Flame of Divine Spirit

Published January 30, 2022 by tindertender

Today the Elohim are here to ignite the flame of the divine spirit within helping us to return to the blueprint the Creator encrypted in our DNA. This divine blueprint is a book of coded instructions enabling us to live in accordance with divine law in order to create a life that is good and filled with love, light, peace and joy as the Creator intended for us.

So many humans do not live from the guidance the divine template offers to us. This is due to the actions of the darkness who intentionally siphoned energy and rerouted focus from the original blueprint to make their own false template of instructions for humanity. Their template only worked if they tricked humanity into focusing on the outer world for guidance as how to live. This outer focus would then function to bypass access to the Creator’s divine blueprint achieved by focusing on the world of spirit found within.

The Elohim would like to bring you back to the focus on your spirit, the divine flame within connecting you to living life from the Creator’s blueprint. They are sending a blue flame of light to you. If you desire, receive this blue light flame which serves to open the divine blueprint of your DNA like unwrapping a gift. Once opened the DNA begins to transcribe sequences of flower of life patterning, the first function of which is to sever any connection to the false template.

Next the blue flame works like a soldering iron reconnecting any areas in neural programming routing it back to the consciousness of the divine template. Then the beautiful progression begins of transcribing and assembling molecules of spiritual hierarchy returning you to the the divine template of the Creator.

This transcription of spiritual DNA places you on track to live life from your divinity, enabling you to create a life of goodness as intended by the Creator. This life is in alignment with your heart’s desires.

Goodness begets goodness, love begets love, light begets light. All goodness arises from within, the divine template of your spirit. The angels are with you reminding you, you are love and you are deeply loved.

Written by: https://twitter.com/lightworker4441?s=21

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