Precious Loves!

Published August 21, 2020 by tindertender

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You Have Become Beloved Children Of The Multiverses! You Matter Here And Now!

You Are Sacred Love Since The Creation Of All Life! You Have Come Forth Into This Density Of Oppression To Reveal The Very Light That You Are!

You Are Here To Shine Your Light And Expand In Consciousness!

You Are Perfect As You Are And Anything Or Anyone That Tells You That You Must Follow A Path That Your Soul Tells You Is Darkness, Is Your Notice To Back Away!

To Those That Plan To Destroy Your Sacred Dwelling In Any Part Of The Planet, To Those Who Make Evil Plans To Destroy A Fetus Or Newborn For Convenience Is A Murderer! 

To Those That Call Darkness ‘Light’ And LIGHT, ‘Darkness’, BEWARE!

The Planet Is Facing Biblical Destruction Without Leaders That Are Real People, Not Witches, Clones And Liars!

They Will Take Your Money And Sense Of Well Being, Your Protection Of Homes And Property And Say They Are Helping You!

Beloved Ones! This Is Not Even Political. These Are The End Times! No matter What Happens, You Are Safe And A Sacred Soul! But You Have A Choice To Bring The Silent Majority Forth And Declare Your Rights,

And Live With Your Children And Families In Safety With POTUS As Your Leader. We Address This From A Spiritual Standpoint. He Is Of The Light! Other Countries Will Face The Same Choice Of Thriving Or Downfall If They Fail To Understand, ‘WE THE PEOPLE’ Is Their Soul Life Also!

Wake Up Beloved Ones And Take Care Of This Before You Lose Your Rights!

I Will Remind You Of Something You Might Have Forgotten! As You Arrived Into This Density, It Was Not At All What You Were Accustomed To Living!

You Came From High Densities Of Love And Peace. To Survive Here, The Memory Of Past Lives Were Lost In The Layers Of Consciousness, To Be Remembered When You Awakened.

The False Self, Or Identity You Chose, Entered The Matrix, And From This Point You Adapted And Became Brainwashed. Even The False Identity Began To Learn Defense Mechanisms To Survive.

You Knew There Was More But You Pulled In And Tried To Be Accepted And Lost Parts Of Yourself Along The Way, Just To Survive.

NOW Is The Time To Be Brave, Strong And Free!

Bring The True Self Forward! Throw Away Doubt And Disbelief! Know That You Are A Multidimensional Being Of Sacred Light!

This Is Your Moment! This Is Why You Are Here!

Become The Light NOW And Save Your Land Before The Darkness Plays More Tricks!

Beware Of The Promises Made By Clones And Witches. They Only Seek Power To Destroy!

Remember Who You Are And Let’s Do This!


I Love You So!


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