Deep Thoughts …

Published May 10, 2020 by tindertender

Only by looking deeply into ourself can we begin to understand those outside ourself.

Begin from childhood and move up into the latter years. Experience in your mind the joys, the hurts and everything in between as though it were happening now.

If there was anger, fear, sadness and love, remember it, like you first remembered it. Feel it fully, and then release it.

This process of “making room for the next best thing” is a tough journey! Release of that we have built around ourself, to solidify our thoughts about ourself, are difficult, to say the least and quite painful and even life threatening to say the worst. Most of us will feel polarities of joy and suffering and all in between as we work it out.

Digging deep we will find that which we fear, and probably not all of it for a very, very long time. Trauma helps us get there quicker but it also causes us to build pretty thick barriers in our emotional and mental bodies.

Without this deep personal work, we are not fit to view another in any negative manner.

As we come near the other side we begin to see ourself in others.

Those who are suffering remind us of when we might have suffered. Perhaps we buried pain so deep and cannot face another in suffering for the personal pain it brings us. Or maybe we sometimes are cold, like maybe some tell us we are.

Taking responsibility for our words and actions is critical for the future of our togetherness. Yet one step further is required – we must take responsibility for our thoughts.

ALL action stems from thought.

If we fail to control our thought forms, we may not be capable of controlling our impulses. If we are incapable of controlling our impulses, we are not fit for the coming society.

Harsh? Not really when you view the larger picture.

People need to get control of their minds.

Stop blaming others and start being solution providers.

Step up.

Be that which you need.

And then share it.


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