Be Defiant

Published July 26, 2022 by tindertender

Your very existence challenges them. No amount of people pleasing will change that.

Expand into your full potential, despite what “they” wish for you.

Don’t let fear of what they’re gonna do distract you from making the most joy filled moment of potential. Don’t let them use your mind to add fear to the collective consciousness. Choose what you want in your world. Fill your world with what you choose.

Jesus didn’t “sacrifice” himself. Others stole his life. Do not allow anyone to tell you you must give up your life so that others might live. Your life is equally valuable. Do not throw it away because someone convinces you theres a price to be paid. You don’t owe the bill.

“Let us make them in our image.”

As a member of Creators expression, you are worthy of protection and loyalty. None other is more valuable than you. You are not responsible for the “bill” others accrue in life. Their transgressions are not your burden.

Protect yourself, as another expects to be protected.

Understand that many others are not like you, but they are good at pretending.

Hi-Breds intent on controlling you in every way. They have no problem ensnaring you in a storyline requiring your action and sacrifice.

Understand that others may not be like you, but they are good at pretending.

Be certain those you choose to assist are not just sucking you into a consciousness trap.

Choose for you.

Don’t be a pawn, unless you can be Queened

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