Let’s Talk About The Moon

Published May 9, 2022 by tindertender

By: https://twitter.com/92michael?s=21

Earths moon is not actually an earth satellite. It is from else where. It was formerly a satellite of a moon of mars. In an ancient war a space weapon was detonated. The blast from this blew the atmosphere off of mars and blasted the moon across a small section of space where it was caught up by the earths gravity pull and became attached to the earth. This flight path was also an assisted flight. The race of hominids that lived on mars used it as a life raft after loosing the war.

This race of beings then started the 1st age of man on earth. This story is told in Veda Hindu scriptures as the descent of Lord Shiva.

So after the moon was placed, this race built massive glass towers on its surface to act as space debris absorbers. The type of glass that is made from moon silica is 10x harder than steel. It makes an excellent impact absorbing media. The towers attract meteors.

This is why the moon has so many impact craters. Its the earths shield. But there’s still even more to this story.

Before the moon was in the earths atmosphere. The earths orbit was situated so that it didn’t experience any seasonal variation. The then north and South Pole were not located where the are today. The earth was a more stable planet.

When the moon became attached to the earth it caused all kinds of havoc to the earths crust and this disruption became known as the passing of the 1st age of man. Or the end of the 1st golden age. The poles shifted and the oceans roared across the land.

So, when you look up at the moon consider that it is an alien moon, not earths moon. And that it is apart of an extremely complex story.

Our Galaxy is entering a new area of space where the energies are not compatible with the older technology.


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