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Flower Of Sound

Published February 3, 2018 by tindertender

Drumming LadyBeautiful flower, she sits and drums with hands. Her hair flows just as free as her spirit coming forth into the room.

Pure joy and happiness fill the air and union takes place with others. A fellowship develops as all drummers and rattlers sinc into balance.

A man gets up and barrels a deep throaty vibrato, his voice sends chills through spines.

A woman rises and begins to move to the sound, flowing as water in a clear running stream.

Sage fills the air, and an energy so rich connects them all. True wealth has nothing to do with paper dollars, and everything to do with this connection.

Seekers will find each other, and no amount of regulation can keep a free spirit down, especially when they reach for one another creating bonds that will never break.

I’ll Stand By You

Published February 16, 2017 by tindertender

This morning I have this song running repeatedly through my mind, and I share it with you, for this is the message I give, which was given to me, and we share … as a whole, this is what will bring us through these dark times.

Let us lift each other, for I know that it is hard, and it may seem that we have an impossible mountain to climb, yet it is NOT impossible, when we hold each other tight and become the unstoppable.


A Knowing ~ At 45 Minutes Of Prayer

Published November 26, 2016 by tindertender

Image result for pictures of enfolding and fillingMuch like the air, we are within you and also without you. It sounds like duality, yet it is simply an enfolding and a filling up.

This is Life.

Everything seen as duality follows this same model of explanation.

I must say, I recognized the air within and without, yet I did not visualize it as an enfolding and a filling up before just now. It is Total Union. There is nothing separate, although there are those who would want you to believe it. Their perceived power comes from this illusion, and when you believe it, you relinquish your Brilliant Light and succumb to the will of another.

Take back your power. It is yours, and this Union is your right.


Veterans Are Self-Deploying To Protect Those At Standing Rock

Published November 25, 2016 by tindertender

Image result for united veterans for standing rock photoDear Veterans,

I know you have experience and are seasoned for war. I cannot help but be concerned though, as these abusers and oppressors will most likely not hold back, even for you.

I am certain you have thought of this and will be prepared. You have seen their gear. I pray for you. I honor you for standing up for the people, and for coming to the good fight.

When you get there … if they do hold off and wait for you to leave, please think of this …

As a young person, I was abused by “babysitters”.  I would tell my mom and she would confront the sitter … much like you are about to do. The sitter would deny, act all sweet. As soon as my parent left for the weekend party, I was abused greater than before because I spoke up. Time and time again … Later, I had a boyfriend, prince charming for the first year. The following three were hell as he beat me repeatedly, always sure to leave no marks so he could maintain his ‘innocence’. I  nearly lost my life to this person.

This is no different. You too have suffered, greater than I.

Please stay with them. You have the footage telling you the truth. They need you now more than ever. I am not a warrior, but I will indeed pray for you all, I will shed tears for you all, I will pray for the world and the health of the planet and all life it holds.

I will also do other things in preparation, to the capacity I am able.
Someday, perhaps we will meet.

The gofundme campaign for the veterans’ event raised $43,870 of its $100,000 goal in just 10 days. They will use the money to provide transportation, food, and supplies for the volunteer veterans. The event page reads:

‘It’s time to display that honor, courage and commitment we claim to represent. It’s time for real patriots. Now more than ever, it’s time for anyone and everyone to lead.’

Clark said they are shooting for 500 veterans to attend:

‘I’m going for religious reasons. I’m not a leader. I’m not in charge. We are self-organizing this. (But) if we only have 20 or 30, that’s what God provides us.’

Clark was deeply touched when an elder from Standing Rock told him what was happening:

‘When she described what was going on, it brought tears to my eyes. People are concerned about the way the elders who are praying are being brutalized, and what we are doing to the planet.’

Veterans across the country have heard the call of this event. Veteran Marine Jade Emilio Snell said:

‘I’ve been watching the news, how they’re spraying everybody and using rubber bullets, and these guys are fighting for what they believe in and as a veteran we took an oath. We’re not just there to protect Americans in foreign countries. We’re here to protect this country inside of it, too.’

The veteran’s operation order reads:

‘In the ultimate expression of alliance, we are there to put our bodies on the line, no matter the physical cost, in complete nonviolence to provide a clear representation to all Americans of where evil resides.’

‘The water protectors are leading the way against this same evil which we must all face globally, saving ourselves and our children from the apocalyptic outcome.’

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