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The Nephilim, Turned To Stone

Published March 26, 2021 by tindertender

Earth didn’t just grow. Many other bad supernatural events happened to this planet. We lost a lot of giant creatures and plants but they didn’t just die, many of them turned into stones.

It is scary knowing about the death of giant creatures and plants by atmospheric changes. Even more eerie is the giant one/event which did all that. It didn’t just cut but altered molecular structure of creatures and plants, turning them into stone.

The Vatican, the Smithsonian and Nasa know….the caves were sealed in the Grand Canyon …

Pup Rock is a rock about 200 m (660 ft) in diameter, between Refuge Islands and Tiber Rocks in Rymill Bay, off the west coast of the Antarctic Peninsula. It was discovered by geologist Robert L. Nichols of the Ronne Antarctic Research Expedition (RARE) of 1947–48, who called it “Three Pup Island”. The name was later shortened.

Historical Earth ‘Relations’

Published November 10, 2020 by tindertender

In the Egyptian Glyphs it clearly shows much larger Humanoids inhabited the land. They are the Nephilim bent on world domination and enslaving what they called inferior Humans. They exist now in spirit form. This is beyond Alexander the Great and Constantine, in fact this is where they drew their power and destiny from. They were just the Human catalyst, Hybrids themselves, although their Legends are so shrouded in myth it does them little credit to the truth of their origin. Alexander was known as “Great Two Horn” and by the Arabs Dhul-Qarnayn who built the wall.

The Maya clearly show they had already pledged allegiance to a group of “Masculine” Serpents. The Serpent races are just as vast as our own. Many of the Serpents are on a “collective mind” thus they are generally out to accomplish there own agenda and stop at nothing to see it through.

Humans are looked at as a resource to most of them, they are a Supremacist warrior class, also some have mated with the Human race and try to protect their “Hybrids” as extended family. Many of the Ancient Reptilians despise this union and thus a war had ensued amongst the elders and the siblings.

Man has been the constructor for these Gods building them High Places so they may enjoy. What the Humans have gotten in return are lifetimes of being a servant with little reward. Their structures are always placed on Leylines to control the energy in the area. In order for many Regions to be free some building must be removed from the Leylines. They are binding the energy of freedom and suppressing clear thought. In history when structures bind the leylines for too long cataclysms occur to shake everything off of them.

The correct knowledge actually makes your spirit larger. Knowledge is the food for the Spirit. When this happens, just like a fish that has gotten too big for its tank, you must move on. This is no different than having a small bike as a child that takes you everywhere you need to go, as a child your range is a lot smaller. When you get older you may need a car, plane, or even a ship depending on where you are intending to travel.

The body itself, when developed, is the vehicle to traverse the cosmos and it must now be prepared to do such a thing. This is a vastly populated territory we speak of and it contains the experiences you will need to continue growth. We will discover that all the things we have gone through in life have served to get us to that point. It is only of value to realize that since nothing is absolutely still you must continue to move, this is the nature of our entire Universe. Nothing dies, even if you blow it up it will still become an infinite amount of pieces of whatever it was before.

Do you know where the world largest Obelisk is placed???
Coincidence?? No…

Like a game of chess you anticipate the player’s next move, so we see that it is the Age of Ether we are arriving into or more simply put, Spirit. Now we can begin to do the things that only made up the fiction portion of our previous ideas and imagination. The weight of the body, which is now the cube, will be shed and we will be open once more to higher senses. We would do well to develop and train these senses now. As we speed up, and things take place, it will not be time to practice.

There is no doubt that we will experience a new aeon. We are all Adepts of Motion, Acolytes of the Flux, we populate the Galaxy and thus we have solidified our wave through the harmonic cosmos. We are Vessels of known and unknown energies untold, being ourselves convertors for multiple life forms to assimilate and grow, not only on Earth but also in space. As above so below.

The race was not given to the quick or the swift, but to the one who could endure till the end, then we found out there was no end. The unwary soul, who fails to grapple with the Mocking Demon of Illusion, will return to the Earth as the slave of Illusion. To become a true master of fate you must first become a “Knower of Self”.

Source: @Karina89350882

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