Interesting Observation

Published December 24, 2020 by tindertender

When a “certain number of countries” make space appearances on my blog, it must be known there are truths here which they are monitoring. These countries don’t typically participate, until I post something quite controversial from personal experience, and otherwise.

It is apparent that the attention isn’t coming from the citizenry. x1 view, here and there. No, it isn’t that they “like” the content … it is a “monitoring” of content.

Isn’t it funny that an unknown aspect of the feminine such as myself would be of such an interest?

I have little influence on the populace around the world, yet I’m being watched …

I imagine if more people were paying attention to what I was saying some sort of action (other than trespasses from the unseen) would be taken against me.

I’m told by channelers that I’m aligning to them. That it must be my hidden anger, or fear that is drawing them to me.

I am sad that yet again, the perpetrator has convinced the masses that it is their own insufficiencies that are responsible for these abuses, blaming them for the sickening energies that are engulfing them.

I am sad that so many are telling people to meet a trespass with love, in order to experience love.

If a visitor was coming from the unseen, from different dimensions and densities with the trueness of love, rather than manipulating sexual energies so they “feel good”, expecting me to just lie there and enjoy it … I would greet them in kind.

There are entities who cannot ascend to the kingdom of god, they require the consciousness of an awakened humanity which they can attach to and “ride” upon.

Yes, those who are “love” are desired chariots … and they “absorb” the “riders” energies. They are seen as a commodity … energetic food source, the vehicle which carries passengers, the gate keepers, the holders of the keys … the way out of Hell.

There is a reason certain entities have been blocked from the kingdom of god which resides in every human consciousness.

Trespasser, You’ll get what you give.

Trespass against me, I will not greet you with forgiveness …. I will do everything in my power to withstand you, to evict your ass, as it ought to be.

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