These Are The Moments

Published February 19, 2022 by tindertender

Expect a presence in your life, displaying strength and confidence, and associated with a sudden change, a departure from a comfort zone, possibly leading to an end of your current difficulties.

A new opportunity awaits you.

Future plans will either succeed or fail based on your willingness to invest foresight and strategy into your current actions. Look to the recent past to see the pieces in play.

Courageous action, and the embrace of the new, may deliver a personal triumph to you.

To defeat those opposing you in the future, you will need to accurately assess their weaknesses. Cunning is your best strategy.

A new cycle of change is beginning for you, one in which a sizeable potential for financial gain exists.

Your independence is important, but don’t refuse the help of your friends when they give it freely.

You will gain wealth and honors in the future.

You will face overwhelming odds and you will beat them. If luck favors the prepared, then fate favors the courageous.

Happiness is coming your way. Love, emotions, relationship. Very soon you will find yourself in love.

A time for dancing.

Image: Public Domain

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