She’s My Sister

Published September 20, 2022 by tindertender

“She isn’t a kind person” he said.

I do not agree.

She is beautiful, inside and out.

She is not a door mat, or an inexperienced, untested girl who needs to be “led”.

She’s a survivor who has raised good men and women.

She is a nurturer, with skills others lack.

She most certainly IS kind.

She is there when others need her.

She is strong.

She is one who needs a partner, not a master.

She is my sister.

Don’t forget it.

And don’t bring your shit talk of her to my door.


Every new note creates a beautiful memory. 
Time and space fall away like leaves. 
We may have pain, but we are beautiful energy. 
We got a gift, we got love, let it go.

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