Never Alone, Never Have Been

Published January 30, 2022 by tindertender

When we begin to vibrate at a higher frequency, we become more aware of the bigger picture called life. This in relation to where we currently find ourselves, what surrounds us now, seen and unseen, and it also includes that which is vibrating lower than we, our awareness takes us to a greater view, a knowing that we may not have quite seen before, although we were immersed in it.

Being aware of something does not necessarily mean you are in alignment with it.

Remember this in the coming days.

Awareness of, does not equate to alignment with.

You’ve had much practice with this regarding the people you have interacted with. Some you connected with, others you were repelled by.

If and when telepathy comes upon you, whether it be quiet or obnoxiously loud, think of it as a simple awareness.

There are those who take great care with the human consciousness and do not infiltrate, coerce, or abuse.

Others will try to bend your mind into alignment, will try to snatch your attention and manipulate you into certain actions.

This is where discernment comes in.

Be the observer.

Then choose what messages … inspirations, intentions, and actions … resonate with your inner truths.

Awareness of does not equal alignment with.

I repeat this because if and when this occurs, in the beginning, which will actually be the finale of the ending, those who are phasing out will attempt to drag you out with them.

A visual for this:
Sitting at an outside table at a restaurant facility. You are sitting there with a companion and cars are whizzing by. You are in conversation, focused on your companion. The cars are going past, loud, some obnoxious, but you pay them no mind. You focus on your companion and just let the sound of the other fade out of awareness. You are not jumping in any one of those cars and going for a ride. You remain with your companion, fully.

Your Attention is the most valuable currency you have next to your Soul. And there are those in this world that want it, all of it.

You are in no way required to align with them.

Awareness does not equal alignment.

It is crucial that you understand this, and will be even more so in the coming days.

Your mind, your attention, your energy, your Soul … it is You, as the connector between the heavens and the earth that some are trying to take out.

Understand that those who are in the unseen to assist you through this process are more plentiful and powerful than those who will try to take what you have, to manipulate and control your mind, actions, and energy … to steal your attention and use it for nefarious reasons.

You choose where your attention will go. I understand that most of us were not trained how to hold a thought for at least a minute in order to affect change in this world, but the power of it is within you.

Call upon the angels, ancestors, star nation, and your perception of god and goddess and let them know you are open to assistance. As a free-will realm they will not do so until invited.

You are not alone.

You never have been.

Circle of Angels Dante’s Paradise Illustration: Public Domain

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