Softly, Softly, The Tender Touch

Published November 10, 2021 by tindertender

When we are at a point in life where we want to attain greater things, but don’t necessarily have a proportionally greater supply of energy at our disposal, it is time to work smarter rather than harder. This is the way of feminine wisdom.

However, a cultural ignorance of the feminine way currently prevails. We are generally taught that the more force we use, the more we try to make things happen, the more we will achieve. The feminine way is not about force. Nor is it about driving, striving, pushing or grabbing at what we can in order to create. It is about inviting what we wish for to come into the space we have provided for it – internally and in our lives. This method cultivates more energy, causes less stress and attracts what is desired. It is manifestation by invitation rather than by will or force.

There is an old story that the sun and the wind were debating about who was more powerful. After boasting about their prowess, they made a wager. A man walked down the street with a coat on. The wind and the sun decided whomever could force the coat off the man, was the most powerful. It blew and blew and caught underneath the coat, pulling it and nearly ripping it right off the man! But the man wrapped his coat around himself more tightly to protect himself against the force of the wind. Eventually, perhaps temporarily put off, the wind gave up. The sun took over. He shone down, becoming brighter and brighter until the man slipped off his coat, slung it over his shoulder and walked down the street – quite possibly wondering what was happening with the weather that day.

The wind attempted to do by force what the sun was able to do by being. You are being asked to surrender your forcefulness, your determination and your intense activity – even if it is just for this moment. Does this mean you have to surrender the goals you were chasing through those endeavors? Certainly not! This is not about letting go of achievement. It is about understanding the process of manifestation in a more intelligent way. There is a way of creating that gives you energy and doesn’t leave you utterly worn out. It is about allowing what you want to come to you. Be yourself absolutely, naturally and with ease, shine your light and allow your presence to invite that which you wish to receive. It is about cultivating an energetic affinity with what you seek, rather than feelings of lack and need. Do you see the subtle but important difference?

To feel that you are already a naturally abundant being who gratefully invites more of what you want into your life, is rather different to feeling lack, fear and wishing your world would change. It is a bit like dressing for the job you want, even if it is not yet the job you have. You energetically embody what you wish to attract more of in your life. Like attracts like!

You don’t need to push quite so hard to receive what is naturally coming to you. Your ‘push’ comes from a place of uncertainty over whether or not you will succeed. You need to relax and have more faith in yourself. All things come in time – rightfully and according to a great loving wisdom. You are not immune to this. You shall have your time and shine, too. Rebel against any voice of fear, within you or around you, that tells you otherwise!

It is okay to become softer, to feel the energy of what you wish to attract into your life, and to act (as much as you can) as though it is already that way. You are not fantasizing or daydreaming or failing to live ‘in the real world’ if you do this. You are actually working with the feminine art of manifestation through gentle beingness and attraction. As you soften into becoming what you are seeking, what you wish for will not be able to resist your shining, inviting presence.

You have been working very, very hard. You have learned much and accomplished much but it is now time to change your approach. Let go of any force in your approach to creation now. Everything serves a purpose and learning the benefits and limitations of the more forceful way of manifestation through effort and willpower was a useful lesson. However, if you were to continue with that approach it would stop working for you, because you are now beginning to create on a far grander scale that is beyond what an individual can manifest through willpower alone. You are individually creating through your healing and art, but also contributing globally to a new consciousness through your own spiritual growth.

You are part of a global healing manifestation process! You are – through your way of being in the world – helping birth a new awareness. This new way will heal the human heart and bring it back into balance with nature. This is essential for the human soul to survive, flourish and to co-operatively nurture the earth rather than destroy her natural resources. You may or may not be consciously aware of the extent to which this new way of manifesting through receiving rather than taking can actually help all of humanity, but nonetheless, it is playing an important role in greater human evolution. It is the power of attraction, or magnetism, rather than that of striving and force that will replenish your energy and restore your body, mind and heart after your struggle. This change in approach will encourage the shift from head to heart that is essential for your individual wellbeing and for the greater human evolution. You need to heal so that you can help the world to heal. Does this give you absolute permission now, in your own mind, to take an easier approach to your sacred, rebellious, creative manifestation?

Healing process ::
I shine like the sun – radiant with grace – and all that I desire, comes to me according to perfect timing. I relax, believe and receive. Through unconditional love, this is now so.

Artwork by Autumn Skye Morrison

Sacred Rebels oracle, by Alana Fairchild

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