Oracle Consultation for Ukraine 2/26/22

Published February 26, 2022 by tindertender

The country is here to stay, and grow. There has been a health condition needing addressed, perhaps inherited circumstance of the people. There will be security, and great family responsibility. Remember to ground, still the mind, and flow with life. Getting stuck on a topic which brings stress to the mind and body can bring about ill health.

Ukraine is an ancient civilization. True health is found in aligning between that which is above and that which is below. Balance.

By peering into the depths of what’s been going on, healing can be gifted to the various circumstances, but only if there is a willingness to see into the bowels of affliction, that which has been hidden. You may have hit rock bottom … there is only one way to go from there … UP. Now is a time for healing. Be prepared to work hard for what you want.

By looking into the cavern in which the hidden resides, you will clear out the source of suffering. Success, victory, and even glory will be yours. Be careful not to get too cocky though, or you could get burned by arrogance.

You will receive a blessing. Step up into the light. Engage in a new project or take a new direction.

Calm, peace and serenity is coming through experience, wisdom gained.

Remember Time …

Use your time wisely. Life is transitory in nature, so savor every moment.

Remember your immortality, this current experience is a lesson for your advancement in resiliency, strength and patience ~ learning to love greatly.

An elegant woman will be coming on scene. She is beauty, she is light, she is love and passion. She is the true embodiment of Feminine Power. She will be united with her Divine Counterpart in a very public way after receiving formal invitation.

Ciro Marchetti’s Gilded Reverie Lenormand, expanded edition

5 ~ There is a change that is about to happen in your life. Being afraid of change will not accomplish anything. Accept change, embrace it. Change is good because it makes you grow spiritually, physically, and mentally. Take one step at a time. Pray for guidance and insight. Block out all negative thoughts and the positive ones will take over. Angels are sent to you from the divine realm.

7 ~ Divinity is on your side. Accept the help of the angels. You are on the right path. This is not the time to be proud and ignorant. Trust in the divine realm to provide you with whatever you need in life so long as it is for your good and the good of others. Change is coming, and soon, you will be able to know what to do with your life.

41 ~ Be true to yourself. Do not be afraid of stepping out of your comfort zone. Be with people who mean something to you, who make you feel comfortable and secure. Do not spend your valuable time with anybody that you do not like. Great things are going to happen in your life. Have confidence in yourself. Take a leap of faith and believe that you are capable of doing anything and everything.

4 ~ Get organized. Learn how to manage your time. Be patient. Patience is the key to a good relationship with people. Keep your cool even in situations that warrant your reaction. You have support from all corners of the Universe.

31 ~ Be courageous and confident. Fear of failure should not form a part of your life. Take that first step … The journey towards achieving success and total fulfillment starts with one step. The Divine Realm is supporting you. Give all your best to everything that you do, and you will receive the necessary support. Dwell on all things that are positive and drop all the negativities. Take every opportunity that comes your way and see yourself shine. It is time for you to be serious on your spiritual journey. Your spirit will be renewed, and you will enjoy the life you are living since it will be filled with joy and happiness.

1 ~ You are receiving a fresh start. All is going to be okay. You are a blessed creation. Open your heart to the divine, receive guidance through prayer and meditation.

30 ~ Angels will guide you and advise you. The Universe acknowledges the desires of your heart. Learn the ways by which you can enlighten your spirit. Express yourself. No one will listen to you and heed to your advice if you are always keeping to yourself.

37 ~ Explore new things and let go of fear. Make the bonds between you and your loved ones stronger. You can handle anything presented to you with the help of the Universe and the Divine Realm. Remember, however, that it is up to you to seek the guidance of the angels. The angels cannot force you to do something your heart and mind does not want to do. You will be in harmony with yourself the moment you acknowledge your spiritual purpose.

29 ~ This is the time for spiritual awakening and spiritual enlightenment. Pray and meditate daily to gain the strength to carry on in your spiritual quest. Maintain a close and tight relationship with the Divine Realm. Have complete trust in yourself. Success and prosperity are not for the lazy ones but for the people who are determined, confident, optimistic, and positive. If you believe in yourself and work hard towards achieving your goals, greatness is assured.

20 ~ Start thinking about your true and higher purpose here on earth. It is time to take care of your body and spirit in equal measure. Constantly nourish your soul and think positively. God is answering your prayers. The challenges you have been facing in life will come to an end as new things will start manifesting in your life. Use your blessings also to bless others. You will enter into a new chapter of your life better than the previous one. Negativity has no room in your spiritual life.

28 ~ Don’t lose hope. Great things are coming your way. Challenges will come, and they will go, you only need to learn how to stay strong and courageous in overcoming them. Remain confident and keep your focus intact. Changes will take place in your life whether you accept them or not. Change is the only constant thing in this life, so you have to be prepared for it at all times. Exercise patience. Have faith. Faith will enable you to achieve things you never deemed possible. The people who love you will support you.

27 ~ Your spiritual life is of importance if you want to have a long-lasting relationship with Divinity. God is always watching over you. Stay focused on making your life better. Opportunities will come knocking on your door. Be a prayerful person who seeks the guidance of the Divine Realm all the time. At times you feel like giving up and doing nothing to advance your life. The Divine Realm will not allow you to do so. Your life will always be brought back to the right path.

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