Cancer ~ Here In The Light

Published October 4, 2020 by tindertender


Here in the light we are ALL cancer patients.

Whether the physical body has developed the cancer yet is really of no great bearing on this reality, it is simply an outward manifestation of our spiritual health.

You see, we’ve all been leeched on to by a force we cannot see. It sends dark tendrils through our energetic and spiritual form. It causes mood swings, depression, and funky funks we find it difficult to climb out of.

It’s a double whammy really, because it uses others who are also in a funky funk to increase our own … it feeds on us, and then uses us to feed on each other.

A woman in the astral gave a talk last night about how she pulled the tendrils from her form. All of us there wore the typical head scarf the cancer ridden female wears.

She let us know it is possible to heal ourself.

She suggested we utilize whatever visualizations and thought forms we need to to pull out these tendrils, these pipes that inject our form with poison.

I woke at 3am after listening to her speech. She rose when she finished, showing her flesh and she was brilliant, so bright.

She is proof that healing self is not only a possibility, but with consistent effort and formatted technique, a probability.

When we train ourself to help ourself, we can then help others.

So I thank the one who helped me … and then regretted it and took the help away.

I thank all those who send me trials, for without them I would not have opportunity to overcome … to rise.

Of course I am grateful to all the helpers, here, and in the astral … friends. Some who know it, others who deny it.

Someday we’ll be together again in the light, strong and healthy once more.

I’m looking forward to seeing you … in joy.

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