The Importance of the Soul

Published May 2, 2020 by tindertender

LOVE resides in the center of the soul. This love is what makes you, you. It is what powers your heart, and the energies you pour into the world.

According to Rabbi David A. Cooper, the Soul is a pillar upon which Creation rests upon.

Warning: If invisible people come into your psyche, requesting that you “sacrifice” your soul, do NOT entertain them! It will be difficult, for they have hooks they implant to the mind.

Your love, your soul, is what keeps you from becoming a demon.

Firm up!

Know the value of your Soul … of your Love … and the crucial necessity of you being present here with us in these times.

Retain, and maintain the light that dwells there in the Soul. Grow Love like you’ve never grown it before.

May blessing, courage, and inner-fortitude be yours.

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