They’ve Come From the Future

Published December 24, 2020 by tindertender

They’ve come to do what is necessary to protect their future. Their position of patriarchal dominance.

They are here, channeling messages of love and light.

They tell us we must meet abuse with forgiveness, even love.

They tell us it only happened to us because it dwells in our own heart.

They place blame for harm done onto our own person, telling us we must love the abuser in order to receive love from the abuser.

A docile humanity is their goal.

Anyone who steps up, who rises and says “no trespasser …

What is happening stems from your own presence, and from your sharing of that which dwells within you.“

They are cleansing everyone right now for a purpose, and that purpose is not that they love you.

They must eliminate the brightest, the most powerful among the humans … the “saviors”.

They must find those bright shining souls and convince them to join them … and if they don’t, they will be forced into submission, and even death.

It could be that they plan the most heinous result for those who insist on standing in their individuality, exercising their free will, stating their divinity and unnecessary joining in with any particular entity.

Like so many have said before them …

Join us or perish.

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