You Are Loved

Published February 20, 2022 by tindertender

The angels are here today bringing in a reminder about the use of free will. They say so many are living their lives in default mode as if they are on a conveyor belt with no say in the direction of their lives. These individuals look to the outer world for direction and are caught in the crosshairs of the falsified template programming the darkness constructed.

We are here to bring those on the conveyor belt back to the original divine template through the use of the free will given by the Creator in order they may live a spirit directed life. Thus, the individual is able to let go of the programming codes in the false life instruction book prepared by those who wished to control humanity.

We are here to break humanity free from this bond of consciousness. In order to do so we send to you the highly powerful energy of lapis lazuli infused with clear diamond frequencies. The light from this is extraordinarily potent & works to break the tendrils of energy the false template encoded to divert humanity from the true living template of the Creator. This light acts like a sword cutting cords, freeing your DNA, cells and energy field from the constrictions that the hijacking of the original template formed. It allows your energy field to vibrate closer to your perfection, the life force the Creator encrypted within, a powerful torrent of love- light energy.

You are perfect, whole and complete. The fractures in your energy field are healed and your light aligned to the Creator. The angels remind you to use your free will, align your thoughts with those of your heart desires and you will create a multitude of blessings in your life. The angels love you immeasurably and bless you today and always. You are LOVE and you are deeply LOVED.


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