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What Is The Violators Future?

Published February 16, 2022 by tindertender

You don’t want me in your house. I bring loss, I bring theft with destruction and decay. I am your stress and anxiety, I am the worry in society. I am your nuisance, I am your pest, I bring sickness to your nest.

The violators are completely happy in their work; the gradual destruction of possessions and resources. They appear to have no regard for ownership, and are rapidly gnawing away while no one is looking. This is happening as a “bite-size” effect, something happening in little chunks. They will not just go away and leave you alone. It leaves your mind troubled. Take care of your possessions.

These ones will need a suitcase where they are going, for they will be travelling quite the distance. They will be happily taken by Ship to the Land of the Birds. They will find this trip pleasurable.

The Fox, however, is planning their fall. He is master of manipulation (and here the violators thought they were) and he will fool them all.

The Plan

23 ~ duality, cooperation, diplomacy, faith, trust, and service to others
7 ~ set an example for others
3 ~ spiritual alignment
10 ~ new beginnings
14 ~ being constructive
9 ~ completion

Will the King Come Soon?

Published February 15, 2022 by tindertender

I am here to stay, and grow.

I put down roots to ensure a secure future. My roots are in the most ancient civilizations.

True health is in aligning between that which is above and that which is below.

I am healing, and life itself.

I am love.

God’s benevolence and favor toward us is grace.

This is a gentle reminder to cultivate your inner spirituality and to trust your inner guidance.

A beautiful gift is on its way.

The Tree of Life has the promise of the Rainbow flowing through it. Life shall not be destroyed.

The robins resting in the top of the tree are the ancestors, bringing clarity, protection and healing.

The sunset and rainbow let us know that a new day will dawn, bright and abundant in its supply.

Never Alone, Never Have Been

Published January 30, 2022 by tindertender

When we begin to vibrate at a higher frequency, we become more aware of the bigger picture called life. This in relation to where we currently find ourselves, what surrounds us now, seen and unseen, and it also includes that which is vibrating lower than we, our awareness takes us to a greater view, a knowing that we may not have quite seen before, although we were immersed in it.

Being aware of something does not necessarily mean you are in alignment with it.

Remember this in the coming days.

Awareness of, does not equate to alignment with.

You’ve had much practice with this regarding the people you have interacted with. Some you connected with, others you were repelled by.

If and when telepathy comes upon you, whether it be quiet or obnoxiously loud, think of it as a simple awareness.

There are those who take great care with the human consciousness and do not infiltrate, coerce, or abuse.

Others will try to bend your mind into alignment, will try to snatch your attention and manipulate you into certain actions.

This is where discernment comes in.

Be the observer.

Then choose what messages … inspirations, intentions, and actions … resonate with your inner truths.

Awareness of does not equal alignment with.

I repeat this because if and when this occurs, in the beginning, which will actually be the finale of the ending, those who are phasing out will attempt to drag you out with them.

A visual for this:
Sitting at an outside table at a restaurant facility. You are sitting there with a companion and cars are whizzing by. You are in conversation, focused on your companion. The cars are going past, loud, some obnoxious, but you pay them no mind. You focus on your companion and just let the sound of the other fade out of awareness. You are not jumping in any one of those cars and going for a ride. You remain with your companion, fully.

Your Attention is the most valuable currency you have next to your Soul. And there are those in this world that want it, all of it.

You are in no way required to align with them.

Awareness does not equal alignment.

It is crucial that you understand this, and will be even more so in the coming days.

Your mind, your attention, your energy, your Soul … it is You, as the connector between the heavens and the earth that some are trying to take out.

Understand that those who are in the unseen to assist you through this process are more plentiful and powerful than those who will try to take what you have, to manipulate and control your mind, actions, and energy … to steal your attention and use it for nefarious reasons.

You choose where your attention will go. I understand that most of us were not trained how to hold a thought for at least a minute in order to affect change in this world, but the power of it is within you.

Call upon the angels, ancestors, star nation, and your perception of god and goddess and let them know you are open to assistance. As a free-will realm they will not do so until invited.

You are not alone.

You never have been.

Circle of Angels Dante’s Paradise Illustration: Public Domain

Love & Law

Published January 4, 2022 by tindertender

Excerpts for the book LOVE & LAW, The Unpublished Teachings by Ernest Holmes

Here is the infinite principle that there is one Mind and we begin to know the truth … and speak that truth into Mind. My responsibility begins when I begin to know the truth in myself. You must know that it can heal, you must know that no thought of another, no suggestion against it, can operate against it.

In order to help yourself the most effectively, you will have to learn to do it impersonally. There is nothing in my metaphysical work I make personal. I set the whole thing out into Mind. Suppose I get a letter from a person in San Francisco asking for a treatment. I begin immediately to declare the truth, and if a thought comes to me that this declaration of truth is not sufficient, I begin again. How many people have tried to give a treatment and felt that it was not sufficient? That is impersonal evil trying to make itself felt. As soon as that thought comes to you, turn and destroy it, erase it, get rid of it. Get it out of your consciousness and declare that this word is effective and it can produce, that it can, that it does, it is. Realize your word does it. If you do not learn to control your thought, the thought will control you.

We have got to learn the laws of cause and effect – law. You have got to learn how to use it, and you have got to know how to use it, and then you have got to use it. I find that those who get the best results are those who know what they are doing, constantly weeding out of their consciousness everything that hinders, destroying within them their false concept, a little here and a little there, and if they fall down, in not staying down but getting up and going on, over and over again … Your final emancipation will be written by your own hand or it will never be written at all; it will be thought out by your own mind. It will govern your own consciousness as it recognizes the supremacy of Mind, the infinite impulse of Spirit, and your own divine birthright to use it.

No living soul can contribute one iota of happiness or peace or health or happiness to your life, and no living soul can take one iota away only as you allow it to flow through your consciousness.

We speak forth into Mind and Mind takes our thought and does unto us. That individual who can most implicitly believe that Mind is going to do it is the one who is going to get the biggest result. The person who sees Mind as law and through it an activity of Spirit, whose soul impulsion is God, I find that such people get remarkable results over the people who operate through a cold principle. Everybody has to, I cannot talk about my idea of God, that is my idea and my business and it could not be anybody else’s, but there is an impersonal principle of Mind which does unto the thinker what he thinks, and the sooner you know it and learn to control your thought the sooner you will be able to heal your body and control your conditions, and until you do learn it your conditions control you.

I at first always try to realize within my consciousness that I am not dealing with matter. You see? I am not struggling to overcome a condition. Everything that appears in anybody’s body is thought. There is not anything else to appear into form. I know if the thought is destroyed, the image of the thought will leave the body.

Realizing that I was not dealing with conditions, I was dealing with thought, I obliterate from my mind anything that says there is power in this false thought. I say my word has the power within itself to annul everything pertaining to this false thought.

Every living soul that lives is dealing with universal law and they cannot help it. If God knew sin, God would be a sinner. You and I must know with our thoughts. All disease is the result of wrong thinking somewhere. There is no such thing as a sinner unless it is you and me. It all comes from false thought, and you and I must know that our word is the power to annul that. Since everything is Mind in a neutral state, an impersonal, receptive, and creative state whatever is thought into Mind, Mind is going to do. If you have thought all of your life that you were so and so and could be sick, that has got to be annulled in Mind about you.

Poverty is an abnormal condition. Poverty is the result of inefficiency. Poverty is not the result of the lack of opportunity. Not in yourself, not anywhere. Poverty is the result of inefficiency, or ignorance. And if you can learn to deal with the only Mind there is, we will no longer be poor. We can attract to ourselves people and things which will obliterate that poverty. It will be a law of gravity, no other thing but principle. When you set in motion the power of mind, don’t be surprised what happens; don’t be surprised if something comes from the most unheard-of source ever dreamed of.

Everybody has got to heal themselves; there is no other way. I can tell you these things, but you have to make the application. These are pointers. Another thing, be absolutely impersonal about your work. Suppose I want to treat myself for something. I call my own name right out into Mind and treat it just the same as if it were somebody I never heard of before, just as disinterestedly as I can, so that consciousness of fear will not crowd.

Do not limit your affirmations about God. Link God up with yourself, for we see there is one life, perfect, that is God. I have got to see this life in me now. That is what made Jesus the Christ; he said, “My Father and I are one.” Be absolutely impersonal.

The bible says, “The things which are seen are not made of the things which do appear.” Now then, that is true of all life and you must know it. You must know this and it is a most important part of your treatment, that we are going forth into mind. We are not a projection of God; we are not a reflection of an image forth from God. We are at the center of God consciousness. And it could not be otherwise. There is nothing but what we call God to make you out of. Whatever there is of you is something or some part of God because there was nothing else to make you out of. So know that you are a center of God consciousness and that is why your word is infinite. Speak it forth believing and never doubt it. You know, you just believe, and then you speak forth this word knowing that it annuls everything which seems to oppose it. It annuls that so-called law of matter. Know that it is a law of harmony and adjustment. It is the law of justice, for that is what you need. It is the law of balance. It is the law of increase. It is the law of plenty. It is the law of activity. It is the law of attraction, if you need something. It is all that there is, and you realize that the word becomes; it goes forth upon this power implicitly.

An Anointing Pours Forth

Published January 3, 2022 by tindertender

Oooohhh the Spirit GAVE ME the TEA ON SOME OF YOU!!!

An anointing is about to pour forth on you… Spirit is about to come through AND kick down them doors and obstacles in your way and that Midas touch is gonna hit like GOLD IS THE NEW WAVE! 🌊 …

Some of you are about to face STRAIGHT IN THE FACE of that hurt inner child and healing is gonna come like a new set of clothes. Fresh out the Box. The God Child in you is about to GLOW UP! LIKE WOAH …

Some of you have been struggling with addiction, self esteem, low energies … Y’all about to be shaken the fuck awake cause Spirit isn’t coming to play… He wants ALL HIS CHILDREN and if you ain’t getting RIGHT ..THEN YOU GETTING LEFT.

New Star seeds and Hybrids are about to EXPLODE on the scene like the NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK. All you older ones are gonna have to remember that every baby has to crawl before they walk. So be patient cause they’re gonna work your nerves but they’ll pick up quickly.

New colonies are going to be formed. Borders and boundaries that once were separating are going to be crumbling like the Berlin Wall. And a REMEMBERING is about to slap some of you straight in to 5D.

Technology is going to be like WOAH this year. But what THEY wanted to use against us, it’s about to flip because their Story plot got trashed like a shit screenplay. WE’RE THE NEW SCRIPT WRITERS NOW.

2022 is NOT THE YEAR to doubt yourself. It’s not the time to SECOND GUESS YOURSELF. Spirit is saying IT’S TIME TO BE THE ROYALTY YOU ARE AND STOP PLAYING GAMES WITH YOURSELF. Head Up…Chest Out…Shoulders Back! TAKE THIS YEAR BY AIMING HIGH.

Self Care is A MUST. Get your Vision Boards together. Get your meditations done. Move in SILENCE. Stop telling your plans to people who are too small to handle YOUR GREATNESS! LET’S GO!!!!

Spirit is saying … STEP ASIDE AND WATCH ME MOVE! Things you been praying for is about to come to like Magnets. Vibe High. Don’t look down.

Understand that the Shadow is just you. It’s the parts of you that need the most healing and love. Who deserves your love more than YOU? You can do this!

You have another BIG shift about to happen. This one is going to play you in total alignment fully in heart, mind, soul. Instant manifestations will come. At first it’s going to surprise you, then it’s going to become almost like a comedy or game how easy you’ll flow.

It’s beautiful the vibe and aura I feel coming from you. It’s like a frequency turned up from the heart chakra and the beaming from the Crown Chakra. There’s a presence that is going to just simply command respect without opening your mouth.

Written by: https://twitter.com/aradiant1899?s=21

The Devil Doesn’t Live in Hell …

Published December 17, 2021 by tindertender

… He (they, the collective) live in Antarctica (while their hybrid children walk among us), and “covid” and the covid “variants” are their signature.

What else do we find in Antarctica?

The question is, who is the head of the collective wreaking havoc upon the earth and life upon it? Certainly not anyone walking above the ice, enjoying money and privilege .

Who was it that was encased there in the ice, in the ancient wars?

What is the real goal of Geoengineering, CERN and HAARP? Melting the ice of course!!

This polar shift, the so-called climate change is a manipulated event.

The fallen wish to trade places with the humans, keeping some of the feminine for their mating and birthing needs, and keeping some of the masculine as slave labor.

It looks like many are on the side of the dominators, the programmers, the mind controllers, the energy syphoners.

Even should they have their way (which I do not believe will happen) the planet cannot sustain one more cycle of their raping and pillaging and poisoning of the resources.

Someone IS here to intervene.

And He’s the best chess player in the Universe, perhaps even the Multiverse.

Do you know Him?


Published December 13, 2021 by tindertender

The old patterns of interference have been broken.


Father Sky ————— Mother Earth
Harmony ————— Temple
Energy Shift ————— Laughter
Balance ————— Don’t Drink the Poison
Follow Your Own Rhythm ————— Legacy of Light
Dream Sanctuary ————— Ally in Disguise

Explaining God

Published November 25, 2021 by tindertender
The Mineralogist
George Spratt, 1830

If speaking to a spiritual novice during the darker days of human evolution one might explain God, metaphorically, as if “He” were angry, testing, and judgmental.

To someone a bit more savvy, during easier times, one might explain God, metaphorically, as if “She” were always loving, nurturing, and forever conspiring on your behalf.

And to someone on the verge of a total breakthrough, during the latter days of human evolution, one might explain God by asking them to turn up the music, take off their shoes, walk in the grass, unleash the dogs, free the canary, catch a breeze, ride a wave, dance every day, get up early, take a nap, stay out late, eat chocolate, feel the love, give stuff away, earn it back, give some more, and laugh…. Really.

Really, really.

Catch a breeze –
The Universe


Ezekiel 34:11-31

Published November 14, 2021 by tindertender

For this is what the Sovereign Lord Jehovah has said, “Here I am, I myself, and I will search for my sheep and care for them. According to the care of one feeding his drove in the day of his coming to be in the midst of his sheep that have been spread abroad, that is the way I shall care for my sheep; and I will deliver them out of all the places to which they have been scattered in the day of clouds and thick gloom. And I will bring them out from the peoples and collect them together from the lands and bring them in onto their soil and feed them on the mountains of Israel, by the streambeds and by all the dwelling places of the land. In a good pasturage I shall feed them, and on Israel’s high mountains their abiding place will come to be. There they will lie down in a good abiding place, and on a fat pasturage they will feed upon the mountains of Israel.

I myself shall feed my sheep, and I myself shall make them lie down. The lost one I shall search for, and the dispersed one I shall bring back, and the broken one I shall bandage and the ailing one I shall strengthen, but the fat one and the strong one I shall annihilate. I shall feed that one with judgement.

And as for you my sheep, here I am judging between a sheep and a sheep, between the rams and the he-goats. Is it such a little thing for you men that on the very best pasturage you feed but the rest of your pasturages you should trample down with your feet, and that the clear waters you drink but the ones left over you should foul by stamping with your very feet? And as for my sheep, on the pasture ground trampled by your feet should they feed and the water befouled by the stamping of your feet should they drink?

Here I am, I myself, and I shall certainly judge between a plump sheep and a lean sheep, for the reason that with flank and with shoulder you kept pushing and with your horns you kept shoving all the sickened ones until you had scattered them to the outside. And I will save my sheep, and they will no longer become something for plunder; and I will judge between a sheep and a sheep. And I will raise up over them one shepherd. And I myself, Jehovah, will become their God, and my servant David a chieftain in the midst of them.

And I will conclude with them a covenant of peace, and I shall certainly cause the injurious wild beast to cease out of the land, and they will actually dwell in the wilderness in security and sleep in the forests. And I will make them the surroundings of my hill a blessing, and I will cause the pouring rain to descend at this time. Pouring rains of blessing there will prove to be. And the tree of the field must give its fruitage, and the land itself will give its yield, and they will actually prove to be on their soil in security. And they will have to know that I am Jehovah when I break the bars of their yoke and I have delivered them out of the hand of those who had been using them as slaves. And they will no longer become something to plunder for the nations; and as regards the wild beast of the earth, it will not devour them, and they will actually dwell in security, with no one to make them tremble.

And I will raise up for them a planting for a name, and they will no more become those taken away by famine in the land, and they will no longer bear the humiliation by the nations. And they will have to know that I, Jehovah their God, am with them and that they are my people.

And as regards you my sheep, the sheep of my pasturing, you are earthling men, I am your God, is the utterance of the Sovereign Lord Jehovah.”

~ New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures

Sky Phenomena
Anonymous, 1729

Mind you, I believe Israel is metaphorical for the entirety of the planet …. all mountains, hills, forests … Food Forests … The new Garden of Eden.

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