Trip With Nature

Published May 3, 2020 by tindertender

Do you see what I see?

Decided to go for a joy ride despite there not being much “sunshine” in the day. It was still pretty amazing. Nature never ceases to impress me.

Panorama #1
Panorama #2
Snail friend
Sorry kids. You can walk the trail, but you cannot play on the equipment.
New growth, uncurling and reaching upward.

As I think about “new growth” I am reminded that growth, no matter the kind, is emotionally challenging, even physically challenging, but the most difficult is the energetic challenge, for it is charged by emotion and past negative conditioning. The nervous system rebels against change like a dying life form.

Do you think that our ‘mental condition’ (or life form) rebels every time there is change? Could this be why people are walking triggers much of the time? Because we are all constantly in a state of flux … never really ‘settled’?

When change comes, how does your body respond? Your mind? Do you find yourself tensing up? Pushing back? Rebelling?

To embrace change is a challenge all in itself. The pit of the stomach might feel like vomiting all over the place, your mind might be screaming in a mental agony, you may cry and holler to god or whomever you choose to make it stop, to keep it the same, to just make the uneasiness end, and comfort to once more be the base you find yourself in.

Unfortunately, when change comes, there is no thwarting it. Fight it as we may. (I know I am).

So, how do we ease our minds?

Personal Suggestions (may not be for all people):

1) Do not drink alcohol

2) Do not abuse drugs

3) Do not smoke (it dirties the energy, making one susceptible to energetic ‘attachments’)

4) Eat clean foods. Choose nearby, open farm raised meats if you eat it, and eggs and shop at local farmers markets when able.

5) Breathe intentionally. If anxiety or some stressful energy comes over, breathe, methodically, in and then out until eased. (Try a six second in breath, and a 6 second out breath.)

It is important that we support our bodies, our minds, especially in these times. We may not be able to gather, but Nature can replenish our supply. Let it.

It is also important we start supporting our local communities in other ways.

The days of frivolous behaviors are being left behind. It WILL cause discomfort, for the change will be great.

May inner fortitude and courage be yours as we transition into this new era.

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