The Importance of Grounding

Published January 30, 2022 by tindertender

I love this visual. It explains why one may feel agitated if ungrounded … potent energies ping ponging through the body, instead of being released into the earth mother for purification.

There is benefit for those who “control” this realm to keep humanity ungrounded, for the energy bunches up in the body and allows it to be harvested through technology, then utilized to create the matrix we find ourselves in.

The energy harvested “out of thin air” is the ungrounded energy of the heavens in us, the controllers (violators) have positioned themselves between us and the earth. (Add in all the other ways they are harvesting energy from the earth, and you have a dying planet, and also, the life upon it).

All we need do is practice grounding, releasing the energy of the higher, into the lower. Our existence is a symbiotic one with the earth.

We are conduits connecting the heavens to the earth.

The disconnect is obvious by the state of the earth, and the life it supports.

Grounding, so we can have constant flow of the heavenly, through us, to the earth.




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