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Published June 6, 2019 by tindertender

This is the Anunnaki god giant Amen Ra from ancient Babylon who became the most worshiped god in all of the ancient world.

He did this by murdering his mother Tiamat (left above pic) on behalf of the other gods who had come to planet Urth for mineral harvesting. You call him to your prayers by uttering his name as the blessing of your words.

Your energy fuels his continued reign over this colony which is still his.

Though his title today is best known as Bel or Ba’al, his father Enki and brothers Thoth and Ares refer to him as Lord Marduk, deity above all other Urthly gods.

Yes, he is a person just like you, still alive and still here.

Much more about the gods who still rule over Tara Urth today in the human handbook series decoding the hive.


Who Will Save Us Now?

Published June 4, 2019 by tindertender

You will not remember on your own the type of information held within these covers right away, but once you have absorbed it and reflected on it, you will find that it has always been there, deep down inside of you the whole time. You merely forgot.

This is because the truth is already recorded into the database of your DNA which is the true Akashic Records of your reality, but since you were subjected to what is called mind wipe, blank slate technology, you may not have been able to unlock the doors to access it until now.

I’ll start off with the principals of how manifestation works and show you how energy commands reality. Then later I will expand this to include ways for you to go about rebuilding your world around you in a manner that will be sustainable, joyful and harmonious.

But for now, we have to focus on the nuts and bolts as it were, of how Scalar Vibrational Mechanics actually works. Without that, you will have no clue how it is that magicians and gods of old were able to part the seas, walk on water and otherwise shock the world into taking note about what they were saying.

Such phenomenae were always manifestations of the use of energy in ways this civilization hasn’t yet built back up to understanding yet. They were no more magic than your smart phone would have seemed to you in 1975 held in the hands of a time traveler from the year 2010.

Time travel, just like the camera on your phone, is also just that; use of energy, as time is not a physical or real thing, so much as it is a perception.

So before you dismiss that or any other concept I will be sharing as this library grows, simply open your mind to what you have already learned for yourself down through the many millions of lifetimes you have lived out prior till now. You read that right.

If you cannot imagine it, then you will never see it. It is as simple as that. Once you imagine it, that thing now becomes possible and therefore something you can see.

As I’ve said before, all things that could be imagined by a human mind have been placed into reality somewhere, long before you arrived in this one lifetime.

You were called to this disclosure by your higher self, not me. I had nothing to do with your signing up to help humanity in this struggle for their lives.

You and your higher-self decided long ago to take on this task, and while your physical self went through mind wipe down here below, your higher self has never once left or forsaken you.

You were and are “god the father” and “the savior of humanity”, not someone else you were supposed to bow down to. When you were ready to hear these words, it was that being, you, who is still looking down from the Deity Planes who showed you where to find these words.

It is now up to you to take action and apply it in your own life.

Humans now rallying to this message know from their cellular memory that we are fighting this together if we have any chance of fulfilling our goal of releasing from bondage our long-lost family members from this challenging situation.

Indigos will never be able to turn the key for humanity if humans fail to take action in their own lives. No one can save you if you are unwilling to save yourself.

If you listen to your heart mind, you will recognize the fact that it was you who wrote this, and it was you who called you back to your team who have been fighting for your freedom all along.

-mission guide


Please email mission guide at decodingthehive@gmail.com for your own copy of “Decoding the Hive”

Rules vs Traditions

Published June 1, 2019 by tindertender

As I sit here thinking on Rules vs Traditions some little spotted guy named Toby decided to have a sit on my arm rest. Of course, I love the way he loves me, so this delayed my actual digging out and opening up of the lap top computer.

The question was posed to me last weekend, “What is the difference between Rules and Traditions?”

I see Rules as a way to hold power over someone. It is presented as a form of instruction to another, a bending of, and manipulation of, the “will” of someone, usually with the enticement of reward or punishment.

My view on Tradition has shifted slightly, but in a profound way. Previously I thought of tradition as things people do as a group to benefit the whole. I now understand that Tradition is much more than that, it is the manner in which history is recorded and kept alive through various practices.

This is why Tradition is so sacred. It is the recording of, and maintaining of, historical ceremony/ritual, clothes making, bead work, dance, food preparation, gender roles specific to tasks, and an all around basic treatment of each other with morals and integrity at the forefront of being.

It was the metaphysical world that brought me to Tradition. I was told there is a big difference between metaphysics and tradition and asked to think about it.

I see the metaphysical, in many groups I’ve enjoyed the company of, as various occult teachings and practices, usually brought forth in a style preferential to the sharer of information. There doesn’t seem to be a set path which shows the history of its making, meaning, there is no step 1, step 2, etc. unless one is talking of spell casting or magical practices.

Again, Tradition is thousands of years of a way of being which is in harmony with life. Tradition does not attempt to manipulate life or circumstances through spell casting or magical practices. Tradition unites all aspects of life in the clan, village, town, city, country and world.

One blends and harmonizes, the other attempts to force and manipulate. One is the unwritten historical record, the other is a forced attempt to shift circumstances, to control.

Embracing Creation Power

Published May 31, 2019 by tindertender

Today was all about Love in 78 degree weather, and the next bea-u-ti-ful day will be as well. After last weekend, full of hugs, warm smiles, and genuine friendly relations I still feel like butter, melted by the sun, merging with everything … mixing up a real treat. I see myself wearing yellow garb, like sunshine 🌞 smiling and trekking around this world.

Prophecy: Appears whole and different qualities, actions and traits are sought after. Seekers do not realize the prophecy, the ‘story’ is built using ‘fragments’ … ONE from each portion of the multi-verse. The story is made available in a seemingly tangible world where everyone is seeking the total sum of traits mentioned in the story, not realizing it isn’t one story at all … it is not ‘whole’ and there is no such thing that can be found in one space. Each multi-verse has its own piece to the puzzle, a mere fragment. It will require connection and total cooperation, one with the other, in order to merge all needed pieces and complete the requirements needed to fulfill the Prophecy and find understanding.

Remember: Their response/reaction to you WILL affect everyone else in the vicinity, and even beyond. When conversing with someone envision the response you wish to achieve, or receive. Really see this response in your mind. Now ask yourself if what you had planned on doing or saying will be helpful in creating this response, or reaction. If it is, proceed. If you see it as having an unwanted response factor, choose another way of communicating, another phrase or tone. This is your opportunity to create an atmosphere which is beneficial not only to yourself, but to everyone near you, for you are living in a fashion that considers the outcome of words and actions.

Choose: to create chaos, or to create harmony? This world is your making, in conjunction with all others.

When the people of this world begin to see the absolute power and potential of working together, united, for the benefit of the whole it will be clear. No longer will one have too much while another suffers needlessly.

Creator, see the reality which forms from the words flowing from your lips, and the actions you make. No longer is it an argument of who is right or wrong. It is a simple vision and creation based on what you see, and the improvement you wish to steer (or stir) into being.

All actions formulated for certain responses will surround the doer, the creator, and this will be the reality.

Open eyes, open mind, open heart.

Ascension Is Individual, Not Collective

Published May 30, 2019 by tindertender

Until recently, it was meant to be collective, but then in September of 2017 our timelines were changed to one where there was less than 1% who were awake.

That ended the struggle for the 100th Monkey effect which would never have time to happen during what’s left of the activation window.

Tara will ascend. The thousands of spaceships around the sun that are fully visible to Urth inhabitants are there to assure that. A few Lost Souls of Tara will ascend with her.

But only those who have taken action in this life to stand for what is right without fear of consequence. Either you are willing to die to maintain the principles of the Law of ONE, or you will have already failed the separation. That doesn’t mean drawing blood necessarily, but it could in the right instance.

Regardless, you must be willing to stand up and stop the crime, or you are simply not yet ready to join a collective elsewhere where they have already made such a stance in their worlds and paid whatever price it cost in order to live in harmony and balance.

The separation may happen right on schedule on 12/21/22, or it could happen in less than 2 years from now. It could also not happen for another 10 years or not at all, according to how it was explained to me. That is partially why the battlecrafts are up there now; to assure that if the collective actions of the lifeforce on the planet is not in support of the ascension, that they be removed from the equation.

Understand that Tara has plenty of 2nd Density frequency now to make the move all on her own. It is the lifeforce that will not all make it. And what they do, what they say, what they support has everything to do with how soon, or how long this process will take. The stargroups assigned to the task of ushering her from the last time matrix and into the Aqueous Sun matrix are patient, but they will not just sit there and allow the low frequency of mankind to hold this complete separation off indefinitely.

Also understand that “time” for the ascension window doesn’t work like a chronograph. The Time Dilation put into place by Chronus is coming to an end now for this planet, which was a manipulated construct to hold the frequency of the human collective at a certain spectrum within the harmonic scale. How energies work celestially is not one click of the second hand of the clock like you now think, but rather ebbs and flows. The more energy that is generated by the particles involved, the faster “time” functions, as there is simply more energy to power the platform. Of course, this means that conversely the less energy involved, the slower things progress.

Decoder @EmeraldLawofOne



Published May 29, 2019 by tindertender

By assigning certain symbols to certain particles, the energy of those forces that make the power of splitting atoms look like pop rocks, that particle function becomes directly linked as the driving force behind incredibly ancient geometric templates known as Command Signets. Those Signets were always the secret-of-secrets to the Enslavement Program of the Angelic Human species all along.

Science uses symbols from hidden Babylonian liturgy (sacred spoken words) as iconography to these elements because they are literally the skeleton keys that unlock the interstellar language of the cosmeias. This language that was quantum-coded to your DNA from the outset was genetically scrambled at the time of the Babylon Massacre when the languages were confused by “the gods” in biblical times.

Using geometric patterns that are coded to simple symbols, Command Signets silently command the aether to produce unheard of electric energy through sub-quantum Scalar Science used by Zeus and Poseidon that gave them the power to rule over man and even gods alike.

Mankind has not seen this technology before now for at least many mellinnia and possibly hundreds of millions of years prior to even that. Using the electromagnetic energies that slumber in stasis below the humble atom lie the unspoken power of thunder and lightning itself.

Zeus and Poseidon were never mythological figures. They were and are real and their platform of power is now being revealed to the masses in scientific terms translated into common English so this word finally reaches mankind.


A Call to All Indigos

Published May 29, 2019 by tindertender

Indigos, you have one directive; to bring the 4th dimension to the 3rd. You will do this by using healing in all forms, bringing the healing arts back into existence, teaching by example the Law of ONE, and providing the environment outside of the seething death throws of the world now on its way out where they can concentrate on that education.

In order to get there, we each one must physically take action in order to bring that into reality. You can’t do that if you are spending all your time worrying about mundane issues that do not serve in any way to further your awareness or the awareness level of humans on planet. And whatever it is you have been doing up to this point needs to be carefully inspected to see if you are initiating plans at all times to reach more of the sleeping masses and if you are currently devising paths that will enable you to establish your own sanctuary. Because this is what it has all been about. Knowledge outreach, where you are able to do more than just whisper through iron bars to the human refugees just how bad things really are for them as they watch you transmute into a ball of light and vanish into the clouds.

You aren’t going anywhere. They aren’t going anywhere. You are all staying right here and as the elevated frequency waves finally subside from this ascension window, you will then see if you are actually doing your job, or if you are now inside a prison camp as depicted in the film “1984” or not. This will tell you whether you are still with your humans who are staying, or if you simply tuned in to the next higher frequency spectrum.

The incoming Awakening and Ascension Waves (carbon 7, super-high frequency particles) are flowing in to this plane between the opening and closing of the time from 12/21/12 to 12/21/22.

Real calendar dates, not the dates you see on your fake calendars now, as you cannot pin precise dates on anything here. And those waves will be infusing into the DNA genetic code of the human evolution toward the higher signature of awareness (higher radio station), giving those who are receptive to ascension, access and assistance to make this move. They will then carry those frequencies in their genetics as they give birth to offspring that will in turn will have greater cognitive awareness bringing forward more of the original elevated multi strand genetic codes already within the Angelic Human DNA, providing more complete access to the dimensional stage where the Kybal are no longer in charge. But they aren’t leaving. They are staying in this world and building the new one.

In every dimension, there are eras. A “caveman” era, a “bronze age” era, “industrial revolution”, and so forth. If you went to the “4th dimension” right now, you would still have to decide which ERA of that dimension you would be visiting. Because it has a yesterday, a today and a tomorrow, just like the one you are in now.

And coming to the 3rd dimension in 600 BC would certainly not be anything like arriving in 2019 by any stretch of the imagination, because all civilizations evolve and refine or they deteriorate and start over. The humans from this dimension will be at the starting point of the next.

~Decoder @EmeraldLawofOne


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