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A Friday Poem

Published October 30, 2020 by tindertender

~ By Clare Dubois, Founder of TreeSisters

Image thank you to our artist partner Tamara Phillips ART

How do I know
Who I am
When all I have been taught
Is who to be
According to rules
That belong to a past
That believed in the domination
Of nature
As a path to power.

How do I know
Who to be
When the judgment that gets thrown
Arises from a fear so old
That no one even knows
Why it’s wrong
To shine
Or show pleasure
As a woman

Why would I stay
Cooped up in a cage
Of shoulds and oughts
When this body
Is crafted from moonlight
And fire
And the deeper river
Of ancient knowing
Guides my every felt sense
Of what it means
To be a woman

So I stand
Shameless bright
My heart open wide
Wild crafted pleasure
And mountainous might
I define myself
As I set myself free
And I laugh out loud
As I birth a new me
For all women.

No Ordinary Life

Published October 17, 2020 by tindertender

She lost herself in the trees
among the ever-changing leaves.
She wept beneath the wild sky
as stars told stories of ancient times.
The flowers grew towards her light,
the river called her name at night.
She could not live an ordinary life
with the mysteries of the universe
hidden in her eyes.

~ Christy Ann Martine

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Artist Partner thank you to Andreas Lie

The Time Is At Hand

Published October 9, 2020 by tindertender

The world is in chaos
Natural disasters abound
The world is in chaos
Just look around

The time is upon us
The time is at hand
When mighty warriors
Will once again roam our land

They are keepers of stories
Legends rituals and myths
They walk amongst us
They live in our midst

They come to awaken
The Great Spirit within us
To help form a new world
Filled with Peace, Freedom and Justice

Petty jealousies, prejudices all put aside
In peace, love, understanding We would all abide
Living in harmony and love With all mankind
Strength and beauty in prayer

Together we’ll find Their thoughts are pure
Caring for our needs
Shown by their warmth
And their unselfish deeds

Our children once again
Learn respect for Mother Earth
Lands, forests birds and animals
Experiencing rebirth

Earth Medicine for all they say
Friends, sisters and our brothers
Must become a way of life
To care for one another

We need leaders today
And here’s just a thought
How about some with wisdom
That’s been earned and not bought

Who have courage and love
Understanding of people
For a world filled with peace
Not merely survival

A little ditty by Envisage

Deep Personal Truth

Published July 6, 2020 by tindertender

Her heart broke
The moment he spoke
For she knew
He couldn’t believe

Her words
Weren’t her’s
But His
He had little faith…

She weeps
His doubt

In the end?
His faith didn’t matter
Only hers did

She hates him
Because he did…
That selfish prick

He listened
Like a haunted man
Knowing her
Changed him

To this day
He hopes
She will say


She can’t
For her voice

The same
As she always does

Stuck on repeat
Stays through the night
Helping him

Written by: https://twitter.com/AgainMeMary1?s=20

Photo: https://unsplash.com/@finleydesign

They Are Not My Kind

Published July 2, 2020 by tindertender

I wander in the wilderness of thoughts,
A vagabond and a stray around the tray.
A bitter and a sour tasting drink,
Too hot and harsh to swallow.
A cockatoo left out of the crackle,
A lonely miner quarrying my soil.

Who do I share my hot and harsh drink with,
Who do I share my bitter and sour drink with,
Pain is not an item to be dished out,
My tears are a stream that flows into my mouth alone.
A wounded cockatoo paddle his boat alone.

Come hear me out!!!
The starkly trees.
Come hear me out!!!
The silent lake.
Come hear me out!!!
The crippling insects.
Come hear me out!!!

The fertile soil.

Let them hear me out,
My kind is not ready to hear me,
And I seek solace elsewhere;
The sack attached to my soul,
The cross attached my shoulder;
Has became a burden to my existence,
All I called out heed and not mock me,
They share my burden and ameliorate my pains.

Shared by: https://www.minds.com/osmi/

A Poem

Published June 23, 2020 by tindertender

Sometimes I wonder
If Mary breastfed Jesus.
If she cried out when he bit her
Or if she sobbed when he would not latch.

And sometimes I wonder
If this is all too vulgar
To ask in a church
Full of men
Without milk stains on their shirts
Or coconut oil on their breasts
Preaching from pulpits off limits to the Mother of God.

But then I think of feeding Jesus,
Birthing Jesus,
The expulsion of blood
And smell of sweat,
The salt of a mother’s tears
Onto the soft head of the Salt of the Earth,
Feeling lonely
And tired

And I think,
If the vulgarity of birth is not
Honestly preached
By men who carry power but not burden,
Who carry privilege but not labor,
Who carry authority but not submission,
Then it should not be preached at all.

Because the real scandal of the Birth of God
Lies in the cracked nipples of a
14 year old
And not in the sermons of ministers
Who say women
Are too delicate
To lead.

Written by: Kaitlin Shetler

Poetry Day!

Published June 16, 2020 by tindertender

“The solar system turns without thine aid, Live, die! The universe is not afraid.”
~ Israel Zangwill

“Remote, yet near, unutterably aged, lone,
He sits within the temple’s inner shrine, with folded hands and countenance divine,
Omniscient, inscrutable, unknown.”

~ G.F.Williamson

“But what thing dost thou now,
Looking Godward, to cry,
I an I, thou art thou,
I am low, thou art high?
I am thou, who thou seekest to find him.
Find thou but thyself, thou art I.

O my sons, O too dutiful
Towards Gods not of me,
Was I not enough beautiful?
Was it hard to be free?
For behold, I am with you and in you and
of you; look forth now, and see.”

~ Hertha, by Algernon C. Swinburne

“If thou would’st hear the Nameless, and wilt dive
Into the Temple-cave of thine own self,
There, brooding by the central altar, thou
May’st haply learn the Nameless hath a voice,
By which thou wilt abide, if thou be wise.”
~ Alfred Tennyson

“Because I had forsaken unity with thee,
Because I, fool, had made my body me,
Because I did not know thee who didst dwell in me,
Therefore I wandered through raging hells …
Because I threw away my very self, I therefore was in chains.”
~ an old Indian writing

“Turning away from the world,
I have forgotten both caste and lineage,
My weaving is now in the infinite silence.
Kabir, having searched and searched himself,
Hath found God within him.”

~ Kabir

“His death in Benares
Won’t save the assassin
From certain hell,
Any more than a dip
In the Ganges will send
Frogs—or you—to paradise.
My home, says Kabir,
Is where there’s no day, no night,
And no holy book in sight
To squat on our lives.”

~ Kabir

“We cannot kindle when we will
The fire which in the heart resides;
The Spirit bloweth and is still
In mystery the soul abides.”
~ Matthew Arnold

Photo: https://unsplash.com/@audrei_c
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