Look After Yourselves

Published August 24, 2022 by tindertender

They kill people thru toxic food and drink, or via vax or other medicines, it’s murder. A “sacrifice” the “rulers” are willing to make to maintain their positions of “authority”. Look after yourselves. Those who claim to have all the answers do NOT have your highest good in mind.

If the body and mind are made to be in a weakened state, there isn’t much energy, or life force, to make a change for the better. Sheer determination and rebellion toward those who rule the current system is necessary to take back your life, your health, your most potent essence.

Stop allowing others the use of your essence, your inherent power, that Primordial Light of Source Creation. It seems to me the powers that be could not be those powers without the theft of your Life Force.

Take it back.

Claim it.

It was and is “your gift” from Creator.

Remember: some who appear alive are dead; some who appear dead are alive.

You must nurture your own essence. Some Doctors “jobs” are to strip it from you with “medicine”.

Thanks be to my King, my God, that actual HUmans truly are in it to help. The others? They’re in it to win it.

It’s a game we are playing, mostly unconscious. Be aware. Be in charge. Be the leader you wish to see in the world. Do it.

Claim your Divinity.

Nurture it.

Grow it.

Be all that you can be.

Avoid all the foods with “Bioengineered” ingredients. These substances will hurt you.

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