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Published October 22, 2022 by tindertender

I looked, and there were glowing balloons, many of them, in the shape of a brain, with glowing circuitry and long strings, all attached to one central, focal point.

I held my hand up to the sky, holding one and said, “It’s a bio-electrical mass, a bio-computer. What do you propose we do with it my King?” I waited, and a subtle thought form arose. “The elements of this mass are of the earth. Return it to the earth.”

I grabbed the strings and jerked the mass into a large blender, choppity, chop chop chop went the circuitry and matter. I rolled it out like dough, pounding it out with my rolling pin. I then flattened the mixture onto my cookie sheet, putting it in the oven to dry.

Once dry, into paper bags it went and off to the forest did I go. I scooped out handfuls of the powder and flung it onto the forest floor as I walked along, sometimes skipping, a little tune playing in my head, a humming on my lips, a smile on my face.

I think I ought to throw out some wildflower seed, too.

Let it grow, let it glow, let it flow.

Choice In The Garden

Published October 6, 2020 by tindertender

The sun doesn’t fight or hate the darkness of night, instead it loves to share its shine. You can’t get rid of an ideology you despise, but you can empower one you love. Stop the struggles with one another. Stop battling yourselves. Start instead empowering, enlivening, and focusing upon that which you wish to love and support, and even when you feel the need to battle something in your 3D world, do it with love for what you desire, for in that reality every soul will “win.”

There are so many realities we get to choose from. Those of darkness and those of light.

Sometimes, those in darkness provide the warmest embrace, and sometimes those in light can be the cruelest we’ve encountered.

Even though we ARE polarity, we are able to choose what we emit into this world. We get to practice at harnessing our own power, giving that which is good, and holding, and transmuting that which can cause harm.

Just because we ARE both light and dark does not mean we must spew darkness into the world.

What we place our attention on is where our energy goes.
Where our energy goes, things grow.

We are at choice, always.

Mind Seeds

Published August 31, 2020 by tindertender

When we dream, we travel, we receive ‘visitors’ both of the positive and of the negative.

When we wake with doubt about self, or those we have relation with, we must evaluate carefully, for often these thoughts are sourced from implanted seeds meant to manipulate our life.

Using intuition, we can gain a sense of whether these seeds are of a positive supportive measure, or simply an attempt to get one to reject that which is making them more powerful ….

Seeds … of doubt, for self and others
Seeds … of anger, jealousy, or sadness
Seeds …

We are the master gardener of our house.

We choose what implants to water and give life to.

We choose which to pluck from our consciousness and give to our mother, the earth, to do with what she wills.

Reject or accept … the choice is ours.

The attempts to steer us will not end until we are able to master our garden, plucking the weeds as the enemy tries to plant them, marring our perfect creation.

Attention to the subtleties is crucial, especially in these moments.

Know thyself …

Know what is not yours …

Kick that shit to the earth and let the mother take it and cleanse it, purifying it so it does not infect this world.

This NEW world we are co-creating together.

Let’s water the seeds of choice.

Leaving manipulation behind.


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