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☀️ Sacred Offering ☀️

Published April 8, 2021 by tindertender

With humility – I surrender my self to the greatest power

With gratitude – I accept the mantle of infinite service to the divine

With love – I commit my wealth to reduce the sufferings of all life

With faith – I live to bring light into the darkest realms of existence

With spirit – I give my strength to increase the flow of Nature

With joy – I embrace the almighty to share the essence of its bounty

With truth – I reveal the sacred path with pure intention

With honour – I connect and harmonise with all that is sublime

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Let Us Serve The Good

Published June 12, 2020 by tindertender

And the light shines in darkness, and darkness did not retain it. ~ John 1:5

Those who claim to worship Christ yet are proud, spiteful, jealous, cruel and unforgiving of others, ambitious for material goods, I declare to you that they have religion for outward appearances only and not in their hearts, God who sees everything will say: ” Those who know the truth and do not follow it is a hundredfold more guilty in the evil they do than the ignorant savage.”

“Progress is a condition of human nature and no one can prevent it. It is a living force that bad laws may hamper, but not smother. When these laws become incompatible, progress breaks them down and continues to do so until the laws of humankind match Divine justice, which wills the best for everyone, and until all laws made by the strong to the detriment of the weak are eradicated.”

What does the mission of incarnate spirits entail?

“Educating other incarnates, helping their advancement, and improving their institutions through direct, material means. Missions vary in scope and importance, and the individual who works as a farmer accomplishes a mission just as a politician or a teacher does. Everything in nature is connected and all spirits, while purifying themselves through incarnation, contribute to the accomplishment of God’s plans. Each of you has a mission because each of you can be useful in one way or another.”

(The Spirits’ Book)

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