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Fur Babies

Published October 2, 2020 by tindertender

This is a real picture of a dog who was left at a shelter this week by an owner who discarded him without looking back.

Terrified, withdrawn and confused, he shrinks into the wall and lays in his own urine.

Next time you decide to buy that fluffy puppy from the pet store or go to a breeder charging way too much money, think of the thousands abandoned and left like this everyday.

Be a responsible pet owner or DON’T HAVE A PET.

These are children people … children, they NEED us …. stop being selfish.

How you treat the vulnerable says VOLUMES about you.

Wonderful, Happy Day

Published August 11, 2020 by tindertender

My supervisor allowed me to leave an hour early from work today. You see, it is a very special day.

I drove to my home town in the forest that lines the Columbia River Gorge and treated myself to a nice mineral bath and wrap afterward. The window was open and the birds were singing.

I thought about my Soul Brothers and Sisters … my Soul Family.

I thought how it isn’t just my birthday, it is our birthday … as Soul Family, all birthdays are ours to celebrate with each other, however that shows up.

I found myself even more grateful for them as I considered our shared beingness, our intimate connections through Soul and Spirit.

It dawned on me how large my family truly is … and I vowed to honor them all, even when I find myself annoyed, because love is what holds it all together. Even when sometimes we must love each other from a distance.

After my sweet and relaxing treat I stopped at the boat launch to watch the kite surfers. They are A-MAZ-ING! I was in awe as I saw their acrobatic moves, imagining the strength that each one of them has to possess in order to do this for sooooo looooong! They were surfing, then flying … it was really a sight to see.

Driving up the highway I stopped for a picture of the Bridge of the Gods. The trees are tall here (I am glad).

There was a plaque listing some sites to see should one wish to. Someday … I’d like to visit the Stonehenge memorial.

There was an interesting bit of history listed also, and my imagination roamed as I pondered it.

Here’s a couple more pictures from here, near the Bridge of the Gods. It certainly is a beautiful place, this planet … our GAIA.

Another site along the path back to town.

As I approached the city I literally felt the heaviness creep in. The energies here are dense and mottled.

Remaining in good spirits requires extra effort when dwelling here amid these condensed energies.

So I made a resolution, my birthday resolution. I vow to train myself in an Attitude of Gratitude. Not just for a moment, or a day, or a week … but as a new habit … one that will never need breaking or reformatting.

Thank you Creator and ALL Spirit/Soul entities who gifted me such a wonderful day today. I felt the blessing of it to my very core, filling my essence with beauty.

For this … my first day … I Am Grateful.

Grandma’s Know

Published July 17, 2020 by tindertender

Grandma, how can I live this quarantine?

“My daughter, quarantine is a special, mysterious and sacred period. In my days, newborn children could only leave the house for the first time after their 40th day of life. It is a period of waiting and preparing for a new life. It is the period that produces a great change.”

And how do you prepare for this change?

“With simple, genuine and loving actions. Every morning comb your long hair with dedication and untie all the knots, even the most hidden ones that you have always neglected. It is time to put all the knots in the comb. Then dedicate yourself to untangling even your beloved ones skeins. With patience and you will try to find the end of the skein, the exact starting point of the thread. Already with these simple but powerful actions you will create order outside and inside of you. Undoing physical knots with your hands you will begin to touch your internal knots.”

And after undoing the knots, what can I do, grandma?

Remove all parts of you that are no longer fertile. In many funeral rites of ancient peoples it is believed that the deceased leaves the body entirely on the 40th day after his death. In these 40 days, my daughter, cut your hair, eliminate clothes that you have not worn for a long time or that you no longer want use, open the windows of your home well to let the stale air out, cultivate new thoughts by abandoning the old, dedicated to creating new habits, new customs, new traditions.”

Grandmother, I’m afraid that after this isolation nothing will change. Man quickly forgets…

“How others will react to this quarantine is none of your business. Make a commitment to change and not forget. Make sure this storm shakes you up so much that it completely revolutionizes your life.”

―Elena Bernabé, Indigenous Peoples Cultures. April, 2020

My Grandmother Once Gave Me A Tip

Published July 2, 2020 by tindertender
(Image of Tasha Tudor, American Illustrator 1915-2008)

In difficult times, you move forward in small steps.
Do what you have to do, but little by little.
Don’t think about the future, or what may happen tomorrow.
Wash the dishes.
Remove the dust.
Write a letter.
Make a soup.
You see?
You are advancing step by step.
Take a step and stop.
Rest a little.
Praise yourself.
Take another step.
Then another.
You won’t notice, but your steps will grow more and more.
And the time will come when you can think about the future without crying.

– Elena Mikhalkova

Deliberate Mind

Published July 2, 2020 by tindertender

Even during trying times there is so much to celebrate. Family and friends, the sounds of loved ones voices …

There will be a time in our lives when some of us pass and we can’t talk on the phone or see each other anymore. So I hold it dear in my heart every day we get this blessing.

What I am learning … don’t hold grudges, it only hurts you. Put roses at the feet of anyone who has hurt you. You’ve learned something when you can do that.

Set boundaries. It’s not mean, it’s good for everyone and their mental, physical and spiritual health.

In trying times watch your thoughts, voice and postings. We are all connected. Don’t put out hurtful or negative things even if you’re in that space.


You are the amazing lightness of Being.

You are Love Unconditional at your true core.

Don’t be petty, be BIG in LOVE.

Don’t be afraid, be curious.

If something overcomes you, don’t beat yourself up. Love yourself through your struggles.

Life is a gift. We don’t know for how long so make the most of it … every second.

And finally, YOU are AMAZING!!!!

I love each and everyone of you so much because despite how we feel individualized I truly believe we are the Oneness of everything beautiful.

My love to you today and always.

~ Patricia Roller
Balanced Manifesting


Today I Am Thankful

Published June 24, 2020 by tindertender

I am thankful for the lessons in balance that I see in my loved ones.

Strength and gentleness, responsibility and laughter, stubbornness and flexibility.

I see you walk in a good way.

I see you work tirelessly to earn what you have and I see you give freely with a smile and without regret.

I see you make mistakes and I see you learn hard lessons.

I see you shed ego and become humble.

I see you stand together and I see you hold each other up.

In you I see humanity and my own humanity is awakened.

Little bits of myself that have lain dormant my whole life come alive and bring more and more clarity to my sense of purpose.

Thank you for being my teachers in life and for the lessons you give, but more, thank you for that part of you that becomes a part of me, to one day become a part of someone else. In that way, we are a continuous line of spirit that will stretch on and on, unbroken, as long as time exists.

Life has blessed me with more family than I was born with and WOW, am I blessed with family of blood and spirit!



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