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You Didn’t Know I Could Hear You

Published October 14, 2019 by tindertender

Dear McDonald’s worker who will probably never see this….,

Ur drive thru windows aren’t sound proof. Ur probably wondering y I had tears in my eyes when u handed me my iced coffee… or maybe not, judging by the words u said after handing me my oatmeal…

“Look at this white girl, tryin to wrap her head. Lookin all stupid”

As u and ur coworker laughed and passed judgement on my poor head wrap job, I hope ur day gets better. I went to McDonald’s for an iced coffee and oatmeal to try to make my day better, but u made it worse. I hope u never get sick. I hope ur healthy and thriving for ur life. I hope ur family members r healthy and happy. Cuz I didnt wrap my head to try to be anything in particular… I wrapped it cuz I shaved my head when my hair was falling out from chemo and having a baby, and yesterday my stepson told me he liked it. I wrapped it cuz the scarf was given to me from a woman at the office I get radiation treatments from. I also wrapped it cuz I haven’t showered in 2 days cuz I’m a mom who is still trying to figure out how to juggle everything.

So, thank you for reminding me to be careful with my words… and to not judge a book by the cover.💜

That “stupid white girl”

edit I love that my friends and family members have commented and messaged asking which one so they can call and take up for me, but I really posted this as a reminder to be kind- not to get anyone in trouble or to have them inadvertently lose their job that pays their bills. So, please… just be kind!
Love your neighbor as yourself Mark 12:31💜💜

Coal Mining Towns & People

Published March 29, 2017 by tindertender

trump-with miner

I saw Trump shaking the hand of a man with what I perceive as a smirk on his face. It appeared as though he was smugly congratulating himself on “saving the mans job”.

What I do not get is why these coal miners aren’t asking questions. Why is our government not investing in ‘cleaner’ jobs? Why are they insisting these men continue to climb in holes, caverns, and dig coal? Why not invest in solar and hire these men to maintain the system?

This does not make sense to me. As I see it, it is shown … no, proven … that our government system cares not for the health or lives of these men. Not one iota. They’ll use them up, putting their health and safety at risk, and replace them if something happens.

If something were to happen, do you suppose they’ll have assistance waiting for the wives and children left behind? No … you can see it as he eliminates systems to assist the elderly, such as Meals on Wheels. You can see it as he guts all systems in place to assist people currently in need. You can see it as cuts are being made to Medicare, Medicaid and social security. There is no protection, there is no safety net, there is no care for the people in this country ~ let alone, people in other countries.


As I see this man shake the hands of folks who desperately need guidance … a leader who looks out for them, rather than abuses them, I am sickened.

The trust we so desperately want to foster in your minds is a lie we tell ourselves. This system is not worthy of our trust, of our loyalty, of our faith. We the people ~ of the world ~ need to come together.

There are those in this world who suffer, and this suffering is not caused by them. It is caused by the greed and neglect of corrupt institutions, and they are wide spread. Those of us who have are so afraid of it being taken, we will not risk assisting our fellow human being.

We are all greedy. In some form or another we are stingy with everything we have scraped up and gathered.

Fear keeps us bound to the master, and he is no master of compassion. No, he wants to eat your soul, your spirit, and he wants to feed his peeps too. And dammit, he has brothers.

Coal miners … this is your future. You have had much of the same for generations. Are you not ready for your hard earned tax dollars to be spent on something that will get you out of the mines? Is this what you want for your sons?

Our tax money has been going to wars, to programs we are not aware of, and the wage increases of the wealthy … at no time has this government invested in the people of this country or the livelihoods, well being and happiness of its citizens.

Benefits Of Cannabis Oil

Published March 25, 2017 by tindertender

Stephen Calabria

Stephen Calabria is a journalist currently living in New York City. His work has also appeared in The Huffington Post, Deutsche Welle, and Talking Points Memo, among other outlets.

Cannibus Oil.jpgA study recently unveiled by the American Epilepsy Society (AES) has found a cannabis derivative to be effective in combating epilepsy, with the substance exhibiting acute efficacy in treating the condition within children.

According to Dr. Orrin Devinsky, a lead author of the study and neurologist at the New York University Langone Medical Center, the findings were highly promising.

In the subsequent periods, which are very encouraging, 9 percent of all patients and 13 percent of those with Dravet Syndrome epilepsy were seizure-free. Many have never been seizure-free before.

Despite the promise shown by the efficacy of cannabis in treating epilepsy, physicians have nonetheless cautioned against patients – and especially patients’ parents – attempting to procure and prescribe the substance on their own … “You have to make sure the company can replicate the same product over and over. A small change in the ratio of THC to cannabidiol can cause a child’s seizures to increase or come back.”

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