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Remember Your Sacred Nature

Published April 11, 2019 by tindertender

Relaxed, I am ready for the day. It is still quite early as I sit here to record a few thoughts.

It perplexes me how some refuse to assist each other, and others say, “At least we can try”. I do not know what creates such a mind set, and am certain I’ve had both at some time and another. Hopefully I’m wearing the “At least we can try” these days.

The heart of today’s issue seems to be New Beginnings, which is great and exactly what I work toward, as I’m certain many others are … and the Universe is conspiring with us to make it happen.

Sometimes it is hard to let go of what no longer serves us and to understand that the old must symbolically die before something new blossoms. Resistance to change hinders the start of fresh cycles. Shed the old, make room for the new.

Self love can be a challenge, especially after decades of being told we ought to be ashamed of who we are, or how we’ve responded and acted to situations that have accumulated in life.

Meditate on these things which inhibit your ability for self-acceptance. Think on these things deeply … then wash your hands in a bowl of salted water and say,

“I wash away all doubt. I wash away all that does not serve me. I wash away the lack of love I have for myself.”

Now close your eyes and think of a time that you felt positively about yourself, feel the self-esteem as it bubbles up inside of you. Remember this, and carry it with you.

Allow what you no longer need to be destroyed, or reduced. Build your emotional authenticity and know that you are protected when expressing your true emotions in appropriate ways.

We aren’t always taught how to healthily deal with sadness, anger, depression, or even jealousy, but they aren’t strange or unnatural emotions. Everyone feels them at some time or other. How we express these energies makes the difference in our lives, and the lives our life touches. Express them in a healthy way, release them and move on. Surrender these ‘stuck’ things you no longer wish to posses.

Great Goddess, your breath like fire, your eyes golden in the sun,
I am grateful for your attention.

There is a need for a balancing of ‘power’ … in body and mind, in relationships, in governments, and in this world. Should you experience, or see someone suffering, speak out …


Published April 10, 2019 by tindertender

Only upon communion with some physical expression … only then can you truly feel how your life force is similar to the life force that is all around you. It is only a matter of the differences in form.

Communion with nature is essential. Do an open eyed meditation with a plant or animal. Watch it, merge with it. Relax as much as possible, breathe. You may receive messages …

What Makes A Hero?

Published April 6, 2019 by tindertender

The hero, or heroine, in many stories is a ‘half-breed’, either a god or goddess mates with a human and the ensuing child grows to be the savior of people, often of souls.

This may pertain to a ‘real’ prophecy, although it goes a little different. This hero, or heroine, is imbued with the Spirit of the Lord, or God, or Goddess. This human walks this journey with one foot (so to speak) upon earth, and the other walking among the ethers with spirits gone by, and with those who have not yet walked this earth.

There are many evident ‘mergers’ which have taken place. In western medicine it is labeled mental illness and medication is provided to shut out the ‘symptoms’ ASAP. This is probably the case all over the world.

I begin to wonder about the corporations who make toxins, hand in hand with governments who approve of their release upon the public. What are they attempting to stop when they fluoridate waters, knowing it dulls the pineal gland, or when they chemically alter minds through toxic foods, sprays and vaccine injections?

Seems to me this hero or heroine may be a reality of which everyone is waiting for, or fearful of … it could be anyone

Expansion vs Shrinking

Published April 2, 2019 by tindertender

Why is it that some people always latch on and abuse those who do not wish to fight? If they like fighting so much why don’t they choose to fight with another who likes it equally well? Probably because they know, or fear, they will lose, and that makes them them feel crappy about themselves … that … and not the fact they are tormenting an innocent. They hurt others because of their own lack and shame in the guise of being tough men, or women.

Right is Light; Left is Bereft: Left wishes to ‘own’ from behind the curtain of deceit, wishes harm. Right is about discipline. How many levels do you think there is for these?

I’m just about at the end of my rope,
but I’ll keep on tryin’, I cannot give up hope.

“Control where your attention goes. The left is well known by now. Let them be. Send your attention to the right … Observe without judgement … Watch. This could be ‘people’, or ‘spirit’. Often our attention is commanded by others. Commotion, chaos … Always these circumstances or conversations pull our attention to it. Focusing on purposeful placement of this attention isn’t always easy. Those who practice meditation can tell you this. Although focus may wander, pull it back and re-place it on what you intend to study, or watch, or listen to.”

In the Wild West and other periods of time, when people disagreed they would simply challenge each other to a duel to settle things. It doesn’t look like we’ve ever been able to get away from that mentality. It just costs more now … in time AND money. (Prisons, foods, medical care, etc.)

In life we are constantly receiving things we don’t really want, and often we do not ever receive the things we do want. Sometimes we are told we simply didn’t want it bad enough, or need to learn the art of manifestation … partially true by the way.

Climbing from the pits our familial lines may have fallen in to is a challenge. Lineage designation is a yoke which can be difficult to bear, and is quite frustrating for many. So many of us shout, “This is not the reality I signed up for!” to which I say, “THIS is precisely what you signed up for … the change, the shift has to come from somewhere, from someone, and that someone is YOU.” (Of course, sometimes heritage is something so beautiful one fights in order to keep it).

Innocence is betrayed, over and over again. Through the years people often say, “My hands are tied” or they facilitate further damage … so the wounded child grows and wound after wound accumulates, and they are constantly trying to heal … applying band-aid after band-aid, attempting to keep the wounds from festering. Many choose anti-depressants or other drugs, or they turn to alcohol … anything to numb the pain, and it grows, and festers because soon they simply stop caring at all. When rock-bottom comes and they think they will die, they either do, or they begin a slow journey toward healing, never knowing if they are doing it right … and it hurts, and it gets so hard, yet they continue trying because they’ve realized they really do love life.

After all that, these warriors still have love in their hearts … surprisingly, this love may be at the highest levels once they exit the shit storm. They find there are others who are drawn to them … they sense their healing, even if they do not know of it. When the battle is thought to be won, it is only a beginning. Even when they want nothing more than to sit back in peace and in quiet, it cannot be had … not at all times anyhow, sometimes it seems never again.

They try to determine what existence is, what it means, and find out there is no definitive answer. Variables are different and constantly shifting. Even when variables remain the same, they differ in percentages making up the experience and at any given moment, reality is altered … although from the outside it may appear to be the same.

Who knew life could be so brutal? Sometimes what is thought to be good is actually damaging, and what is thought to be damaging is actually beneficial. It’s all in the present time perspective.

Can one ever calm chaos? My mind says, “Doubtful” and yet in this same mind I see proof of it, periodically, haha. Or is it that one type of chaos is simply replaced by another? Is it possible to live without chaos of any kind? I don’t believe so, for in chaos things chip away, break down, allowing for a sort of rebirth into the new.

Is expansion something humanity ought to be seeking? Is this seeking that which is making humanity so sick, under the guise of something else? Well, I do not know, but personally, previous chaotic situations were not during a seeking of expansion, so maybe chaos simply IS … in many ways, just as there are multiple ways of feeling joy or love.

The question remains, is chaos really necessary?

I should make it easy on myself, I know it is attainable in a couple different ways. What am I trying to be strong for, or trying to stretch my capacity for, holding measure? Why don’t I just shrink? Close off all things and just shrink … Why? Because my whole life I’ve known, “I Am Larger Than Life!” With that, I practice being grateful. Fear, anger, shrinking … not really my gig, done with that.

To remain centered and whole is the goal. Make it easy on yourself and do not do what you once did. Walk away from that which hurts.

Space Invaders

Published March 31, 2019 by tindertender

There are those who will invade your space. They will tell everyone you love it, that you love them. They may have ‘hooked’ your mind so deeply that even you might believe their implanted thoughts. They may have hooked you so thoroughly that you cannot pull your attention from them, and there will be many, if not most, who tell you they cannot help you because you are too intertwined.

Doctors, shamans, even Wiccans are all going to to tell you there is nothing they can do since your attention is so focused on the invader and their destruction. You may try everything in your power to break this bond, but the invasive one(s) will have no respect, no honor, and no intention of giving you what you want for your happiness, and peace means nothing to them.

How do you fight? That which can be seen can be struggled against, it is easy to tackle this … but that which you cannot see can’t be tackled in this fashion. Those who practice energetic healing techniques will tell you, ‘you don’t want it badly enough’, or ‘you must not try to understand it for this feeds the vampiric energetic life form’, or ‘you must simply stop working with guides and such, cutting them off, not paying them any attention’. They do not understand that it isn’t this easy.

They will tell you that if you were drinking and such at the time of this ‘initiation’ that it is your fault … and who knows, they may be right. There may not be any way to rid yourself of the invader.

Do not give up. Just because another human being says there isn’t a way, does not mean there isn’t a way.

Jesus, Guides, anyone who may love you in the afterlife may not be able to help you. You may hear that “she/he must learn their lesson”. Perhaps this is correct, perhaps there isn’t enough suffering that can be experienced in order to free ones own psyche from an invisible attack.

It is depressing, I know. It is downright sorrowful. There is reason to give up, it is understandable should you throw up your hands and just quit … many have. Many have … there is no shame in this. Sometimes this may be the only known way to end the experience. My only thought about it is, what if this does not end the experience? So I suggest to keep fighting, even if there is no human capable, or willing, to at least try and help.

These same humans will help others though, for this is what they do for a living. Most of them fall short in my book, for I have seen the lack of ‘affect’ they have on these issues … all the while raking in the dough.

The one person I know of that has had success, even if only for a short time, is the one who refused payment for services. Genuine … and of course those who are not successful will refuse to try for they do not want negative reviews … it may damage their ability to charge high dollar for their work.

This fight will be a solo one. There will be no savior. Step up and do what is necessary to help yourself. Jesus isn’t coming. No human is any more capable than you, and certainly has no way of knowing your situation more intimately than you do.

Don’t give up. Failure after failure does not mean there will never be a success story … keep going. Enlist the help of western medicine if you must, and keep fighting, this is your life, claim it. Walk through that Fire!

Choosing Thought Forms, Altering Paths

Published March 26, 2019 by tindertender

Life is intense. At times, the energy that flows through this mind and body is like an invisible fire! Brilliant flashes of human light.

We often fail to see we are the same. Woman blames man, man blames woman. People don’t yet seem to understand what they see in others is a reflection of what they see in themselves. They are always trying to fix the reflection, and not the origin of that reflection. (I do not talk of the blatant importation of those who do violence).

I close my eyes and I see a large black orb, possibly some sort of huge metallic-like sphere. I see it being covered by a sheet-like blanket of flowers, trees, plants and other life forms. Water runs through this ‘covering’ also and things grow.

“The earth laughs in flowers”.

My question is, “Are we who we say we are?”

Somebody’s been hard at work building neural-synaptic connections and pathways in the human mind. ALL people are spoon fed a certain set of scenarios from birth, altering the potential for other thought.

Are we our surroundings? Are we limited to the circumstances in which we are born? Or do we choose to alter the pre-programmed, manipulated thought patterns we were given from a young age? Change your thinking, change your mind, change your life.

Martyrs and Virgins?

Published March 24, 2019 by tindertender

In Heaven, do you think there will be aged men with child brides? Are there people who honestly believe Heaven is a place for domineering and cruel men who would rather blow up innocent people and behead others who have done them no personal wrong, while marrying children and in some instances killing them on their wedding night by adult/child ‘rape’?

Even the Christian Bible speaks of ‘virgins’. Men’s fascination, frustration and feeling of ‘ownership’ of a females virginity is mind boggling. How is it they do not vow to protect her, but are merely dedicated to owning her … or rejecting her? Not really giving two thoughts about her, only her virginity and whether or not she does as told.

There are those who are “too bad” swimming the ethers looking for innocence. Do you suppose that they, having no body, prey on the innocent ‘virgins’ while they sleep in their beds? Yes, believe there are …

I also believe there are others who do not, who do their best to shield us from these perverse and angry souls.

On earth there are people still in body who work diligently to normalize these behaviors, creating ways for pain and suffering to persist. Their purpose is to cause as much harm as possible upon innocence, generating a thick layer of fear in order to pluck love from hearts, and to shred the ability to ‘trust’ anyone.

There are always two sides to a story. Unfortunately, all we can do is listen to those who still live, for those who no longer have body are having a tough time communicating the reality they face as they forage the world for naive and open doorways. (Most people are not tapped into their extra sensory skills yet).

It is also unfortunate that the difference between them is so slight. The variance between ones who are true, and those who desire to manipulate and ‘own’, is that one offers themselves, no pressure, no influence, no manipulation, and are fine when you live your life as you would like, and fine if your mind and life wanders away from them for a time. They wait … The others hound you, insist you want them, create disturbance in your mind and life, not caring two bits that this is upsetting you.

It seems that it would be obvious … usually it would be but one uses ‘hooks’ to the mind and to the energy body. They pull them, and tow your attention here and there constantly keeping you off balance. This playing field is not even, for the true would never step on your life like that. The true would be patient while you come to your own decisions, create your own terms, build your own understanding in your own timing.

Not too many people can help with that … the understanding has to happen on an individual basis and not all people really want to understand. I think the drugs they receive for symptoms and ignoring it feels safer for some … fear of the unknown is a big inhibitor, and the ‘training’ men of this world have given humans from birth, generation after generation scares the living daylights out of people.

The nervous system, when it is ‘hooked’, does all kinds of uncomfortable things, and behaviors can get a little strange as the person tries to deal with what is happening to them.

It is true, there is a lot about the unknown which should frighten the dickens out of people. If humanity refuses to face their fear about the unknown, the fear will eat them. And if they insist they know what that consists of then they are not willing to see it from all sides and possibilities, and will not be able to adjust, maneuver, or emerge from it when it swarms them.

Remember the Principle of Polarity. Sometimes it will appear subtle, being mild, and at other times it will seem catastrophic, a giant swing to opposite end.

The Principle of Polarity. “Everything is Dual; everything has poles; everything has its pair of opposites; like and unlike are the same; opposites are identical in nature, but different in degree; extremes meet; all truths are half-truths; all paradoxes may be reconciled.” ~ The Kybalion.

“Like and unlike are the same” … hence the difficulty in discerning one from the other. Thank God for time … it allows us pretty solid experience with these things and situations so we have opportunity to evaluate, and settle our energy, mind, heart and body … and move forward.

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