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Tricksters Expose Themselves

Published January 10, 2021 by tindertender

I have worked in the printing industry for 30 years. I shuffle paper and numbers.

Now why would this facility be looking at my LinkedIn profile? I’ll tell you why. Because the people in my head are REAL people and they are intrigued by my mental faculties. Lol. Doesn’t that just figure.

What I find particularly intriguing this evening is how many views my blog has received from Belgium, 19 visits! Usually … and very rarely I might add … there is one view from here. Quite interesting that the two mentioned factions are so interested in me at this time … even more interesting is what is said telepathically.

Voyeurs … preaching about ethics. That’s funny. Hilarious even.

Becoming the Programmer

Published January 10, 2021 by tindertender

The minds of humanity have been programmed by the unseen for millennia. The angel on one shoulder, the devil on the other. Temptation, allowing free will choice.

The use of occult knowledge has allowed some in the hidden realms to rule over the minds of humanity. It is fortified by those in the seen using television and radio to set in mind a reality which they desire to see come to fruition.

It is time for humanity to manage their own programming, through affirmation, mantras, and solid intention … coming from the heart.

Turning off the television, the “programming” we’ve been absorbing our whole lives.

This morning I decided to take a wonderful bath. I took it with my crystals, which are magnifiers of intention.

My intention is to program my cellular structure with LOVE … magnified.

Since we know that our minds have been programmed by the unseen, it is time not only to take charge of our own programming … but to reprogram the programmer in the occult world.

We are powerful when we set our intentions. Why do you think it is critical for those in “power” to keep us dumbed down and feeling like shit about ourselves? Why do you think we’ve been “programmed” to give away our power to a human, sacrificed?

It is because of our inherent, HUMAN, abilities to reformat and shape reality.

Now, those in power want us to fight each other, to be distracted by our so-called differences … race, place on the economic ladder, and the position we hold on the scale of knowledge.

Honestly … we are the same. None of that which we’ve been fighting each other over even matters!

What matters is our willingness, and ability, to recognize the greatness within Self.

It is time to reprogram the programmers.

The feminine is honored and respected. Her Creator womb is sought and cherished with great vigor. Her freedoms are honored, and protected by the Divine Masculine. He ensures that no harm comes to her, and he is always tempered when faced with her Divine Will. Rather than force her to bend to his wishes, he works hand in hand with her to birth the best of both worlds … the Divine Feminine and Masculine, together, as one unit. Equally valued, on a par, embraced and whole.

The tempter stops the tempting … duality merges and what is left is balance. None higher than another, none more valued or honored than another … through connectedness, stability is birthed.

Be the programmer.

Create a world you long to see, start with creating in Self what you long to be.

I praise Self (your name here) for I Am Healthy, right now.

I praise Self (your name here) for I Am Wealthy, right now.

I praise Self (your name here) for I have my spacious house in the forest, right now.

I praise Self (your name here) for I Am courageous, right now.

That’s right, praise yourself in mantra. Praise yourself, and see the result in the Now Moment. Existing now …. if not yet materialized, on its way to you, now.

When you get comfortable with that, when you start to feel the results … the satisfaction being born in your heart, begin to reprogram the unseen.

Give the programmers a run for their money. Challenge those who’ve had authority over the manipulation and control of your mind and life.

Rewrite the world, rewrite yourself.

Forget what parents and peers have taught you. Leave behind the mind that has been formatted by this world … your mind is not this world. You were … before your body was even born, before this world became your mind.

Thanks be to those who have helped me understand this. Thanks be to those who so freely and graciously share insights, allowing others to wake and morph, right along with them.

Bless the Peacemakers.

Bless those who rise to the challenge of Creatorship.

Bless those who have determined that loving Self is equally important to loving others.

Never crap on yourself because you want to assist another. You must honor Self and come from this place. Do not weaken Self to help another …. all you will be doing is creating two weaknesses. You must be empowered in order to assist another in becoming empowered.

Bless you as you discover (if you haven’t already) that Self is important, your first love in this life … and it should always remain your first love.

Self love, self respect, honoring self … is NOT selfish. It is a necessity if we wish to see humanity empowered.

We heal Self, and from this space we can assist others in healing.

Play the role of “savior” is not the way. Throwing your sacred life away will not help anyone.

Empower Self.

Show the world how it is done.

My new brother has written a book that I would like to offer here. Please contact him through DM at the below link if you’d like a copy of his E-book. He is a teacher of children, and also a guide for adults who seek to become the Programmer of their own lives.



Published January 9, 2021 by tindertender

Whatever you meet on the inner path has a lesson for you. Whatever it may be, its there to teach you about yourself.

There is a lesson in every encounter.

It’s important to have your inner instinct on watch, not to block your sense of trust, more to be in line with trusting your deeper sense of intuition.

If the being presents itself in shadow form, its an opportunity to look at what shadows you hold that may need befriending and releasing.

If the being presents as a wondrous enlightened being, yet the image is unstable or something feels off, it’s an opportunity to learn discernment and see beyond the tricksters game.

When something is in alignment with your higher heart, your whole being will relax in response and you won’t even need to question it.


Art: unknown as yet


Published January 9, 2021 by tindertender

“This world operates through polarities and pairings that both oppose and complement each other and humans are no exception. The heart beats with two sides, the lungs double up to breathe, breasts hang side by side and the testicles as well. The eyes and ears watch and listen from two sides of the same face and many have been known to speak out of both sides of their mouths. Sometimes one hand doesn’t know what the other is doing and most of us suffer inner conflicts and are often at odds with ourselves.

A person is both a unity and an opposition, so is a marriage and so are most social relationships as well. A whole society works that way, with opposing political parties and with upper classes looking down on those trying to move up in the world. Each thing carries its own shadow and the inner oppositions in people repeatedly become reflected in outer conflicts that are even harder to get a handle on. Whatever we refuse to face within us will become a collective fate in the world around us. The wise come to know their own inner conflicts, while the unwise keep insisting that all the trouble is the fault of others.”

The Mind

Published January 9, 2021 by tindertender

From a perspective, problems don’t exist. It is when the mind decides that it is a problem that creates a problematic experience. Problems are in a way created by the observer who puts itself into making something a problem. This is the nature of a polarized state of mind.

We are the instrument of ourselves.

Allow your awareness to dissolve into nothingness and witness the actuality of what IS.

The only one that can rock your boat is you, and the only one that can make your boat still is you. You are all that exists.

To be in the observer state towards the mind is to be in the observer state towards the world, because the mind is the world and the world is the mind.

If the world didn’t exist, how would you be? What would your mind be like? This question allows you to discover your origin state, before you knew anything at all, before the world became your mind, before your vessel was born at all. Let go of everything and return.

There is always so much more beyond what you have experienced.

If there is infinite experiences of infinite kinds, then that means there are infinite ways to know ourself, which also means we barely know the entirety of ourselves.

Mastering neutralness within yourself is priceless. If you can be neutral towards all within, you will go beyond everything.

For example, let’s say you have some kind of uncomfortable feeling, instead of viewing it as bad, be neutral towards it. You can even alchemize it and make it something you see as good, no matter what it is.

Flow with the ocean, with no resistance. Be one with the flow of life.

Master the uncomfortableness by being comfortable with being uncomfortable, embrace it fully, become one with it! Do this by mastering the ability to remain completely calm, in which is also done through detachment and being centred within. Unleash your SUPER self 😜

You are the master of yourself, you are the master of your reality. KNOW THIS.

The greatest part of self love is being able to say “I love being me!”

Source: https://twitter.com/gianniprovz?s=21

Oracle Reading 1-9-2021

Published January 9, 2021 by tindertender

Trust Your Talents in Changing Times ~ Stay alert as change is in the air ~ You are equipped with all you need to survive this shift.

Trust In Higher Forces ~ Trust in your angels, guides, and ancestors. If you have given your power away, claim it back ~ There are spiritual allies working in your favor and their miracles will unfold much more easily when you move into a state of trust.

Trust Your Instincts ~ Trust the powerful animal spirit within to learn more about yourself and your talents ~ Its important to connect with how you really feel, how you want to feel, and what you really need.

Shift Your Perception ~ Change the way you think and you will change your whole reality ~ You are being guided to recognize that not all you see is exactly the way you see it. Open your eyes and your mind, go beyond any limits you have set for yourself and recognize that the way you see the world is how you will experience the world.

Follow the Voice of your Soul ~ Heed the messages coming directly from your soul ~ There is a deeper purpose to your human journey. You were born to be a bright light in the world. You are being drawn towards a road that will not only light you up, but also help you light up your corner of the world.

Let Go of the Need to Be Right ~ Choose peace and happiness over the need to be right. Rather than trying to prove a point, save your energy for what is important ~ There’s a Warrior within you that wants to rise up, prove your point and get the truth across. But you are being reminded by ancestor wisdom that truth will always be revealed in the end.

Exchange Energy to Create Abundance ~ Make connections and exchange information, talents or support ~ The universe operates under the law of cause and effect. If you are lacking the feelings of abundance at this time, you are being invited to share your time, your gifts and your understanding with others.

Reading from the deck “Angels and Ancestors” oracle cards created by Kyle Gray

Acknowledging Emotion

Published January 9, 2021 by tindertender

The child who is taught that their emotions do not matter, becomes the adult who struggles with acknowledging their feelings.

The child will become the adult who lacks emotional awareness. Who does not know what emotion feels like in their body. Will feel emotions like it’s their first time experiencing it, every time.

Imagine that you’re filling water in a glass. Water is your emotions, the glass is your body.

Someone who doesn’t have good emotional awareness will only see the problem when the water finally overflows, and *not* when it’s dangerously reaching the brim.

The child will become the adult who holds their emotions in until a faint breeze comes in that makes them break.

The adult will end up getting trapped in this cycle of not acknowledging the problem until they have to clean up the mess. They will lack emotional accountability and the inability to create spaces for emotional safety for themselves and others.

Let’s change this by prioritizing the need for acknowledging the body. It’s not healthy to go weeks on end without checking in with yourself. It will always end up with the glass overflowing. Slow down, sit down, and take some seconds out of your day to ask how you’re feeling.

Source: https://twitter.com/ehimeora?s=21

Chart Source: https://twitter.com/melposted?s=21

Use this emotion wheel for recognizing the reason you are struggling communicating emotions. May it help to identify them.

When experiencing a strong emotion, use the wheel to identify and write it down. Start with the umbrella center emotions and work it through the middle and outer tiers.

Becoming Tempered

Published January 8, 2021 by tindertender

“The ancient Irish had a saying: ‘You don’t give a man a weapon until you’ve taught him how to dance.’ In other words, a different kind of learning is required before someone can be truly trusted with social power and potent things like weapons. If a man does not know the wounds of his own soul, he can deny not just his own pain, but also be unmoved by the suffering of other people. More than that, he will tend to put his wound onto others. He may only be able to see the wound that secretly troubles him when he forcefully projects it into someone else, in forms of abuse or violence.

So in the old culture-making idea, in order to properly bear arms a person must first become disarmed, as in becoming vulnerable and connected to something meaningful and supportive of life. The idea of forging the temperament of young men took precedence over the idea of simply giving them weapons at a certain age. The tempering of the souls involved discovering what kind of anger each might carry and learning about the inner line where anger turned into blind rage. Becoming tempered also meant immersing in the sorrow of one’s life and thereby being in touch with the grief of the world.”

~ Michael Meade

Consciousness: The Mistaken God

Published January 7, 2021 by tindertender

A book my new brother in Namibia has written. If so inclined, please contact him directly for purchase.

Darlington is a teacher of children, and also provides instruction to enable the adult opportunity for learning how to train the mind and program the consciousness.

My book (E-book), Consciousness: The Mistaken God is now available.

Not yet online due to technicalities of online payment in Namibia. However, one can DM and be given the straight details and for acquiring the book.

The book explains how failure to understand consciousness has resulted in mankind “creating” the God. The three states of consciousness have manifested this universe, and we all have those 3 states of consciousness. Thus, we are Gods who created the universe.

Quite an enlightening book. It explains how consciousness used to exist as formless b4 the Big Bang.

Also how Demiurge “captured” Source Consciousness, how to program the subconscious mind and the 3 states of consciousness, among others.

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