Will the Violator Rule the Kingdom?

Published February 19, 2022 by tindertender

A frenzy will be whipped up, creating discord and quick anger in people. The Wanna Be king is all about trouble, strife, disharmony, conflict, argument, and all things stressful.

A crack of the whip will be exerted either against the people or by the people, who must get focused and get all their “ducks in a row”.

The people have a friend who is loyal and offering protection, support and reliance, who can be trusted, and loves unconditionally. This friend is self contained, more than content with this role.

Our friend is putting down roots to ensure a secure future, completely aligned between that which is above, and that which is below. Harmony and healing will be brought to balance this realm.

Abundance will be brought to the people. Independence, self-reliance and trade are the future. People will make the most of the resources they have, in “making a little go a long way”. True wealth will be known and experienced.

Protection and security will be gifted the people, a fortress on high ground, so to speak. There will be control over passage into this city. This fortress will be the new Seat of Power.

11 ~ The new chapter will begin with blessings and joy. You will not know sorrow and sadness for a while because the divine realm means well for you. You have been through a lot in the last few years.

18 ~ Signifies the end of one chapter of your life and the beginning of another. All the problems and challenges you have gone through in the past will be forgotten, and you will have new feelings to start the new life with.

5 ~ Not only signifies change, but also good health and strength. It is an exciting time. The options are open. It is a great time to pursue something new.

34 ~ The universe is on your side, and it will guide you in every decision that you make. You are urged to draw closer to the divine realm through prayer and meditation. Work on your spiritual life and where possible, ask for guidance from your guardian angels.

19 ~ A period of change from the old to the new. You have to create your destiny in life. You are going to attract positive achievements if you stay positive and think positive. You will be full of blessings. You will achieve your desired dreams, which will lead to your destiny. 

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