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Once In A Blue Moon Moments

Published April 19, 2019 by tindertender

The second Libra Full Moon in a row took place in the wee hours, at 4:11am PDT; so, if you need a once-in-a-blue-moon moment, here it is. A Blue Moon is two Full Moons in a row in the same sign in a single calendar month. Most modern astrologers, however, call the second of any two Full Moons in the same sign in a row a Blue Moon even if the month changes. My interpretation of the value of such a lunation is that is akin to a crash course, or immersion experience, in the archetype in question; in this case, Libra. We are being given not one, but two opportunities, to celebrate the way we understand that life reflects our consciousness. This sign is Venus ruled and represents the side of her nature that is interested in love and relationships. Of course, it goes much deeper than that, as Libra is where we understand the sacred mirror, the universal law that states that everything you experience in the outside world is a direct reflection of the consciousness perceiving it. Yours.

Here is the good news: Everything is a reflection of your consciousness. Everything you experience in your environment is what you believe the world has to offer you, what you deserve, and can receive. Here is the bad news: Everything is a reflection of your consciousness. Everything you experience in your environment is of your own creation, and therefore only you can shift and change it. Libra invented this concept, and, as the first sign in the upper half of the natural zodiac wheel – the portion that lifts up from the personal experience to how we relate to the world around us – this is the mansion where we first learn how to relate to the outside world.

This particular Full Moon may have some bumps that come along with it, but great benefit will assuredly be part of anything right now that feels difficult. Remember that over in Capricorn, we have the ongoing gathering of Pluto, Saturn and the South Node. This powerhouse stelium combines death, kharma and our attachments to the past, in a wave of transformation that we are moving through collectively. This pattern has long term implications that we will all be following with great interest over the next two years or so. But for the current moment, there is great change on tap at the personal level, and an opportunity to dig in deep and release anything and everything that might be holding you back from inhabiting your life and your embodiment more fully. We are in a Cardinal Grand Cross with this Full Moon, a pattern that has the strength to move the immovable, and much is changing, and quite dramatically.

A Full Moon is an Opposition. Oppositions can be quite dynamic and even exhilarating. Two bodies in Opposition to each other absolutely must interact. Anything that divides that Opposition up into two smaller chunks changes the dynamic of the transit completely. In this case, our Conscious Awareness (Sun) and our Unconscious Mind (Moon) are both being hit by this demand for change, in an absolutely unavoidable manner. It is already happening and unfolding, so don’t read that and look for the other shoe to drop. And please move past the fear of, “oh that sounds like bad things are going to happen.” Bad things are always happening. How we respond to them is the measure of our consciousness. Trust that anything that is dropping away from your life right now – or being yanked out of your life through death or death-like abandonment – is leaving because you demanded greater change and transformation in your life.

On the side of this lunation is a meeting between Mercury and Chiron in Aries, and in close proximity there is Venus in Pisces. These three are near enough to be vibrating the heck out of each other, so there is the potential for clarity and awareness (Mercury), to combine with love that’s overflowing (Venus) to generate a deep healing (Chiron). Nice mix, right? Remember that Mercury just spent a bunch of time sweeping back through the second half of the Pisces mansion, and doing work on the level of the unconscious. That which is unconscious really is not knowable; that’s what it is to be unconscious. As Mercury moves around the zodiac over the next few months, he will be helping us all discover and integrate what we learned during his backward journey. The first stop is here, with love and healing in tow, this group of planets pulls on the Moon in the 150-degree angle known as the Inconjunct, or the Great Eliminator.

Remember that all Full Moons are about gratitude and release. Spend some time in contemplation of the beauty that your life already reflects. You can’t create anything new until you are celebrating what already is. And since this Full Moon is all about your relationships, never forget that the whole world is your Beloved. You are always relating to others and the world, and how they show up to you is a direct reflection of your consciousness, not theirs. And for the flip side, this particular Full Moon has a tremendous amount of support for the release portion of moment what with the cardinal grand cross and the fork in the road led by Mercury. If ever there were a moment when it was time to put the focus on yourself in order to shift how the world reflects back at you, this is it. Let go courageously, find the gratitude for how the world is already reflecting herself to you, and from this place, we can expand into greatness.

~ Michael Lennox

The Moon, A Command Module

Published April 19, 2019 by tindertender

The moon, (Luna) called the Lunar Earth Command Module because it is literally the headquarters of all the day-to-day management of surface-earth, plays into the effects of melatonin which is created by the pineal gland. So does the black sun.

It has been shown in studies that the light waves of the sun literally shut off production of melatonin.

Luna wasn’t placed there by Marduk just as a floating mobile office to pull levers on the hologram; it sets the circadian rhythm by regulating the flows of the tide (electromagnetic energy discharge-rhythm that powers the surface of the planet).

By sloshing the waters, the friction blends the oxygen from the lighter water above with the heavy water below, releasing the crystal energy into the oceans much faster than it would otherwise. This artificially increases gravitational push.

The sun shuts off the melatonin production of the body, then the moon sets the circadian rhythm to further force you to have to sleep each day in order to keep up with the flashline sequence set by the sun. Think bionic hamster wheel.

Known of as Enki now, was originally known of as EA. EA is a title, or office that holds domain over the earth’s waters. EA is the genius (at least as clever as reptilians can be anyway) supposedly father of Marduk (but seem to be the same being), and his specialty is energy and technology. He is now known also as Poseidon and Neptune and the reason is simple; because all the usable energy on this planet comes from the bottom of the ocean. Both the ocean and the sea are named after him because of this.

It was his son who hung Luna (parked the biosphere above our heads) who set up the commands in the Module to work directly with the ocean energy currents (as in electrical currents) to distort the pulse-rate of organic circadian rhythm to cause brain-fog, a result of melatonin starvation.

The word Lunatic literally comes from Luna, the command module.

Decoder @EmeraldLawofOne

The Moon, “Life-Zone”, and Recycle

Published April 17, 2019 by tindertender

Here’s another bit of info from Decoder @EmeraldLawofOne.
I’m wondering … if the humans goal is to leave the “Life-Zone” upon death, would they not be trapped by the false light of the moon and then
“mind-wiped” and sent back for recycle?

The moon is not what you think. There are multiple races of beings who live inside the moon and it is their job to run the planet earth. Human man has never been to the moon, regardless of the countless testimonies from astronauts and SSP agents who claim otherwise.

It is a hyper-hostile environment for humans, as it is beyond the actual fading edge of their playing field which has now become their captivity and enslavement plane, meaning it is outside of the life-zone of earth, so humans are unable to physically go there, no matter how badly they want to. ETs can go there, and then act like they are humans and report to you how fantastic it is to be there, enticing humans to leave their life-zone and die. It is an ACT and nothing more.

Embrace The Earth, Moon, and Stars

Published August 1, 2018 by tindertender

At what point will you stop punishing yourself for anothers lack of empathy? Your actions were valid, your intentions unselfish, your heart pure. If someone else is unwilling to place themselves in your position and attempt to understand the situation from your perspective, they do not have authority to dictate whether or not your actions were valid. Stop pining after them, let them go … and if they are attached to someone you love and influencing their thoughts of the situation, if necessary, you’ll need to let them go as well.

Photo by Luca Bravo

Windless What, Windless What, What Will Be Will Be.

What was shared last night is significant … know that the energies are quite high and intense. If you are not aware of it yet, you soon will be for your body and mind will be rocked with it.

Believe that your hopes are able to be birthed, believe in the ‘magic’ of creation and your part in it … what seems impossible is not, it is completely doable … have faith. A new day is coming. Today … begin the journey right now, do not hesitate. Trust in yourself and your intuition for knowing what, when, how, when and why. Act upon that which is not only for your highest interest, but that of others as well. Proceed Mighty One. Within you is the sun and the moon, the seasons of the sky and the earth, that which grows here of plant matter and all forms of flesh … heed their message, listen to your dreams, pay attention to this merger for in it is capacity for healing. The unfiltered truth will come to you when most still, between wakefulness and sleep, or in sleep itself. Learn to interpret the messages, listen to what they tell you, pay close attention to how they make you feel. Learn who you are, and who you wish to be.

Lilith ~ Black Moon Rising

Published July 30, 2018 by tindertender

Black Moon Lilith

I woke early morning with the “story” of Lilith being told in mind …

She chose another besides the ‘owner’ who would have her. This ‘owner’ was furious! He took her chosen love from her and told her if she signed a contract stating he would receive 15 to 35 % of everything they had and everything they ever would have she, and her lover, would be free. She threw that contract back at him, refusing  … there is no price tag on Love!

I got out of bed and investigated the stars and signs. Black Moon Lilith is rising August 6th. She wants her story told.

We see fires burning out of control all over the world, the planet is being destroyed. Geoengineering has sprayed so many chemicals into the air and soil, the plant life has absorbed it all and has become tinder, which when lit burns HOT like a zinc filled candle wick.

This one who wanted to possess her knows the time is coming in which she and her love will be reunited, and he is doing his utmost to destroy the earth so they are left with nothing.

His days are coming to an end … and what he destroys will be rebirthed.

Get over your damned self, you self proclaimed god. Everything you have touched has been poisoned. You need to leave.

The lies you have spread of Lilith and the destruction you have wreaked on planet, life and love are rebuked, and so are you.

Coming Event ~ The Waning Moon Cycle

Published July 29, 2018 by tindertender

Darkness rises in sheets through the mind.
Wave after wave it moves upward, and out.


Listening to he sound of Shamanic drums and humming, eyes closed, I saw the waning crescent of the moon (which could also have been the last quarter, just a day prior). I am considering something of intense value will occur on these two days of the 5th and 6th of August.

It is going to be significant

August 5, 2018:  watch communications; Divine Inspiration; Mercury retrograde day (Moon square Mercury)

August 6th, 2018: @ 2:54 am ET – Black Moon enters Aquarius and begins conjunction with Mars; 7:28 pm ET Venus enters Libra and begins transit opposite Chiron – huge day, strong energy

The old cycle ends and the new one is near. Think things over, contemplate and complete anything remaining. Think of what you need to banish, such as relationships or projects that are no longer serving you or that you have lost interest in, as you prepare for new seeds with the start of the next cycle.

I love the weekend when I can work the soil, feel the breeze, and simply BE with whatever shows up in mind. It is nice to have the break between weekly work cycles to connect steadily for a couple days with Spirit.

There is an ebb and flow of information, coupled with long held wariness of the unknown. It is quite interesting how it melds together and then separates once more. If someone had suggested I would have the understanding I do today 16 years ago I would have found it hard to believe. I also know there is so much more to learn.

Time is speeding up and knowledge is pouring forth more quickly now. There is an intensity which shows there is urgent need for comprehension … which is why I am grateful to have this time without distraction, to listen, to feel, to learn.

I cannot say what will occur in early August, I can only tell of the hint of it. And so, I wait, and with anticipation I pay attention to every detail.

Moon Phases August 2018–meanings.html

Moon Walk

Published July 17, 2018 by tindertender
Photo by Neven Krcmarek

We walked along and he showed me the place where a mighty river once flowed. I asked him about the water, he said there was none. The river bed was dry and dusty, lined with a white powder-like substance. It looked as though a volcano had erupted and spread ash everywhere. I have the distinct impression this is the moon.

I am brought to a circle of people. Many of them rise and reach out to shake my hand. Two males gave me a hug, the second resting his hand on the side of my rib cage, a little too close to my right breast. This is when they all seemed to be removed from my presence.

I am reminded of one who said, “We have lost so much.” I wish to assist but the impression I’m left with from the one in the group who was a little too friendly, leaves me a wary.

All beings deserve to be healthy and happy, but not at the expense of others. Should those who are without decide they will climb the backs of other life to get what they want, then they are not worthy of having what they want, for in their willingness to destroy to get it, it becomes obvious they would destroy that which they attain.

And here … I am reminded of the state of the earth and what government and corporations have fostered through time.

Who are the true destroyers? Who is telling the real history?

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