently that while taking a bath it is good to set an intention for healing.

As I soaked, I began thinking of life and the habits we create after, or during, a specific life experience.

Later, we may determine that these habits, these habitual ways of being, are not serving our highest potential any longer. Maybe they are causing issues in a current relationship, or circumstance.

So, we shed them, much like a snake sheds their skin.

Photo: https://www.gettyimages.com

Shedding these habits, or mind sets, does not lead to death, although it can feel like it at times.

No, like the snake, it is a period of growth … outgrowing certain traits … and periods of rebirth … replacing old forms with new ways of being and thinking.

I lay stretched in the tub. I flex my spine against the bottom of the tub, and I inch my way up into a sitting position, moving the spine as a snake does.

And I wonder …

Who am I?

What am I?

Photo: https://unsplash.com/@tumbao1949

Trip With Nature

Published May 3, 2020 by tindertender

Do you see what I see?

Decided to go for a joy ride despite there not being much “sunshine” in the day. It was still pretty amazing. Nature never ceases to impress me.

Panorama #1
Panorama #2
Snail friend
Sorry kids. You can walk the trail, but you cannot play on the equipment.
New growth, uncurling and reaching upward.

As I think about “new growth” I am reminded that growth, no matter the kind, is emotionally challenging, even physically challenging, but the most difficult is the energetic challenge, for it is charged by emotion and past negative conditioning. The nervous system rebels against change like a dying life form.

Do you think that our ‘mental condition’ (or life form) rebels every time there is change? Could this be why people are walking triggers much of the time? Because we are all constantly in a state of flux … never really ‘settled’?

When change comes, how does your body respond? Your mind? Do you find yourself tensing up? Pushing back? Rebelling?

To embrace change is a challenge all in itself. The pit of the stomach might feel like vomiting all over the place, your mind might be screaming in a mental agony, you may cry and holler to god or whomever you choose to make it stop, to keep it the same, to just make the uneasiness end, and comfort to once more be the base you find yourself in.

Unfortunately, when change comes, there is no thwarting it. Fight it as we may. (I know I am).

So, how do we ease our minds?

Personal Suggestions (may not be for all people):

1) Do not drink alcohol

2) Do not abuse drugs

3) Do not smoke (it dirties the energy, making one susceptible to energetic ‘attachments’)

4) Eat clean foods. Choose nearby, open farm raised meats if you eat it, and eggs and shop at local farmers markets when able.

5) Breathe intentionally. If anxiety or some stressful energy comes over, breathe, methodically, in and then out until eased. (Try a six second in breath, and a 6 second out breath.)

It is important that we support our bodies, our minds, especially in these times. We may not be able to gather, but Nature can replenish our supply. Let it.

It is also important we start supporting our local communities in other ways.

The days of frivolous behaviors are being left behind. It WILL cause discomfort, for the change will be great.

May inner fortitude and courage be yours as we transition into this new era.

Eye Thorns

Published April 26, 2020 by tindertender

Some folks get so upset!

Pointing outside themselves at everything that is wrong in this world, condemning those they feel to be at fault …

… Forgetting their own household is within this world they demonize.

Thinking they, and they alone have it “all together”.


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