Published April 15, 2020 by tindertender

Now is a time of resurrection, resurrection from darkness and the cold of wintertime into a golden spring. How thankfully you greet the sun in your northern hemisphere as the days grow longer and brighter after the drear cold. This is an illustration of what takes place in the soul of man when he can attune himself to the warmth and the love and the light of the spiritual sun, and free himself from his enslavement by physical matter. We are not suggesting that the physical life is unimportant. The physical life on your earth is of the utmost importance. But man has been put into a physical body in order to learn to free himself from the bondage of matter and to fill the physical life with beauty, happiness, well-being and health that God intends him to have. In other words, to attain mastery over physical matter. By self-discipline, by subjugation of the lower instincts the selfishness which is the flesh, and man can be reborn into the spirit. In time the spirit will command the whole earth and the golden age will come on earth.

The Golden Age! At this time of the year, in the spring time when the sun shines, bringing warmth and lightness and joy to the earth, nature bursts forth into golden flower, and green-gold leaf ~ a reflection of that lovely golden spiritual sunlight which radiates from the Christos. You have no conception of the beauty of that golden light radiating from the Lord Christ, which shines forth like a blazing star all over the earth.

Have you ever noticed that so many of the spring flowers which push through Mother Earth at Easter time, the daffodil, the hyacinth and many others, manifest the symbol of the six-pointed star? They have six petals; and deep within the flower you will see yet another little star in many of them. Just examine your spring flowers and you will see there the message of the arisen Christ, for the six-pointed star is the symbol of man and God united. God manifesting through man. Man made perfect through the gentle Christ spirit within his being. My children, when you release yourselves from the bondage of earth, of materialism, you will not only recognize the Christ spirit in the world of spirit, but you will also recognize it down on your earth. But your recognition of it depends on you and on your own way of life, your own spiritual development, the unfolding of that flower of the divine spirit within you.

Throughout the ages there have been Christed ones, men made perfect by the Christ spirit within; men who have learnt the secret of the Christ being. But Jesus above all, through his life, death and resurrection, demonstrated the power of God which was within him and within every man, to transfigure, to transform, to irradiate matter. Did he not say, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do … ? Every man has this gift within him, but the creative power which man has to change himself, to change the world, is not loud, noisy, and quarrelsome ~ it is the humble, gentle, loving spirit. It is the gentle spirit of Christ which you all have within you which is the power that performs miracles.

This, my children, is what will save mankind, not the crucifixion of the Master on a cross, but the crucifixion of the lower self and the release of the glorious son of God in man. Eastertide is not the celebration of death and physical crucifixion; it is the celebration of life and resurrection, an awakening from materiality into the beauty and wonder of the spiritual life ~ not after death of the physical body, but whilst you are still living on this beautiful earth, in this beautiful world which God, the first great cause of life, has created.

Excerpt from: The Way of the Sun, White Eagle’s teaching for the festivals of the year.

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