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What The World Needs

Published September 14, 2017 by tindertender

Are the recruiters more important than the recruits? It seems they think so. The young are lined up in rows, dead. As the fat cat sits behind closed doors sipping on a drink, eating a grand meal, the vulnerable die in wars they did not start. Why are the young sacrificed in wars that old men begin? Why do old men deem the younger lives worthy of this, rather than life? Who are they, that do not seem to care for the living?

Mind washing … a belief is instilled that killing is an honorable occupation, that they are strong and resilient (which they are) however being strong and resilient does not mean one has to sacrifice their life for ‘peace,’ for war has never, and will never, bring peace … it will only bring more war, more fear, more chaos.

Meanwhile, the civilians who do not fight in wars are here, working as slaves, to have their wages taken in ‘taxes’, forced to pay for this death and destruction, without consent, the methods of warring not even made known to those who pay for it.

Beautiful lives are lost, over fictional stories and manipulations of the greedy and power hungry who have political ties. If those governing the system were to fight their own wars, war would end, for it is they who perpetrate it on the world.

Could it happen again?
“Governments have the power to create an institutional, organisational, situational framework that will harness people to kill. They prey on people’s conformity, their deference, and their desire to be held in the esteem of their comrades.”
“Most of the time, soldiers who commit atrocities are not sadists or ‘bad apples’ … These soldiers are ‘normal people’ but they have been trained to obey orders with no discussion.”

Does this training excuse the actions of young people? I suppose it depends on who is doing the answering of the question. If it be the trainers and the ones doing the actions, a profound YES will be the answer. However if you ask those left behind of murdered families, those who have been raped or tortured by the ones ‘following orders’, there will be a definitive NO.

When did it become more important to follow orders than to follow ones own heart? When did it become acceptable to relinquish ones own authority over their personal life to another human being, who then decides whether they shall live or die?

Creator not followerThis is a screwed up and skewed reality that has been created by men who have their fingers intertwined in the purse strings of governments and secret societies everywhere.

When will the young people decide the war making business is not an ‘easy out’? When will they decide that building a peaceful and productive future is more profitable that policing the world?

When people are lifted as brothers and sisters, rather than shot down and murdered as an enemy, the world would begin to level out.

The world needs peace makers.
Are you one?

Corruption Runs Deep

Published July 24, 2017 by tindertender

Since our government, and many other governments, give so much to these people while their own people of country suffer, I am curious what power it is they hold over them. This sinister and awful reality does not appear to have any good in it at all.


8.5 million a day x 365 days in the year = 3.1 Billion ANNUALLY…
Plus an entire inheritance from one of the Rothschild’s at their disposal…

Targets ~ Genocidal Overlay of Medical Industry

Published April 4, 2017 by tindertender

If we allow ourselves to think without judgement, looking at facts and data which is free and available, and if we are honest and moral ~ we will admit the truth, rather than try to argue it.

Police Burn Standing Rock Camp, Staged Chaos, Berkeley and the Soros Connection – UWN

Published February 4, 2017 by tindertender
Published on Feb 2, 2017
Following our earlier report from Standing Rock on the police raid of the Last Child camp, reports began to roll in that police had taken down tipis and burned whatever remained.

SMYRNA, Del. (AP) — Police used a backhoe to breach a building at Delaware’s largest prison early Thursday, ending what the governor called a “torturous” hostage standoff that left one guard dead.

Wildlife specialists have spent the last three days picking up more than 3,700 dead bird carcasses from the shore in the Yolo Bypass, California.

Learn More:…………

Leadership ~ Working On You

Published November 27, 2016 by tindertender

Everyone is a leader. The majority of us, by choice, elect to lead an army of one. The decision to lead ourselves is important. In this writers opinion, we consistently make choices to take personal responsibility for many of our actions or we face a dreadful reality of living under the continual leadership of another. I can’t say I personally know one single individual with healthy capabilities that willingly allows another to completely lead their life.

Some of us elect to personally grow in our leadership skills. We actively pursue opportunities to exercise those desires and acquire the necessary skills to serve and lead others. Over time some of us will lead a handful of others, some legions and others nations. To do so requires commitment, a commitment to invest time learning, practicing, growing, failing and of course succeeding. Growing in a leadership role is much like any vocation. It requires patience, discipline and focused learning.

“Patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success” ~Napoleon Hill

The young turks just went full woke mode and ripped Obama apart.
Warning strong language including the Lord’s name in vain.

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