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She’s My Sister

Published September 20, 2022 by tindertender

“She isn’t a kind person” he said.

I do not agree.

She is beautiful, inside and out.

She is not a door mat, or an inexperienced, untested girl who needs to be “led”.

She’s a survivor who has raised good men and women.

She is a nurturer, with skills others lack.

She most certainly IS kind.

She is there when others need her.

She is strong.

She is one who needs a partner, not a master.

She is my sister.

Don’t forget it.

And don’t bring your shit talk of her to my door.


Every new note creates a beautiful memory. 
Time and space fall away like leaves. 
We may have pain, but we are beautiful energy. 
We got a gift, we got love, let it go.

Sacred Woman

Published October 8, 2020 by tindertender

Self love, self care is so important. Without it, we simply look for its supply from outside ourselves, and most often left wanting.

We’ve been played against each other for so long, vying for the love of the masculine. Pulled sometimes into love of the feminine for the lack we discover elsewhere.

It is plain that true lack is on the inside. We’ve forgotten how to deeply love our self, so busy have we been at sending love and support to those outside our self … we have left WE behind, and many times look at each other as though we are enemy.

It’s a game you see.

If the feminine can be separated, then true healing, true nurturing cannot occur, for it is the woman who does this.

If she is lacking herself, and if there is no sisterhood to support her, then her cup will run empty and the whole world suffers.

It is time to leave behind that viscous vampire that demands so much yet gives so little, to none.

The roses are in bloom, yet many rose bushes are bare, no flowers appear there. The woman has been convinced to clip her own flower, giving it to the masculine, where it dies in short form … requiring the clipping of yet another one of her beautiful flowers, where the cycle repeats. This has been an intentional manipulation by those who know the power of women and their healing abilities.

They desire a sick world, with sick and unstable people, because it is that world which is easily controlled.

The feminine must nurture and heal herself. She must band with her sisters, leaving behind the desire for love from that which destroys, replacing that need, for a time, with her own deep love.

Bringing health to self, she will then be able to bring health to the whole. Mending the aspects of masculinity, healing our ailing sisters, so that all roses bloom, so that the love we seek will actually be present and healthy.

At this time, the only thing we will find is more who wish to suck our vibrancy until they’ve had their fill and discard us without helping replenish what they’ve taken.

Spiritually speaking, we are lacking, severely. It is only we who can turn it around.

My sisters, the women who nurture, who mend, who heal … it is time to reconnect with the deepest self love you can muster. Your cup must be filled, and in these times it is you who must fill it.

Let all else rest for a while as you nurture yourself and fill your cup. The men will be fine, the ‘friends’ will be fine, although they will make a ruckus. They’ve been used to you filling their cups, leaving no thing for yourself. When you start to retain goodness for self, they will reject the idea of you embracing you. Most will demand that you stop, and continue feeding the beast … their own selfish needs.

Our sexual energy is not for gratification alone. This energy builds worlds … the world of (y)our choice, or the world of another’s choice.

We’ve gone from being “of service to the people” to being “servant”.

Claim your power, your energy. You will need to be operating at maximum force for what is coming.

We need you healed (not heeled). We need you whole, your cup full to the point of overflow. It is this overflow which will heal others, indeed, the whole of the world. And when necessary, when the cup begins to empty once more, it will be for healing the sick and ailing energies of this world … the people, the animals, the plants, GAIA, our Mother.

It is the women that hold it all together.

Let us stop allowing the controllers to pit us one against the other.

It is this division that allows the most harm be done to our world.

This is our responsibility.

We shucked this responsibility for the promise of love. The promise of love that turned out to be manipulation and a form of slavery. (Many times, some have been fortunate and still bloom in love. Let them not leave their sisters behind, the sickness is growing).

We must bring emotional, energetic love back to self, reeling in all energies which are scattered, claiming them as our birthright, filling our own cup until it runneth over, spilling healthy, happy and whole into this depleted world.

You (We) are the healer.

You (We) are the nurturer.

Heal and nurture self, and the whole world will benefit.

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