The Nephilim, Turned To Stone

Published March 26, 2021 by tindertender

Earth didn’t just grow. Many other bad supernatural events happened to this planet. We lost a lot of giant creatures and plants but they didn’t just die, many of them turned into stones.

It is scary knowing about the death of giant creatures and plants by atmospheric changes. Even more eerie is the giant one/event which did all that. It didn’t just cut but altered molecular structure of creatures and plants, turning them into stone.

The Vatican, the Smithsonian and Nasa know….the caves were sealed in the Grand Canyon …

Pup Rock is a rock about 200 m (660 ft) in diameter, between Refuge Islands and Tiber Rocks in Rymill Bay, off the west coast of the Antarctic Peninsula. It was discovered by geologist Robert L. Nichols of the Ronne Antarctic Research Expedition (RARE) of 1947–48, who called it “Three Pup Island”. The name was later shortened.

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