Published October 22, 2022 by tindertender

I looked, and there were glowing balloons, many of them, in the shape of a brain, with glowing circuitry and long strings, all attached to one central, focal point.

I held my hand up to the sky, holding one and said, “It’s a bio-electrical mass, a bio-computer. What do you propose we do with it my King?” I waited, and a subtle thought form arose. “The elements of this mass are of the earth. Return it to the earth.”

I grabbed the strings and jerked the mass into a large blender, choppity, chop chop chop went the circuitry and matter. I rolled it out like dough, pounding it out with my rolling pin. I then flattened the mixture onto my cookie sheet, putting it in the oven to dry.

Once dry, into paper bags it went and off to the forest did I go. I scooped out handfuls of the powder and flung it onto the forest floor as I walked along, sometimes skipping, a little tune playing in my head, a humming on my lips, a smile on my face.

I think I ought to throw out some wildflower seed, too.

Let it grow, let it glow, let it flow.

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