Focused Intent ~ Words Create

Published January 29, 2021 by tindertender

Stubborn Will is not the same as Skillful Will. Insisting on “saying what I want to” is not always wise, especially if one is not accustomed to the way the Universe “hears” the words.

Too often we speak of what we do not want, at least I have, and still do at times.

If we say we cannot lose this or that, or if we say we no longer want this or that in our lives … it is exactly the “this or that” we will receive.

So, while insisting on the freedom of speech, to use our speech wisely is key.

Flipping the verbiage to positive as in, “I will win this” or better yet, “I have won this” ….. well, making the switch takes conscious effort AND practice.

Consistency is key.

Results do not appear quickly, typically. Focus and a determined vision of outcome is required. The Universe is funny that way, it is as though we are asked, “Are you sure?”, as awaiting period ensues to see if we fall back into habitual patterns … and all too often we do.

I am currently retraining myself on speaking, every time I do affirmations or prayer.

Habitual patterns, taught to me by those who saw only lack in their lives created the same in me. Going to FLIP this!! I AM flipping this!!!

Abundance is coming to me in a most surprising way, and I gratefully accept it.

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