Internal and External Dialogue

Published May 10, 2020 by tindertender

When we say things such as, “I’m afraid I do not understand” we are limited in thought and potentials… for we have allowed the subconscious format of fear using the word afraid in our sentence at all.

These ingrained, unnoticed, habitual phrases need to be sniffed out and eliminated from our conscious and subconscious thoughtforms.

Have you heard the phrase “You are the company you keep”? Well, our creations will be treated with what our inner thoughtforms are, our inner dialogue. The inner dialog becomes the outer dialogue and then creation followed by reaction or response, repeated for who knows how long.

We have the choice of our creation only when we become responsible for our inner dialogue and guide the outer with empathy and care.

We truly are in this together, for our combined efforts of increased and united thought forms cause our greater reality. Each one is crucial to the whole.

WE Love

WE Create


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