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Number Goodness

Published October 5, 2020 by tindertender

Some people fell off the blog follow list, but looky what number they left me with ….

Number 1 is a symbol of a fresh start.

Number 2 is a symbol of faith and trust.

Number 3 is telling you that you should have faith in yourself and also in your own abilities.

Number 4 is usually considered as a symbol of hard work, determination and good organization.

When it comes to the meaning of angel number 1234, it is obvious that numbers 12, 34, 123 and 234 are also parts of this number.

Number 12 is telling you that you should get rid of your old beliefs and habits in order to start something new in your life.

Number 34 is telling you that you will have to face many challenges in the next period.

When it comes to angel number 123, we can also say that it is a step number, which means that you need to have many steps in your personal development.

We have also to notice angel number 234 that should give you motivation to work hard and to face all the challenges that may be on your way. The only thing that you should have in your mind is that all your efforts will pay off, so you should not worry.

The sum of numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4 is 10, so there is a possibility that this number may also have a certain influence on angel number 1234. It is believed that angel number 10 is one of the most positive angel numbers and it is telling you to be confident and focused on your goals.

Number 1234 is telling you that it is the right time to show all your skills because they may help you in reaching your goals. You should not listen to what other people are saying, but you should listen to your own heart and intuition.

Message Received 2:30 a.m. 8-26-2020

Published August 26, 2020 by tindertender

Received a number: 111911

Japanese sentence #111911 is


meaning: Everybody is a person, a person, a person, a person, a person, a person, and a person.

The number 111 is a very powerful number, and signifies manifesting and manifestation of thoughts into reality.

This number is a combination of energy and attributes of the numbers 1 and the Master Number 11.

The number 1 signifies independence, motivation, uniqueness, new beginnings, leadership, progress, moving forward, inspiration and achieving success.

The number 11 signifies understanding your soul mission and purpose on this earth.

As a combination of these energies, the angel number 111 signifies spiritual awakening and enlightenment, inspiration, high energy, intuition and sensitivity.

The number 111 carries the vibration of leadership, creativity and independence, as well as optimism and tolerance of others. Its essence is also joy, inspiration, interactions with others, communication and self – sufficiency.

Number 1119 is a message that a phase, cycle or situation in your life is coming to an end, and/or your goals have almost come to fruition. Remain positive throughout these transitions and look forward to wonderful new beginnings and auspicious opportunities.

Number 911 is a highly karmic and spiritual number that encourages you to pursue your life purpose and soul mission as a lightworker. It tells of leadership and living life as a positive example in order to illuminate the way for others to follow. Number 911 is a vibration of spiritual enlightenment and awareness and of reaping karmic rewards for work well done.

Number 911 indicates that a new door has opened up for you as a product of your positive thoughts, intentions and actions. Make the most of this opportunity and walk forward with confidence and surety, knowing that you are fulfilling your karmic destiny.

Number 911 suggests that your goals are almost complete, and/or that you are coming to the end of a phase or cycle in your life. It is an indication that one door is closing and another is opening. The message is to allow the ‘old’ to be released so it is able to be replaced with the ‘new’.


Number Messages

Published August 25, 2020 by tindertender

Yesterday I received 99 and 999 … Today it is 108, and 111008 (108 amplified).

Looking up this combination I find …

108 and the universe

The diameter of the Sun is 108 times the diameter of the Earth and the average distance of the Sun and the Moon to Earth is 108 times their respective diameters. Mathematicians from the Vedic tradition came to view 108 as the number representing the wholeness of existence.

108 and the divine

In the Hindu tradition, there are 108 attendants of Shiva. In Gaudiya Vaishnavism, Lord Krishna in Brindavan had 108 followers. The words of the Buddha are recorded in the Tibetan Kangyur in 108 volumes. A bell is chimed 108 times in Buddhist temples in Japan to finish the old year and welcome the new one.

108 and the human body

There are 108 marma points, considered to be sacred places in the body. In Ayurveda, these pressure points are seen as vital for giving life to living beings for it is at these points that consciousness and flesh intersect. Additionally, there are 108 nadis, or energy lines, which converge to form the heart chakra.

108 and the tradition of yoga

According to yogic tradition, there are 108 sacred sites known as pithas, throughout India. There are 108 Upanishads and 108 Puranas. There are 54 letters in Sanskrit, where each can be seen as either masculine (Shiva) or feminine (Shakti), and therefore totalling 108.

108 and the practice of yoga and meditation

In yoga, the number 108 has significance as the number representing spiritual completion. Sun salutations are often performed in nine rounds of the 12 postures which totals 108 poses. A yoga mala consists of 108 sun salutations. Pranayama is also often completed in cycles of 108. A mala is traditionally a string of 108 prayer beads with a guru bead. As you pray, you move along the beads, reciting your chosen mantra 108 times. As we practice chanting, breath work, or asana in rounds of this sacred number, we become aligned with the rhythm of the universe and the energy of the divine source.

Also found for this number:

Number 108 is a combination of the attributes and energies of number 1, number 0 and number 8. Number 1 lends its vibrations of new beginnings, vivacity, stepping out of your comfort zone, intuition and insight, striving for success, attainment and happiness. Number 0 carries the vibration of the God force and Universal Energies, and its energies emphasize and amplify the attributes of the numbers it appears with. Number 0 a message to do with developing one’s spiritual aspects and is considered to represent the beginning of a spiritual journey and highlights the uncertainties that may entail. It suggests that you listen to your intuition and higher-self as this is where you will find your answers. Number 8 resonates with manifesting positive abundance, personal power and authority, a desire for peace and a love of humanity and world transformation, giving and receiving and the Universal Spiritual Law of Cause and Effect – karma. Number 8 is a ‘power’ number.

Angel Number 108 is a message of support and encouragement from your angels. They ask that you think only positive thoughts to do with your wealth, prosperity and abundance. Angel Number 108 is a message that you are to keep your focus on attaining positive results and fulfillment, rather than worrying about lack or loss, as when you have high expectations and maintain a positive attitude the angels and Universal Energies help you to manifest your highest ideals and achieve success in all that you put your intentions and efforts towards. The angels want you to know that positive things are manifesting around you at a rapid rate right now, so make the most of them.  

Angel Number 108 is also a reminder that the energies we put out to the Universe are returned to us.

Angel Number 108 may be suggesting that you are nearing the end of a phase or cycle in your life, and the angels want you to realize that new opportunities will appear for you in due course. Your angels ask that you not stress about present circumstances, as ‘better’ is on it’s way into your life. Do not fear lack or loss as the end of a situation or cycle denotes the beginning of a prosperous new opportunity (or opportunities). The angels ask you to have faith and trust in them, and in yourself and remember that all happens in Divine right time.

What messages are you receiving? They are there, waiting for you to take notice. Remember to refer to the thought form you are having when the numbers appear for you.


Number, And Other, Messengers

Published August 16, 2020 by tindertender

I was thinking of my Soul Family today and looked at the clock during thought, right at 3:33.

The number 3 itself represents confidence, power, creativity, joy, and inspiration. 333 is an encouragement to deeply explore the skills and talents you were given and to share them with the rest of the World. 333 could also mean now is the time to fulfill a new path.

I found myself praying, or simply having a talk with my Spirit Family, God, the Elementals … anyone who wanted to listen really. During this conversation I looked at the clock … 5:55.

Number 5 is a symbol of change. A 555 combination means that the power of a 5 is three times stronger. 555 means that drastic change is in the works.

I picked up a cigarette butt someone threw to the ground while walking to my vehicle from the river. When I arrived to my car, there was .10 cents right there, waiting for me, as if I were being rewarded.

Driving along, a Raven flew just overhead. It travelled along the road with me, flying the path between the trees which filled both sides of the pavement. Right at this time the numbers 6464 arrived for my investigative pleasure.

Number 6 is a symbol of balance. Number 4 is a symbol of being safe and secure in your surroundings. Number 6464 has a special message behind it that is focused on personal growth and is a symbol of being open to new things, and to always keep searching for the true meaning. It is a reminder to keep on pushing forward and always invest in ones self as a human being.

The raven encourages us to dive deeper and to look within to seek the answers to put in motion the much-needed change, among many other messages it shares.

Toward the end of my rewarding, and relaxed blessing of a day, I found myself thinking of my Soul Family again. I looked up and received the number 5888.

Number 5888 pertains to self-love, personal development, relationships, and it means “love matters”.

Today was a very busy day for receiving messages of all kinds. When you are thinking about anything, anything at all, or praying, pay attention to the numbers which arrive for you during these thought processes. Their meaning is significant, and valuable input from the unseen forces which surround us daily … our guides, our guardians, our ancestors and friends who may have transitioned into the next world.

I am nearly as excited for you to receive, as much as I am to receive myself.

Bless you on this journey called life, and the connection, inspiration and messages it offers.


Published August 7, 2020 by tindertender

Yesterday I was driving along, looked at the clock right at 1:11. This has been happening quite frequently.

The number 111 is a very powerful angel number, and signifies manifesting and manifestation of thoughts into reality.

The number 1 signifies independence, motivation, uniqueness, new beginnings, leadership, progress, moving forward, inspiration and achieving success. The number 11 signifies understanding your soul mission and purpose on this earth. As a combination of these energies, the angel number 111 signifies spiritual awakening and enlightenment, inspiration, high energy, intuition and sensitivity. The number 111 carries the vibration of leadership, creativity and independence, as well as optimism and tolerance of others. Its essence is also joy, inspiration, interactions with others, communication and self-sufficiency.

As I drove along I looked up and lo and behold, a license plate directly in front of me beginning with 222. This is another number that keeps coming up for me.

The number 222 not only reminds you to be positive, but it reassures you that a positive attitude is warranted. It confirms that you are on the right path. The number 2 by itself is a positive sign, and when it is repeated three times, you can be sure that your angel guides are telling you to persevere. The bottom line is that the number 222 is a sign that you are heading in the right direction and need to keep the faith.

The meaning of number 222 suggests that you are at a point in your life where you are looking for some sense of balance. This means it’s the best time to have faith and to keep trusting. It’s a sign that you’re pushing yourself too hard lately, and you need to take it slow and have a break. The angel numbers 222 want you to do away with all these negative energy threatening to overcome your life, and just focus on the healthy and positive things. And in case you didn’t know this, the numbers 222 also mean peace and harmony. This is your cue to take a peaceful stance when it comes to the things that matter, and avoid being baited to negativity and hostility.

I kid you not, during this same trip I looked to my right as a vehicle passed by … and their license plate began with 333. I thought, “Holy Moly!”

When you see number 333, it means that there are angels all around you. They have heard your requests and prayers, so they are coming in your life to help you. If you see number 333 very often, it means that your angels want to remind you that they are with you at any moment.

The angels are telling you that you are overflowing with power and energy. If you keep seeing 333, the angels want you to know that it’s time to focus on acknowledging your inner truths. It’s time to head out into the world with more purpose. Number 333 represents growth. This can mean that you are currently in the process of growing, or you are about to enter into something that will kick start it.

The angel number 333 wants you to eliminate the things in your life that are no longer bringing you happiness or pleasure. It may not be the easiest task, but it’s something that must be done sooner rather than later. There will be more love, peace, and harmony in your world, and this will help you achieve a balance. You can reach a balance in your body, mind, and spirit.

If you see 333 while running your errands, driving to work, queuing up at the coffee shop for your morning cup, or while doing your shopping, that means something that will really make you happy is coming your way.

Every once in awhile, they really lay it on me. To this I say, “Thank you Guardians, Guides and Angels. I so very much appreciate your presence in my life!”

…. and just when I looked at the views for the day thus far, I find this … hahaha … thanks again my friends!

Midnight Message

Published June 28, 2020 by tindertender

I woke to find that sometime during the nights rest I had written on a piece of paper “Judaism of the 18th”.

I have a feeling someone is trying to tell me something.

Puzzled, I google the phrase and this is what I find:

The Numerical Significance of Chai

In Judaism, the word “chai” is numerically significant and the number 18 is universally synonymous with this word. Numerically, the words consists of the eighth (8th) and tenth (10th) letters of the Hebrew alphabet Chet (ח) and Yud (י), adding up to eighteen the number 18, which is also the word “Chai”. According to Jewish traditions and scriptures there are prayers, including the Amidah, commonly referred to as “Shmoneh Esreh” (which translates to “the 18”) and refers to the eighteen individual prayers. There is a deep connection drawn upon the word ‘chai’, its meaning ‘life’ and the numerical value of the letters that comprise this word.

Chai (חי) is the Hebrew word for life.


The nineteen blessings are as follows:

  1. Avot (“Ancestors”) – praises of God as the God of the Biblical patriarchs, “God of Abraham, God of Isaac and God of Jacob.
  2. Gevurot (“powers”) – praises God for His power and might. This prayer includes a mention of God’s healing of the sick and resurrection of the dead. It is called also Tehiyyat ha-Metim = “the resurrection of the dead.”
    • Rain is considered as great a manifestation of power as the resurrection of the dead; hence in winter a line recognizing God’s bestowal of rain is inserted in this benediction. Except for many Ashkenazim, most communities also insert a line recognizing dew in the summer.
  3. Kedushat ha-Shem (“the sanctification of the Name”) – praises God’s holiness.
    • During the chazzan’s repetition, a longer version of the blessing called Kedusha is chanted responsively. The Kedusha is further expanded on Shabbat and Festivals.
  4. Binah (“understanding”) – asks God to grant wisdom and understanding.
  5. Teshuvah (“return”, “repentance”) – asks God to help Jews to return to a life based on the Torah, and praises God as a God of repentance.
  6. Selichah – asks for forgiveness for all sins, and praises God as being a God of forgiveness.
  7. Geulah (“redemption”) – asks God to rescue the people Israel.
    • On fast days, the chazzan adds in the blessing Aneinu during his repetition after concluding the Geulah blessing.
  8. Refuah (“healing”) – a prayer to heal the sick.
    • An addition can ask for the healing of a specific person or more than one name. The phrasing uses the person’s Jewish name and the name of their Jewish mother (or Sara immeinu).
  9. Birkat HaShanim (“blessing for years [of good]”) – asks God to bless the produce of the earth.
  10. Galuyot (“diasporas”) – asks God to allow the ingathering of the Jewish exiles back to the land of Israel.
  11. Birkat HaDin (“Justice”) – asks God to restore righteous judges as in the days of old.
  12. Birkat HaMinim (“the sectarians, heretics”) – asks God to destroy those in heretical sects (Minuth), who slander Jews and who act as informers against Jews.
  13. Tzadikim (“righteous”) – asks God to have mercy on all who trust in Him, and asks for support for the righteous.
  14. Boneh Yerushalayim (“Builder of Jerusalem”) – asks God to rebuild Jerusalem and to restore the Kingdom of David.
  15. Birkat David (“Blessing of David”) – asks God to bring the descendant of King David, who will be the messiah.
  16. Tefillah (“prayer”) – asks God to accept our prayers, to have mercy and be compassionate.
    • On fast days, Ashkenazic Jews insert Aneinu into this blessing during Mincha. Sephardic Jews recite it during Shacharit as well.
  17. Avodah (“service”) – asks God to restore the Temple services and sacrificial services.
  18. Hoda’ah (“thanksgiving”) – thanks God for our lives, for our souls, and for God’s miracles that are with us every day.
    • When the chazzan reaches this blessing during the repetition, the congregation recites a prayer called Modim deRabbanan (“the thanksgiving of the Rabbis”).
  19. Sim Shalom (“Grant Peace”) – asks God for peace, goodness, blessings, kindness and compassion. Ashkenazim generally say a shorter version of this blessing at Minchah and Maariv, called Shalom Rav.

Prior to the final blessing for peace, the following is said:

We acknowledge to You, O Lord, that You are our God, as You were the God of our ancestors, forever and ever. Rock of our life, Shield of our help, You are immutable from age to age. We thank You and utter Your praise, for our lives that are delivered into Your hands, and for our souls that are entrusted to You; and for Your miracles that are with us every day and for your marvelously kind deeds that are of every time; evening and morning and noon-tide. Thou art good, for Thy mercies are endless: Thou art merciful, for Thy kindnesses never are complete: from everlasting we have hoped in You. And for all these things may Thy name be blessed and exalted always and forevermore. And all the living will give thanks unto Thee and praise Thy great name in truth, God, our salvation and help. Selah. Blessed be Thou, O Lord, Thy name is good, and to Thee it is meet to give thanks.

2020 = 4

Published January 4, 2020 by tindertender

Written by Rowena McKee,,

2020 numerically is a 4 year. It’s a foundation building year….. physical change, reform, restructure and represents perfection and totality.

This is a year where we have the opportunity spiritually to move into higher Truth….to look at our own divinity, to see our own beauty and the new world that is here. It’s a time to let go of the old world wound of separation and its ways and see the new world, unified Oneness.

The old world dynamics are crumbling and the new world is rising like the Phoenix. There is a whole lot available to us like never before.

It’s about awareness, choices and perspectives.

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