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Joy Ridin’ On A Week Night

Published August 15, 2019 by tindertender

Work was slow yesterday afternoon so I decided to take a little time for me.

I traveled to Timberline Lodge where, to my sweet surprise, a duet was singing music, and it was beautiful. Here are some pics I took on my way up the mountain.

My dinner was a delicious roasted veggie sandwich on a ciabatta bun with a robust tomato soup. Yum. Huckleberries are one of my favorites, which is why I also bought a piece of cobbler to go.

Check out what I saw at the top of Mt Hood last night. Crazy thing, as I stood there for 10 minutes gawking, no one else seemed to see it … weird.

I was able to see all the way the Bend, what I know is a 4 hour drive from where I live. Incredible to see it from this vantage point, to think of all the people between here and there. Thinking of the love shared, and also the cruelty happening just under the trees.

It really is amazing to see the world from up here. It makes me think of what “the man on the mountain” must see when he looks out upon us.

I love mountain flower bushes.

There was a symbol on the chimney I’m not sure of. Perhaps someone just likes to think of high noon a lot?

A beautiful theater was there. I stood at the front of it to capture photo and imagined what it might be like to speak from that position. Really cool stuff! I thought I had a pic of the entire seating, but looks like I only got the right side. There are three sections, tierd like this.

The trees really take a beating up this high from the winds.

But oh my word … being up here, one feels a little closer to heaven.

I stopped by a waterfall on my way back. It was so fresh smelling, and the sounds …. delish.

Have a great day friends. May the one who loves you shower you with blessing, even if that someone is you.

Beautiful Day ~ Unhindered

Published August 12, 2018 by tindertender

Are you going to let them ruin this beautiful day,
These boys, so new on their life journey?

This morning I decided I would be adventurous. I drove to Mt Hood! It was a beautiful day for a drive.


I went to the lodge for lunch, ate cheese and apples and some sort of wine jam and fresh baked bread. As I was finishing up I saw a man walk in with his elderly father and young son. Immediately I stood and offered my table. You see, I had the grand view of the trees and another mountain off in the distance. It was glorious! They refused at first, seeing I still had food on my plate. I assured them I was finished, full, and ‘he’ being an elder deserved this fine seat. He wanted to share it with me while I finished, but I left them to enjoy the view and each others company.

I walked out with a smile on my face, happy that this elderly man who had trouble even walking any more would get to sit there and ponder life and relations while he looked out upon this majestic view.

As I drove along, there were so many sights that just blew me away!

I decided to drive to a lake that was several miles up a gravel road. It was so beautiful!


I took a left a few miles along and the road climbed, becoming very rocky and pitted, I giggled as I drove. I got about 1.5 or 2 miles up and finally came to the first trail. I got out and walked along a little way, it was so quiet! No electrical wires, no sound at all. It was completely still. I got to thinking … I didn’t have a horn, or dog, or big stick or anything, and then I thought I didn’t feel like being a tasty treat for a cougar or something, so went back to the car.

On the way back down, once off the deeply pitted and bolder-y rode I came again to the relatively mildly pitted gravel road and realized I had a flat tire. That hadn’t happened in 32 years! I got out the book and was prepared to learn something new today. While I was reading the book, spare leaning against the car and jack and such all spread out, a jeep pulled up and asked me if I had it okay. I replied not really.

The man and his friend got out and changed my tire for me … BLESS THEM!! I drove the remaining 3 miles out to the main highway and stopped at the rest area gas station for air since the spare wasn’t quite full. Being Sunday, no tire companies were open so I limped the 47 miles back to town with flashers on doing 40 mph.

People were very calm about the whole thing, they just went around me. Until I got into the city, that is. All of a sudden I saw people throwing their hands in the air and jerkily steering around me, rolling their eyes.

That’s when the SUV full of boys showed up. The passenger hung out the window making arm and hand gestures at me. The other passenger in the back seat was taking video on his cell phone. I wondered what their problem was, and that’s when I realized that my flashers were still on. Boys … no interest or ability to consider what someones day may have been like or what may have happened requiring the flashers to be on.

There’s probably a video of me somewhere on social media with a post about an ‘old lady driving through town with her flashers on’.

So, no … they will not ruin this day. Shallow and ignorant behaviors do not deserve my attention, but I did want to blog about it only because their lack of consideration was so obvious. They’ll learn … some day.

PS ~ Here’s a few pics of some beautiful art at the lodge.

It was indeed a joyous day, a day to be grateful for.
And I Am …

Before Time

Published March 17, 2018 by tindertender

“What the heck you doin’?” he asks.
I reply, “Remembering.”

Golden Grasses

Long ago he was there, on top of the mountain, far away, yet seemingly so near. The message was clear … he was mine. I walked toward the sun in a meadow of golden grasses, looking once more over my right shoulder to see him … and then I was here.

Sixteen years ago, late at night by rivers edge, I looked to the sky and saw several spinning wheels, different colors … red, orange, yellow, green.

Color wheel

A few months later I lay in bed listening to an amazing choir singing in mind, nothing like it had I heard before. After a time, they stopped and, “You Bitch! We knew it was you!” an invisible female shouted.

2015, January, I was told by spirit that eight years were going to go by quickly. Confused I spoke of it at church. Adding numbers, that puts it at 2023 … five more years to go.

Present day, there are many who deny the existence of this war in heaven. They refuse to even consider its reality. They think that it happened long ago, not realizing it is going on now, still.

There is an awakening in process. Perhaps you have noticed more now … seen the truth behind the facade. Maybe you are now aware of the smoke screen which has kept evil veiled. As people speak out against new knowledge, they are attacked, killed, maimed, jailed … the world over.

The awareness continues to grow, spreading like a wild fire now. As shadow is brought to light it is painfully obvious, shocking even, perhaps so much so that it is tempting to deny the truth of it.

There is no going back, only forward. I am fortunate, just as you are. We know what we need to know, when we need to know it … nothing before. We are being eased into this new reality. This is how much we are loved.

Hold it together. Walk into the fear, for it is a blockage in the mind only. Face it, run right through it. You will be amazed. And remember always, love is waiting.

Spirit of the Mountain

Published July 16, 2017 by tindertender

Father of the fatherland, musician, painter, warrior, Liberator.
Tribute to José de san martín.

Privacy of Alejandro Iglesias (text, voice and guitar)
* Mallku: Spirit of the mountain, in the aymara language.
Song dedicated to the 27-Year-old boy who following the vision of a mysterious mission is delivered, bodiddly his destiny to make him hope for a whole continent:
” how will it be general,
A return of eternal pedernales,
A Glow,
Friendship in utopia
And a sword of fearsome winds.
How will it be so little,
The Spain.
And look west,
And Signals.
A young man,
The absolute color
And the desire to understand his destiny.
How will my general be,
Your Homeland.”

We Are At Choice

Published March 18, 2017 by tindertender

As a young girl, before boyfriend or kiss, and at the time life was being lived with the 3rd “dad”, I had a dream, a vision if you will, of a man on a mountain. He was on the highest one, far away, yet near at the same time. The message was clear, He Is Mine as He is all of ours. I awoke with this memory of walking into this life, He being the last vision before awakening in this body. He left me with the distinct knowledge and feeling of being loved, deep in the pit of my stomach, in the very core of my being, Soul Love.

Woman In Meadow_2

This is the knowing that has kept me sane, and has kept me hopeful for mankind, for myself.

Many techniques are being employed to pull our thoughts and beliefs from Creator. “Light beings” send messages encouraging us not to think of them as The Man On The Mountain, true, they are not. They also do not send the innermost truth of love either, although words speak it. That beautiful love filled gut feeling does not accompany their message.

I am grateful for the memory of life before time, where grasses were golden as the sun shone upon them. I walked through them, toward the sun, into this world, this life. Turning my head to the right, there He was, beautiful, and He still watches. He watches it all, He sees us all, and knows our woes. He knows the damages done full well.

Mountain Forest.jpg

Many of us grasp at straws looking for hope. In our naivety we are sometimes easily led astray, influenced by the manipulator, the false version of what is good. We know this, for with time it shows truth of its reality plain as day.

I urge you to look within yourselves. Shut out the distraction, it can be quite difficult for they pull hard and strong. Work hand in hand with your physician, with your spiritual counselor learning techniques and methods for stilling your mind. This is indeed a fight. A fight for your sanity, a fight for love … and with love, with connection to each other, we will come to know this great love in community and that essence in us all that God loves so much.

We have been taught not to trust each other. We have been led to believe people are not good. With the over prescribing of medications not given proper investigation, with the disconnect from familial love, and from the constant attack on our mental nature, tearing our self worth apart, people will react, they defend themselves, not knowing what it is that is happening. In a desperate act they may do what they would not do, given a healthy environment of love and compassion.

Forgiving each other is key to expanding beyond fear, hatred and anger.  Forgiving ourselves is needed as well, for loving ourselves will make it possible to see the good in others.


I believe in the goodness of humanity. I believe there are those who have deadly influence upon the life of this world that God so cherishes. I also believe that with a concerted effort, we will be able to recognize and thwart these attempts at our downfall.

Humanity, with this goodness and love that dwells within hearts, perhaps buried very deep by now, but there nonetheless, is strong. We are resilient, and when we look into the past of our experience we can see that whatever has hit us, we have bounced back from, surpassed, and grown into what we currently are. At all times we are at choice, and we have power to create the reality we desire.


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