The Golden Flowers of Easter

Published April 16, 2020 by tindertender

Spiritual truth, and indeed all truth, must be acceptable to both the heart and to the mind. Some people think that love is purely an emotion and that therefore the voice of love can not satisfy their reason; but love in its divine sense completely satisfies. And when fully developed in man it can raise him from the valley to the heights, giving him a range of vision which is only possible from the apex of the mountain.

Do not think that the festival of Easter belongs exclusively to Christianity, for it is ages old, and the story embodied in the Christian teaching is yet another enactment of the mystical story of Christ the Sun.

It is not easy for you today to associate the Cosmic Christ with the sun in the skies, although you regard the sun as the source of the warmth and light without which there could be no life on earth. At Easter time, when the great sun pours forth it’s rays upon the northern hemisphere, all life begins to stir. Most of the early spring flowers in the northern hemisphere take upon themselves the colour of the sun. Does not this sun-colour stimulate your intellect and warm your heart? Your hearts leap when you see the little golden flowers raising their heads from the dark earth and turning their faces to the sun; for then all nature is stirring and rising o glorify the Creator. all will admit that there is a natural law behind this awakening life and growth.

But there is something more; there is a divine Intelligence; and more even than this, there is a great warm Heart. Have you ever thought of the warmth of the heart of God, the heart of your Creator? Come with us then; rise in consciousness above physical matter, into the realms of the Sun or of the spirit … Feel the warmth and glory and life-giving power of the Sun … and then know that something of this Sun, or spirit is also in your heart. For within man’s heart is a tiny replica of the Sun, of the heart of God the Creator; and God and Christ are one.

If you remember this, it will help you not only to unfold your own Sun qualities or Christ qualities but to comprehend the purpose of life here on this earth.

How are you, as an individual, going to bring into your life the power and the life of the Cosmic Christ? First, by remembering that Christ is not some remote being whom you will meet some day, if you are good enough, after you have passed away from the earth and through the planes of life surrounding the earth. No, Christ is an ever-present Power and intelligence, Christ is a friend, a brother to you now ~ if you so wish. He is also a Savior. We are not speaking so much of the human Master, Jesus; we are speaking of the cosmic and mystical glory which has been since the beginning of life on this planet, and yet which is so comprehending and understanding of man’s nature and needs that he can and does take upon himself a form like a man’s form. It is very important for you to realize that this Being of light and glory can come to you in a human form, understanding human and personal problems, understanding your perplexity, your fears, your grief, your loneliness.

Today man has developed mentally, but lacking wisdom has neither humility nor simplicity in his heart o comprehend the beauty and the glory of his Creator’s love. If some day you nice you have seen a vision of the Christ Being, or of the Master Jesus, this is not mere imagination. Jesus also was not separate from the world’s humanity, but had learnt to live the perfect life of love, and had realized his at-one-ment with his Creator. His soul was prepared for this great mission and he was sent to this earth to be used by Christ, the Sun of God, the bring the truth about their salvation to earthly people; so that they could see the power of the Son in man.

‘Salvation’ is the true word to describe the mission of the Christ spirit; for when the Christ spirit becomes alive in man, man is literally saved from his sins; he lives in the light, and brings the light into the world. Once the Christ spirit quickens within him, the world can no longer touch him. This is what salvation means – not salvation through the belief in one particular man, but salvation by reason of the Christ love within man himself. This will forbid him to wage war against his brother or to treat his brother less than himself; but will inspire him to words and actions of kindness and consideration, to work for God in his daily life, to live in consciousness of a glory which is above, around and within him, and in all life. This is the salvation by Christ. Always the Lord of this earth, the Sun, the Son who is the savior of mankind, quickens the life of the spirit in man.

So, children of earth, we raise your consciousness to that Christ Sun which is all love, wisdom and strength. If you wish to be attuned to that Source, you must live a life in loving service, thinking kindly, ever believing the best, ever being patient, cherishing a faith which is an inner knowing that you are God’s child. He will never fail you, but you must never fail Him. The glory of Eastertide be upon you in full measure. May your heart rise in praise and thanks-giving, and the blessing of the Almighty Spirit be upon you all.

~ Excerpt from “The Way of the Sun” White Eagles teaching for the festivals of the year.

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