An Anointing Pours Forth

Published January 3, 2022 by tindertender

Oooohhh the Spirit GAVE ME the TEA ON SOME OF YOU!!!

An anointing is about to pour forth on you… Spirit is about to come through AND kick down them doors and obstacles in your way and that Midas touch is gonna hit like GOLD IS THE NEW WAVE! 🌊 …

Some of you are about to face STRAIGHT IN THE FACE of that hurt inner child and healing is gonna come like a new set of clothes. Fresh out the Box. The God Child in you is about to GLOW UP! LIKE WOAH …

Some of you have been struggling with addiction, self esteem, low energies … Y’all about to be shaken the fuck awake cause Spirit isn’t coming to play… He wants ALL HIS CHILDREN and if you ain’t getting RIGHT ..THEN YOU GETTING LEFT.

New Star seeds and Hybrids are about to EXPLODE on the scene like the NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK. All you older ones are gonna have to remember that every baby has to crawl before they walk. So be patient cause they’re gonna work your nerves but they’ll pick up quickly.

New colonies are going to be formed. Borders and boundaries that once were separating are going to be crumbling like the Berlin Wall. And a REMEMBERING is about to slap some of you straight in to 5D.

Technology is going to be like WOAH this year. But what THEY wanted to use against us, it’s about to flip because their Story plot got trashed like a shit screenplay. WE’RE THE NEW SCRIPT WRITERS NOW.

2022 is NOT THE YEAR to doubt yourself. It’s not the time to SECOND GUESS YOURSELF. Spirit is saying IT’S TIME TO BE THE ROYALTY YOU ARE AND STOP PLAYING GAMES WITH YOURSELF. Head Up…Chest Out…Shoulders Back! TAKE THIS YEAR BY AIMING HIGH.

Self Care is A MUST. Get your Vision Boards together. Get your meditations done. Move in SILENCE. Stop telling your plans to people who are too small to handle YOUR GREATNESS! LET’S GO!!!!

Spirit is saying … STEP ASIDE AND WATCH ME MOVE! Things you been praying for is about to come to like Magnets. Vibe High. Don’t look down.

Understand that the Shadow is just you. It’s the parts of you that need the most healing and love. Who deserves your love more than YOU? You can do this!

You have another BIG shift about to happen. This one is going to play you in total alignment fully in heart, mind, soul. Instant manifestations will come. At first it’s going to surprise you, then it’s going to become almost like a comedy or game how easy you’ll flow.

It’s beautiful the vibe and aura I feel coming from you. It’s like a frequency turned up from the heart chakra and the beaming from the Crown Chakra. There’s a presence that is going to just simply command respect without opening your mouth.

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