Oracle Reading 8-14-2020 p.m.

Published August 14, 2020 by tindertender

Elegance ~ It is found in the beauty of Nature. The Lotus waiting to bloom. Be the swan on the water and glide.

This day I give thanks for the miracle that is me. For I, who was once an ugly duckling, have become something more. I will see the beauty in myself, others, and nature even when things aren’t perfect. I know that what I become depends on what I’ve overcome. I will find my rhythm, glide on the waves, and I will be a swan.

Healing ~ Bless all in need of healing. Hope, and Love. Spirit grant us strength and wisdom. Guide us to the path of wellness.

This day I allow the Universe to show me the path to healing. I deserve vibrant good health and abundant energy. My immune system works better every day. I now let go of all anxiety. I feel afflictions in me dissolve. I honor my wonderful body with rest, good food, and moderate exercise. I will embrace my inner child. I will give myself all the love I need and I will heal my life.

Reconciliation ~ Remember the source of Love. A loving action is all you need to begin the process. Reach out with a simple first step.

This day I will pause and remember those I have left behind, my lost loves, and broken relationships. I will be brave and take a step toward healing the past. I will reach out with silent love but will expect nothing. For I know the most important mending needs to take place in my own heart. Looking back, I am filled with gratitude. For the good we had I am filled with joy. I will give myself all of the love that I ever needed. I will heal the past and I will be free.

Rebirth ~ No matter what happens you can find new wings. Rise from the past. Accept the positive change that is coming.

This day I give thanks for my trials and see them for the many gifts they bring. I know I grow stronger in the broken places. I know that the world will turn in my favor; that the dark night is over and a new day is here because the light has returned. I have ended things well and am ready for this new beginning. I will shine, because the whole universe is mine.

Gentleness ~ Strength is gentle. True kindness has wings. Love in action endures.

This day I let kindness grow in me. I will be gentle with myself and give my soul the love it deserves. I will focus on everlasting love and let it gently flow into the world. I am alive, my gratitude knows no bounds, and my heart now overflows with love and kindness.

Reading from the deck Magical Times Empowerment Cards created by Jody Bergsma

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