Significance of 2/22/2022

Published February 20, 2022 by tindertender

Someone or something provides guidance that helps direct the people toward their goal.

Do not proceed blindly, for there is a storm you are navigating. Notice and heed the signs and symbols you see along the way.

Avoid those who give advice while seeking control.

There will be uncertainty, possibly confusion … this is why you are given a compass … and you will make it to the other side of the storm.

Redemption is near.


Ego is controlled, courage is boosted. The light that shines from the people is energizing and revitalizing. There is confidence to step out into the light and engage with others, taking a new direction.

The people are admired all around, fame and honors are gifted and received.

Recognition by others, reflecting on ones self … fame and notoriety.

42 ~ Self-realization and self-discovery. Follow the dreams that make you happy. Take a leap and discover your potential.

6 ~ It is not time to give up yet. Do the best for the people you love and care for, and the divine realm will take care of everything else.

13 ~ Love and compassion should be the guiding forces of your life. Care for others as you would want others to care for you. Help the less fortunate in society if and when you can.

36 ~ Worry less about material things of the world and focus more on your spiritual life and spiritual connections. The divine realm is ready to guide you on the path towards spiritual growth.

31 ~ Be courageous and confident in your yourself and your abilities. Fear of failure should not form a part of your life. See good things coming your way.

1 ~ All is going to be okay. Enjoy happiness, peace, and love to the fullest. You are a blessed creation. You are capable of handling anything this world throws at you. Trust and believe in that which is divine and good things will start manifesting in your life.

32 ~ Find something in your life that makes you happy and pursue it. Align with your higher purpose here on earth. Nothing happens in your life without reason. Never give up on love, trust, and faith. Surround yourself with people who make you happy. Always think positive thoughts that will enable you to make your dreams a reality.

8 ~ The strength you have in your faith of divinity will enable you to understand that you are not alone. Cosmic energies are all around you to make you feel safe, loved, and cared for. Balance the activities and occurrences in your life, and all will be well. Be fair and just in your dealings with people. Be kind to others and do not tire because the more good you do, the more blessings will come your way. Never give up. The moment you show signs of determination, confidence, and consistency, good things will come your way. Believe in the assistance of the divine realm.

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