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Geometric Language, Base of all Creation in this Time Matrix

Published July 9, 2019 by tindertender

The Hexagram 6-Point star Partiki Pattern is a mathematical, geometric language that is at the base of all creation within this Time Matrix. In order to manifest anything inside of this digital platform, it must first be based on this Scalar Language.

Think of it like an operating platform for a computer or video console.

Manifesting in this reality field has become more complicated since other beings from different star systems set up a reality-within-a-reality in order to keep the human population out of focus and unable to fully engage their thought-processing abilities.

Because this 15 Level Time Matrix functions on the HEXagram Scalar Science language, you will find this signet code at the base of all “magic spells” being hexed.

Though you will see other Scalar Codes at work later in order to command the aether to make something appear that is their distorted reality.

The other Scalar Science at work in order to create the outer reality that you are able to see in this Chimera Reality is the Pentagram Metatron Weasadek Phantom Matrix Scalar Science.

I will show you exactly how that science was scientifically put into place later in this paper. These alien codes piggyback on the energy created by the Hexagram, then turn that energy signature into a different platform by which the picture appears on your screen.

Think of this as the facehugger from the movie Alien. Symbols are not just pictures, they are letters from an alphabet you have never been introduced to until now.

Excerpt from mission guide’s 1st PDF book, “Decoding The Hive”. Available through

See It, Not Speak It

Published May 21, 2019 by tindertender

Imagine an object in your mind … an orange, a couch, whatever… see the details … but refrain from using a word, even in the silence of your mind. Just. See. It.

See a thing and work on NOT having to “name” it. Words are used in creation, some call it “casting spells”, are you able to refrain?

In the practice it is best to work with pictures. If there happens to be a word spelled out the mind will say it.

The language has been jumbled to the point the aethers cannot understand what is being requested. This mixed up language is used in translation all over the world, hence, often, what is intended is showing up as the opposite, or completely unintended.

An example of the wording: Two, too, to – Real, reel – Four, fore, for – hair, hare – great, grate – sight, site, cite – right, rite – lime, Lyme – and all the many meanings of the word ‘fine’ … just to name a few, you get the picture. The aether cannot distinguish these things, therefore it is of benefit to exercise the skill of ‘seeing’ and relaying the information without the utilization of words.

The clearest way to Manifestation is to visualize without naming, and then fill that vision with the feeling of love. No words.

This is the message … I’ve only begun practicing.

I have discovered that my mind is consistently trying to ‘name’ everything. The mind is fully capable of recognition without words. Train your mind to do ‘something different’, rule it, rather than be ruled by it. (Goals).

Interesting to see how firmly the habit of internal ‘talk’ has engrained itself, all very quietly, behind the scenes in the mind.

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