The Energetic Divine

Published December 24, 2020 by tindertender

When you get “horney” it is a sign of excess buildup of energy in the lower chakras. Maintenance of ones own energy is crucial to mental health.

If personal energies are out of balance it can distort every thought form that comes, it can pervert every relationship, it can leave one open to infiltration and manipulation, seen and unseen.

These days, there are many in the unseen who feel their time of “1000 years” is upon them.

The time of possessing many virgins, and various forms of innocence.

They are taking privileges, tasting the sexual energy of the lower chakras in the feminine, and most certainly in the masculine as well.

They are tasting and “choosing” that which they will feed upon and manipulate during their residence here.

If they are permitted to stay … to infiltrate the kingdom of god within every human soul.

This is the war everyone knew was coming, yet so many do not realize they are on the midst of.

Guard your energy, maintain balance in your energy centers, manage your sexual energies so they cannot be used against you.

Say NO …

Claim your Soverinty, your Divinity.

You are NOT a commodity, here for the USE of those who would enslave you, who would claim your Soul, Spirit, and energy as their own.

Recognize that being passive is the surest way into slavery.

I’m not saying to go out and protest, to make a big stink in the visual world.

I’m saying it is critical that you honor your instincts, and not be led around by the nose by those who would tell you the proper way of living and responding to trespass … especially when it domes to your Soul energy.

Guard it with everything you have, as it is the most Sacred Essence of who and what you are.

You are finer than ANY jewel or metal … more precious than any form of currency, AND the most desired and treasured among the unseen who long to possess you.

I willingly and gratefully recognize and honor those benevolent ETs here to assist life upon this planet.

May you receive the greatest blessings for your efforts toward ensuring honor for the Sacred, of Life.

One comment on “The Energetic Divine

  • Guard, maintain and mind your energy 💯 the lower chakras for get the most attachments and chords. Greatly beneficial post my dear. Much love and the reason for this season, peace and divine tranquility ✨🌠🙏

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