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Language ~ Show And Tell

Published November 19, 2017 by tindertender


The language we use when speaking is a description of our inner person. It tells of the anger, the hatred, the pain, the joy, the gratefulness, and the rebelliousness which resides in our mind. It is show and tell.

There are many who say, “Don’t tell them that! They’ll think this or that!” If I am in harmony with what I believe to be goodness, then I have no qualms of telling of my experiences. I try, every day, to be kind … to myself first, so much so, that this kindness will spill into the world. I do not wish to hide in the shadows and harbor ill will, I want no part of that.

Standing in vulnerability is important. Allowing others opportunity to be judge, also allows them to perhaps open eyes and actually see this in themselves, and then change it. It is a difficult and painful position, this is why so many shrink from the task.

foullanguageSome folks believe that using foul language means freedom, they release into the world, whatever they choose, and they call it good. They say they speak without anger or blame and therefore it is acceptable.

When children are raised they are taught not to talk trash ~ imagine a world where they have permission to spew foul words wherever they went, and to whomever they chose, then imagine them becoming adults, with children of their own, allowing the same. What do you envision? While the pains of life are still there, and anger is still prevalent, only now it is acceptable to talk such language … what do you see? Often the language of a kind is followed by actions of a kind.

If you have to ‘watch your language’ in the presence of children, it is a sign that inwardly you do not think speaking certain words is okay.

Words form reality.
What are you creating?

John 1:1
In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

Sunflowers Of Life

Published September 19, 2017 by tindertender

The sunflower often has a dark center. Its petals are vibrant in color, ranging from beautiful yellows and gold to oranges and reds. While the center produces seeds for food, the petals draw the birds and the bees. Here I am! the flower seems to shout.

Humanity is the same. While the darkness within the center is often all that is seen, related to, everything that can describe this darkness may have even been called our self … do not forget that within the darkness are seeds, seeds which plant the future.

Extending out from the body is light, sometimes bright and gold and sometimes a little fiery in appearances, like the oranges and reds. (There are many other colors as well, however speaking in flower terms …). The light which emanates from the center is what attracts others, same as the birds and the bees, only human.

Sunflower_4See the bigger picture, embrace the whole of who you are. Yes, there is a shady area within the center, but even that produces nourishment for the soul, yours, and those you share with. You are not … bad. There is inherent goodness in all of the parts that make you who you are.

If someone has been tainting your ‘seeds’, shuck them to the side and focus. Whatever has been wrought upon you is not ‘you’. You know who you are better than anyone else can possibly know, get quiet, listen to your soul speak.

Wonder Woman

Published July 22, 2017 by tindertender

She was told the world of men did not deserve her, she was told the world should be destroyed, for indeed, it did not deserve saving. Her response? “It isn’t about being deserving, it is about what you believe in, and I believe in love.”

I love this statement, for it is exactly how I feel and think ~ I am certain many of you do as well. It was stated in the movie that the choice between positive and negative (in different words) is the choice every man and woman must make. No one can make this choice for them, no one can determine how they will live, in their hearts and minds and in the world. This responsibility is absolutely our own.

I watched the film with a friend, who although he enjoyed it, he was also against it not being historically correct. I was baffled, as this is not about history as far as our many wars go.

Seeing the negatives has been a habit ingrained into the minds of humanity for centuries. Retraining our self to see things in a different manner can be quite difficult … it requires much effort, continuously.

Some call it “rewiring the brain”.

Many of us have experience hiding our true nature from the outside world. We do and say things we think will make us more likely be accepted into a group, or provide us with the advancement we seek.

The danger though, is that in doing this we find that eventually we are actually hiding from our self as well. Becoming lost to our core senses and truths, we may become angry, feeling as though the ‘freedom to be me‘ has been stripped, and we feel the invisible shackles society likes us to wear.

Embrace who you are, let your love light shine. You are the best version of you there will ever be. Seek wisdom from others, choose what works for you, leave that which does not resonate behind.

Everyone is on their own journey, travelling a path no one else has traveled in exactly the same way. What is learned can help others who may be experiencing something similar. If they ask, a sharing becomes possible, perhaps making the road smoother.

Imagine if we all tried, when asked, to make the road a bit smoother for each other ~ you for me, me for you, us for others, and others for us … on and on. We would all be better for it, and our bond would become so strong, no amount of darkness could penetrate it.

This is my hope for the world, my hope for all of us.


Saying Good-bye Is Never Easy

Published June 16, 2017 by tindertender

Saying good-bye is never easy. Even when we leave behind situations that are painful, it still requires an adjustment, for pain, too, is something which can be missed once gone.

Every relationship, every situation, is for a reason. It may be that some knowledge of current, must be brought forth into future endeavors. Usually, if paid heed and utilized correctly, this new knowledge can be beneficial to all involved.

Grow. Never stop adding to the learning adventure. Stretch your comfort zone, move beyond what you may see as your capacity. There is always room for something greater. You have so much to offer, and while others offer their own experiences for lessons, you can do the same for them.

Your life is valuable, your knowledge is perfect and when used for good can shift the world view and path toward the outcome of peace and compassion. The seeming negatives, which undoubtedly have been yours, are teaching tools. For others, and also for self. Moving beyond the pain they may have caused, increases care for self, and for all in the world.

Perception and Sharing

Published May 4, 2017 by tindertender

It has been stated that people should not talk of what they do not know, yet, when asked for more information to make things clear, there is silence. Perhaps it is figured, that if people do not know, then they never will, and perhaps it is thought … the information is not meant for them.

All information comes from somewhere, and all good ideas come from someone else’s ideas. When we fail to share, progression of understanding, and creativity into something more ceases.

perception1.jpgCritics … if you have not the capacity or the willingness to enlighten others in the areas you perceive them to be lacking, then all you are really doing is denying the opportunity for growth, essentially, hording information.

This greedy act perpetuates darkness. Perhaps you do not see it as such, however from the outside, it appears very much to be the truth.

Be gentle. Attacking another for reasons that do not extend beyond the ‘they do not know and therefore should stop talking’ does not help anyone. High mindedness gets us nowhere.

Experience Is Everything

Published April 19, 2017 by tindertender


Let us begin to help each other awaken. Not as in forcing our ideas on one another, but as in listening, sharing ideas, without the need to be “right”.

Honestly, there are so many ways to view the world ~ the things we see, the things we do not see … the things we can explain and the things we cannot verify.

Experience is everything, and not all of us will have the same experiences which is why it is extremely beneficial to share our knowledge.

Those who are ready to hear will hear, those who are ready to consider another facet of reality, will consider.

Success for life is not to be right, but to be cooperative … consciously, with awareness. Being “right” has no place in peace.

As Above, So Below ~ Purpose Discovered

Published March 14, 2017 by tindertender

crying_729-420x0.jpgShe sees … she sees the state of the world and it rips tears from her eyes, and she asks Why? Why are they killing us? Why are they killing the planet and all resources?

She prays that God will let her assist in the ending, to stop this brutality, the altering of bodies … human, animal, plant … waters, and lands, and air. What can she do?

She searches for clues. Urgently … she scours the internet, all the while receiving damage to her own mind and body. She loves life, she loves people, she wishes for the harm to stop, for peace and love and joy to spread like a wild fire out of control, through every life form on the earth.

Future.jpgThe reality of circumstances hits her hard. She wonders why it seems easier for the string pullers to eliminate life, rather than heal it and bring it into harmony. Who are they, and what are they even doing here? Why, if they hate life so much, are they living it?

People say there is alien life, and she notices the aliens are right here, right now, and they are destroying everything she loves.

She prays that this reality will be seen by her fellow human being, that they will take charge in their lives, in their community, and separate themselves from this plot, this plan.

She hears people ask, wondering what their purpose in life is. They are confused, and really want to know. Misled they believe they must work a 9 – 5 job (usually much longer hours than this), they are told the taxes, the wages that are stolen, are used for good of the whole, yet she sees what this money is spent on … and it is not for the benefit of life.

Purpose ~ what is it? Her mother stated it is simply to survive. She does not think so … rather, it is to create heaven on earth … to bring the above ~ below.

As above, so below.

The actual text of that maxim, as translated by Dennis W. Hauck from The Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus, is:

“That which is Below corresponds to that which is Above, and that which is Above corresponds to that which is Below, to accomplish the miracle of the One Thing.”[38] Thus, whatever happens on any level of reality (physical, emotional, or mental) also happens on every other level.”

She prays for, and focuses on, love. She thinks of her fellow man and woman ~ she hopes they will notice soon. Something BIG is happening, and time is short. She knows they must come together, extricating themselves from the system they are trapped in, and start truly working for the betterment of the whole.

Governments do not work for the people.
People must work for the people.


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