Growth and Renewal

Published May 7, 2020 by tindertender

I read recently that while taking a bath it is good to set an intention for healing.

As I soaked, I began thinking of life and the habits we create after, or during, a specific life experience.

Later, we may determine that these habits, these habitual ways of being, are not serving our highest potential any longer. Maybe they are causing issues in a current relationship, or circumstance.

So, we shed them, much like a snake sheds their skin.


Shedding these habits, or mind sets, does not lead to death, although it can feel like it at times.

No, like the snake, it is a period of growth … outgrowing certain traits … and periods of rebirth … replacing old forms with new ways of being and thinking.

I lay stretched in the tub. I flex my spine against the bottom of the tub, and I inch my way up into a sitting position, moving the spine as a snake does.

And I wonder …

Who am I?

What am I?


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